Monday, July 30, 2012

Until Ascension

Continue to live as though all of my messages have no accuracy, but consider what they contain and do what you can to ascend. There is no control over my contradictions, but my accuracy is going to be denied as long as these details do not occur. The amount of time this will take is not my call, and when they do happen, not one of those listening and getting ready will be around to call attention to these messages providing advance notice. Cheerful adepts will be Ascended Masters, with no dramas or conditions to be concerned about.

Many of you will come to our dimension and dramas on Earth will call your attention. You can act as leaders to those still in the process of awakening who can ascend when they die. Saving those who have not prepared is not your responsibility. You are not their caretaker, God is. Make your own decisions and allow them theirs. Face the fact that many are not able to accept that they are divine.

Walking, talking robots do more for life than a lot of humans do. More consciousness in the human has not been proven yet—only those who are able to meditate and discover their divine aspect can live the life of an aware human. Those who consider their computer or TV more attention worthy than their own inner awareness are not actually living—they are observing. Check in to observe what your inner content contains. Are you denying your caring, aware master within? Are you alive in demonstrating mastery or only looking at the monitor and conning yourself into believing you are doing so? No master lives at a monitor all day.

Go out to meet your mirrors. Go out to be yourself. Give the "others" the opportunity to love the being they meet who they can relate to as a human, but is actually a deliverer of more awareness. Be the first to ask about them and their news, without telling them anything about yours. You can give without any acknowledgement needed. Listening is a way of giving. Ask for nothing and give whatever you can: a happy face, a chuckle, a caring way of being, a shared moment, a little drop of divine wisdom, whenever an opportunity arises. Pass on the happiness inside yourself. Practice "good deeds" without being noticed.

Presence is enough. Give that to the area where you go to work, shop, and get your entertainment. After dinner, take a walk; give the area you are in a dose of light. Bring your heart forth to free as many as possible who can be opened to their own awareness. Allow your body to be an open vessel for divine contributions, not mind contributions. Wake up the world by doing nothing by your own decision; get divine guidance all the time.

Allow one day a week for meeting new people. Go to a location or meeting area where this can occur. Self awareness as a being of light gives without any doing involved. Caring about others is generating a more than open door to them—it also brings love into their auric field. Anytime you are open and available the body is giving out light on an ongoing basis. Sharing yourself with others in this way wakes up those who want love and don't get it because of their own mental attitudes. Solving their dilemma isn't our goal, but we encourage you to give  them caring empathy that can open up their mind to what can change.

Self love is what makes life great so share it with "others" so they can find it in themselves. Peace begins in ME—that means YOU and ME, because I AM in YOU, not only in your aura. I AM the TRUE SELF in your inner world.

Today's message is the answer to "what's next?" I want you all to LIVE AS A MASTER NOW! Be your authentic Self in any and all circumstances. Freedom is in your mind's attitudes, not your social conditions. Self love will lead to ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Ascension Comments

When you are fully prepared for ascension the kind of love that changes the world radiates from the body. There is no mental creation needed, as whatever  shows up is considered perfect. Clear, mental contentment is the only mandate  happening. When this beautiful way of life is constant, the number of days left in a life no longer matter. Ascension happens naturally to those living like this.

Others need more clarity about the way they will be called. It will be an inner and outer call, one you cannot ignore, whether you are asleep or awake. It will tell you to go outside so you are out of the house containing your old life. New conditions are about to begin.

No closure with loved ones will be needed. Eternal oneness means there is no distance in your connection with the angels and there will likewise be no distance in these connections, only a mental image that disappears in their mind's view.

There will be a moment of facing God and agreeing to go forward. No two ascensions will be exactly the same. Some of you will go missing before others notice. Some will disappear while their family is in the next room, and others will ascend in an area miles away from close family members. Those who have said yes to this opportunity will be called as Masters who are able to leave this world without any attachments.

Are you able to leave without any goodbyes? If not, get them out of the way.
Please do any and all of the closure actions that can become an attachment that holds you back. Children can ascend only when the parent that they have the most contact with is ascending. In cases of men leaving their families to ascend, they will be considered the parent of most contact when most of their child's needs are being met by them.

Pets that are able can also ascend. Pets will be considered like children, ascending with the caregiver that does the most to lead the animal and who is most always with it.

