Sunday, July 31, 2011

More on Unconditional Acceptance

Many of you are unable to accept my teaching about loving those that are the most difficult to love. As a consequence, I have made the decision to continue this conversation. Not to condemn this way of thinking, but to help those chelas who can ascend to do so.

Polarity is the nature of duality. Good-bad, wrong-right, dark-light, etc. are all opinions from the human condition. Seeing the world in this way has its energy creating component, and this keeps man's opinions at this level of awareness. When a more expansive point of view is achieved, the same situation can be perceived in a different way. No longer is the one creating the difficulties considered to be the opposing counterpart to the one observing. Challenges are now seen as part of the human dance for growth in awareness. Those who deliver them are now viewed as givers of more than the difficulty – they are considered bringers of the next opportunity.

It may still appear that something dark has attacked you, but this is now considered an opportunity, not an outrageous act of corruption. Is there evil in the human experience? Yes – from one level of awareness there is. But the very same incident can be a gift of divine grace to those who are at a higher level of understanding.

I have often mentioned the controllers and the dark entities that are manipulating man's environment. I can see how the mention of these things would make it appear as though I considered their mode of existence to be evil. As I have never explained my own point of view, only mentioned them in the way that those in the lowest level of awareness could accept their existence, I must now tell you that the appearance of these actors in your drama comes with no criticism in my observation. Calling them controllers is merely my way of delineating the role they are cast in.

Yes, the controllers are destroying all things considered important to man. Why? So man can become more caring, more aware and more God-like in his energetic design. Opposing or controlling the controllers has never been an option, nor an outcome of raising man's consciousness. Only this type of control of human destiny can deliver the mature soul to ascension, because a mature soul can come to  accept that God is the creator of everything, including the controllers.

After the negative attitudes AGAINST the dark are disolved, a new awareness develops, one that includes the ability to love the essence of all beings, irregardless of their behavior. Self love is accepting the dark in oneself. Unconditional love is giving love to all, no matter what.

Unconditional love is the light we talk about. Conditions on love dim that light. Are the conditions from   dark creations dimming your light? Are you angry about the controllers? Anger dims your light. Are you afraid of the future? Fear dims your light.

Giving acceptance to all of God's creations leads to ascension. Can you accept the fact that God is behind the actions of the controllers? God is the creator of every part of the human drama – and each body is an integral aspect of this creation. Those learning how to love unconditionally are receiving many opportunities to choose love over the other attitudes that these conditions can evoke.

Portions of human memory include devastation and manipulations in man's drama. Once again, this is occurring, because man needs this devastation to learn about his True Nature - unconditional love. All who consider themselves too good to accept the dark behaviors of others are denying the negativity in their own acts of divisiveness. All negative thoughts against any other person, place or thing are creating  negative energy.

Masters do not decide if the action of another is acceptable or unacceptable. They ask themselves: "What in me needs to be addressed?" If they are feeling negative about anything, they look inside themselves for the cause of that discomfort, they do not get angry at the one who has triggered these feelings. All uncomfortable feelings are an opportunity to discover the truth of a situation. Walking away, avoiding confrontation, acting above the situation, etc., all cause disharmony in one's energy field. Being clear about how one is feeling, and turning a discomfort into a healing, is the way of Mastery.

Please negate these negative attitudes against the controllers. Begin to observe how your own negative attitudes dim your light when you learn about their actions. Observe this, then drop the negativity. Your  new inner attitudes will be the gateway to ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, July 29, 2011

Time for an Inner Assessment

Are your hearts and minds open, and are you able to accept the next change? Can the drama be extreme and a calm mind still prevail? Are the minds of the candidates able to make them ignore their calling? Are my questions making you uncomfortable? Good! If this is a concern you have, can you give it up?

Now is the moment to look deeply inside, to determine and learn what the ego is doing to assist or deny the candidate's ability to ascend. Call this an inner assessment. For us, the aura reveals all, but those needing this news must do their own calibration – without forming any negative attitudes about the result. Part of being able to ascend is detachment. I'd like to discuss this now.

Are most of you caring for others? Of course you are, this is what an open hearted man or woman does. Are the recipients able to care for themselves? No, or they would. Can you see how your mind can use this dynamic to cancel an ascension? I will now tell you what I mean by detachment: All the caring that is being done is an expression of God being delivered through a human. And when that human is not around, another expression of God will take over. God is not going to desert any needs of those who are  disabled, or children, or who have any other attribute that requires assistance. Our realm is ready to guide another body to the charge that needs these details handled. Are you able to accept that those needing care will get it because they are all God's children?