Kind and gentle beasts will also ascend, like whales, dolphins, horses, dogs, cats and even mice and gerbils. All who are able will accompany their ascending  caregivers. Will whales go with humans? No, as with dolphins, they will go with their mates and offspring. No dolphins will be on the planet after this ascension. Many have already ascended. In the news you have seen groups of bodies washing up on to the beach. These are what has remained to tell the tale. Most whales are also ascending. Not all varieties, but most. Killer whales are not ascending due to their ability to cause awakenings in ordinary daily circumstances. Humans who go into their auras can get charged with chi to help them with awakening. Campaigns to free the whales have been the cause of their awakening ability. Those who could identify with the loss of marine life being important were all included in a delivery of more alignment to their   auras and consciousness.

Altering the human level of mastery has been done with numerous animals, including dogs and cats who appeared to be aware when they were cared for by aware owners. Conscious animals are many—all able to ascend. Are you as free as they are?

When we call you, nothing need be done to gather the children or pets to you. They are to be helped by their own guides. Making the leap to another level of consciousness will be the easiest thing you have ever done, and you will be showering the entire planet with a good dose of enlightenment for all who are not ascending.

Fasting will not be needed. Neither will the diet I gave you, as the lesson was to be able to adapt to any circumstance, and dieting to act as one with divine energy was good for all who decided to do it.

Making wills will be useless due to the lack of a dead body in most cases. Instead, add a list of requests in letters to those who are definitely not ascension candidates. Heal their hearts with some acknowledgement of what happened to you. Place yourself in God's hands and have no regrets. In the big picture, nothing could have been done more accurately.

Bring the light into your heart by having no dross in your mind. Get out of your head and into your heart as much as you can. Slow down your activities when you can and only do things that can be enjoyed. Give away things you no longer want and give love in abundance. Ascension comes when it comes, but being able to go at any moment can give you the happiness no man has unless he is Awake.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What to do About Contractions

Can you make yourself ready to ascend? Yes, and it doesn't need to take another lifetime. All it requires is the decision that nothing you have lived through is negative. It may appear negative, and made you decide against another drama like it, but what was experienced gave you an opportunity to become more aware and more compassionate. All experiences do this, not by the experience alone, but as a method of causing you to go within to discover who you really are.

Are you the drama's cause or at its effect? Owning both makes your negativity disappear. You agreed to all of those negative details to grow by. Instead of draining the light of your most cherished memories, you can make those memories a current source of more light. Instead of reminiscing with negative, anxiety filled thoughts, instead, meditate and care about those needing your caring. Instead of collecting collaborative data against most of the lesson givers in your life, you can decide to free them from your negative cording and give them no more attention. Can you do this? This will clear contractions. Resolving all draining anger and creating new attitudes about conditions that are no longer on the current day's event schedule can and will make you more conscious and more desirable to be around. Can you ascend? Not quite.

When you have changed your negativity into not caring about the "others" who clouded your heart and mind, the next step is to delete those clouds also. Negativity against anything or anyone contains clouds that dim your light. Solve this and ascension can gain another member. Make this your active desire, not getting even or destroying the life of the one you cannot forgive.

Forgiveness assumes there is a creator of the circumstances that arranged the details to give you a most important growth opportunity. Can you accept this as more important than what was done to you? I'm including all those unloving acts of destruction that caused mental and physical trauma. What appears negative here caused the victim to create an attitude and anger to be transcended for a level of growth that would not otherwise be possible. Forgiveness and contractions are not mutually exclusive—you need both to get to an open heart. When you contract your heart closes and none of your dreams are about caring—only destruction. When you forgive, the heart opens and the most beautiful growth occurs.

What is your most heartbreaking memory? This is where you are most contracted and it contains many of the details being brought up again and again by your mind. Give away the charge of that memory and give away the contraction. Neutralize all the reactivity in your mind's dialog mechanism and become free of loneliness, distrust and derogatory mind choices. No more destructive attitudes and you cancel all causes that negate ascension. When you assume these will automatically disappear, this is not a correct assumption. These attitudes will continue to drain your light and keep you from ascending, unless you shift your point of view.

Being a good, caring person is not enough. You will remain in a contracted condition if you are negative about anyone who could assist but doesn't, or anyone that acts differently than you want them to, or anyone who comes by occasionally but does nothing to contribute. All of these negative thoughts cause you to contract. Put aside your contractions with caring about what has contributed to your awareness. All who did major cancellations to your light were loving beings fulfilling the life design you agreed to. They are not as they appeared in your drama. They are your next doorway to awakened awareness—when you can give forth love to them. Be the gift to them that they were to you when they delivered their tough love.

When you can delete your "against thoughts," ascension is no big deal. It is the natural next step; be truly alive in this life, then ascend. It is your chosen destiny.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, July 15, 2012

All Who Can Ascend Must be Able

When we give you our messages, they convey all that is presently needed. Asking for additional information is your mind's way of negating our content as being "not good enough." In my latest message I was answering a question about what is happening regarding ascension. This question needed to be answered, because mental desire for new and different conditions is what controls the mass consciousness now. We will provide comments about what is being co-created that is new and different as soon as we are able to determine this.

When will ascension occur? There were already two waves which made many of the candidates Ascended Masters. The next wave will complete the ascensions of all qualified candidates who can conceptually shift into other dimensions, and  divine decree will then make the more advanced material decisions regarding the conscious deletion of matter. Can we give a more detailed call? Not yet. In the next days we can and will.

Please observe the content that your mind dishes out in response to my messages. Is it clear? Not really. Awakened? No. It is only your mind's ideas about what the message actually means. My meaning in the last one was not an advisory about the elimination of ascension candidates. Instead, it was telling you that the door will close for all who do not do their preparation before the next wave commences. This is not divisive, as anyone completing their personal drama can ascend. It is only those who are unable to conceive of ascension or cannot decide now that they want to awaken and ascend who will be left behind. The lack of that decision being made will mean that no angel will come to assist.

Dense bodies need to complete the dissoluton of their negative concepts in time to go through the ascension door. If you are dreaming of ascending and not clearing contractions, you will not be able to manage the energies that are coming to make the ascension occur. Not dreaming of ascension yet? No clearing? Then you will not be able to ascend.

Are we disappointed? No, only acting to accelerate those ready to ascend. It is our opening of the door that makes it occur, and we can only do that when the mass consciousness deletes active control of cause and effect. No dream cancels opportunities for the dreamer. In this case the dreamers are still getting ready.

Prayers will not create an ascension. No amount of mental choosing or calling in the Masters for assistance can do it either. Giving up control of any kind is the only mandate needed. Going into the mode of not caring is more causative than deciding and actively mismanaging your means of aligning with the divine light that comes to call you away from your dream.

Celebrate with us the new face of man's world, as it nears completion of the old answers to control and conquer games. Many of the controllers are on the way out of any new or ongoing dramas. New Masters can now advance other options. Are you one with some new creative Oneness ideas? The next days will find acceptance of these developments so you can change the dream with them.

Many of you can ascend, but not all will. So what is next for those not ascending? Opportunities to keep contracting or deleting contractions, giving unconditionally or not caring, making a difference or denying your greatness. All who learn to love and give in all circumstances can ascend at the moment of death.

When this generation of qualified ascension candidates are completely done with continuing their "me vs. others" lifetimes, no more ascensions will occur to give the one dream of many a final dissolution. Other dreamers will come and go until the next dominion of God is ready to complete their continuation cycle—in another 2000 years of your time. Peace may come as a result of these ascensions and give more of God's gifts to all who can make their lives on this continuous cycle worthwhile. For those ascending, there will be a time of rest, awaiting the changes of the land to complete, and then creating the New Earth as a divine collective consciousness.

Masters can create as they choose, and all they care to choose is something new and different from the current dynamics.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Get Ready to Ascend

Many of my chelas are able to ascend. Can they do so now? Yes. No more waiting for millions of others to accompany them. We may not get the media to notice what is about to occur, but there is no need to now. We of the Great White Brotherhood no longer care if those not ascending are activated because we did all that we could to draw them in. No more calls for ascension are coming. No more energy will be expended to awaken those who cannot make this their defining lifetime. Cause and effect now override any of our urgings. Only those committed to ascend can answer the call.

When it comes, we anticipate that there will be several ways to answer our call. Most will go outside immediately to be drawn into the new energies around them. Others will go out as they complete tasks they are doing. And some will doubt and begin asking questions about ascension because they aren't awake yet and still need more clarity. Opening to these new energies requires complete denial of non-aligned attitudes. Collective minds cannot do this, only free ones. So if you are not able to act on your own inner call, you may be left behind.