And does the need continue? Maybe not. Could those who have been disabled also ascend? Of course. No one decides their fate on a conscious level. Things are not as they seem. If you ascend, your dependents could also. And those not ready, they have their own caring to do – to care enough to give their blessing to anyone who has been caring for them. Giving their blessing includes detaching their body's needs from their new consciousness: "I am not this body".

In the awareness of an angel, active detachment occurs the moment gratitude or giving love happens. A gratitude moment frees the caretaker and the one needing care. Both can ascend. Prayer is also an avenue to ascension. Praying to aid another can be the condition that brings one to ascension. Getting out of the mental drama about "me and my life or death" allows the body to be crowned with light. Add a dose of mastery to this, such as a new awareness that detaches because of complete confidence in divine grace – healing and awakening can occur in that instant.

Don't give up on ascension. No dreams of this are an accident. Dream of ascension and think: "my next adventure". The call will come at the moment an army of brave, aware beings are able to agree to consciously go to their next adventure. In death conditions there is usually no agreement. Clarity about how the material world is an illusion can be the only catalyst needed to make a decision for this new adventure. Will this be the decision that all will make? No, due to ego's non-aware attitudes. No death is going to be experienced, though it may  appear that way to those who are not ascending.

Face the questions mentioned today, and claim the attitude of being a divine being who is being called to deliver divine love to all. This is the ultimate destiny of all souls, but it has never before been acknowledged due to the limited understanding and control of ego. When hearts are completely open, ego control disappears. When this occurs, there will be no denial that the time to ascend is NOW.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soul Groups and Ascension

Choosing to leave the man-made chaos of 3rd dimension is a decision that must be made by the mind. However, what the mind chooses may not be for the highest good of the soul. Group souls depend on all of their fragments to be One (in consciousness) to ascend. So consider the consequences of your choice as you would in a close knit family arrangement. The highest good of the entire group soul needs to be considered.

All groups are not dependent on the cooperation of one or more individuals, but some are. The difference? One who has Awakened has not done this only for himself, but also for all the other members of his soul group. So if you are a member of a group soul where one of the lights has totally come on, this qualifies the entire group for leaving 3rd dimension consciousness. It doesn't assure graduation beyond 5th dimension, but it lights the way to 5th. Those who do not have one aspect that has completed their Awakening need at least ten to have opened their hearts to equal the light of one Awakened one. Ten open hearts also qualifies the entire group to leave 3rd dimension for 5th.

We are now counting the collective auras that can ascend. Not as many as we had originally planned, but an adequate number to make an impact. Are these ascensions going to be noticed? Not unless enough agree at the moment the call comes.

Why are my messages getting so much antagonism? Because they are not agreeing with the deep seated beliefs of those who have been fooled by the deceivers. All who are awaiting great gifts of money, flights to other galaxies, movement of the continents without any children of God being eliminated, or mass ascension of the entire planet, will be quite disappointed. Are these concepts coming from the divine light of Christ consciousness? Ask, and get your answer directly. Nothing of this nature, that the dark cabal describes as a fact, can actually occur. Dreamers now need to face the actual cause and effect consequences of the human condition.

No delivery to other planets will occur. Puritans, who have gone to another area to establish their freedom of belief, will tell you that the natives they have encountered were not very hospitable. So it is on planets in other galaxies. Nothing we have said to direct them to another decision has been accepted. No other galaxy can continue their growth with a more dense occupation, so they are refusing. So, my dear ones, its 5th dimension – or another lifetime as a different species in a different galaxy. These are  the alternatives to completing this incarnation cycle with an Awakening.

Can an entire group soul go to 7th dimension with the Awakened one? No, only 5th, then each must awaken as individuals to move on. Please consider the group of conscious beings you can assist by awakening. Awakening is merely a more direct awareness of the human experience. Many can awaken quickly and easily with a clear guide who has already awakened. Be less concerned about the gifts of others and the dangling options being delivered as your alternatives, and only be determined to Awaken NOW!

Can you be a catalyst for others? Absolutely! Be clear about how they are acting and drop all discourse about them. Nothing they do or say can deny the heart of a Master who only