A Master chooses to follow his/her own inner call. Inner stillness is important to being a good listener. Meditation calms the nervous system and allows the call to be clear enough to be obvious. Being in contact with the Ascended Masters and Angels is another way to hear the call.

No call will come to those unable to act on it. A change of attitude can determine whether a call is made or not. Those who are able to accept the call  will act as though an angel came to their door and invited them to activate their ascension mode. Once this is done they will disappear—not to the more aware, but to those who are not capable of accepting man's immortality. In a matter of moments no clue about their ascension will be noticed by an active observer.

Pretending our message is not heard will only contain the disappearance momentarily, as it cannot be denied. Making a different choice about ascension would collapse awakened awareness instantly.

Be wise. Be masterful. Be an ascended one.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Twist

Conditions are good in all countries for changing the direction of negative attitudes into more caring, delight and awareness. Why? An astrological configuration is going to assist. When an impending drama is about to occur, no man has the ability to change this by mind's design. But with what is now the new ascension commitment, the next dense cosmic node is about to dismantle its negative mode of influence and do what all negative materializations are about to do: detonate at the branch of creation coming directly from divine conception. Core level density management is about to occur. Are you going to be free of disasters in the world? No, but freedom is not about being in a particular physical condition, its more about your mental attitude.

Are you able to deny the gross desecration man has made to his habitat? No, well God doesn't deny that this has occurred either, but will care for all, no matter how they need to be cared for. When negative attitudes about anything are desroying God's creation, the way to deliver love is to name the darkness as a gift that helps you become more aware of your own dark thoughts. Safe and active consideration towards any dark thoughts will nullify them.

Can you do this in all situations? Yes. Ask for a new awareness about the dark object of your attention. Is it a dark drama in your own area of existance or in a different area? It may not be a drama now, but will be in the days to come. Can you recognize the fear in your negative attitudes? Are the most negative people  afraid of what they mandate against? Yes, in almost every case. Against war? Afraid of it. Against control? Afraid of it. Being against anything means being afraid it will damage one's current level of comfort.

What do you care about in life? Will it be affected? If not, do you give forth any negative attitudes? No, only against conditions confronting your fears. Against child abuse? Against drugs? Against malnutrition in other people's lives? Are you negative about these things? Consider all your causes of negativity to be a fear based distrust of what can occur in your world of influence. Cherish these confronting appearances, because they deliver another detail in the nature of man's mental delusion to your awareness. These discoveries become your gifts from divine light as an opening to another level of consciousness.

Preparing for ascension includes this new detail. When we describe conditions of darkness it is always to deliver more awareness to how your mind reacts to an obtuse comment or direct declaration of one thing or another. Are you afraid of what the controllers are doing? Then you are adding dense energy to their claim on your life. Can you change them or their actions? Not directly, but by not assigning negative thoughts to their actions, you lead more caring energy to others than those thoughts would bring. After an event that appears destructive, give only love, not blame. When missing pieces of the deception emerge, allow divine grace to flow through you. Bless your adversaries, for they bring you a gift of great magnitude.

Positive thinking is not the same in character or active manifestation. Positive cause and effect depends on how heartfelt the thoughts are. Saying affirmations as a repetitious game to change creation does nothing. Adding an active dream with a vision does nothing either, unless desire for the thing envisioned comes along with the mental construct. Being caring about what is affirmed or visioned brings it one step closer to being an active creation. BUT, caring without a creative thought is the most active energy that you can bring towards giving more light to the current consciousness. Asking only for what is in the highest good of all delivers God's will, and this makes a better contribution than anything your mind can conceive of.

Beliefs about creating your own reality are really about creating an illusionary concept that actually appears as your dream. Giving up your dream is what ascension is about. Can you give away all that mind delivers to be an Ascended Master? Beliefs are not active in our realm, only an assessment of what comes to this realm as your dreams. Bring us no dreams and we can assess things quite differently. Bless the world, its differences and its dramas, with love. This is what will get you out of the negative dream that causes money and countries to disappear. Believe nothing about danger or control in life and no danger or control can exist. Let go of your fear—it doen't make things better. Give more gratitude and celebrate new breakthroughs in truth and consciousness—in yours and also in others.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna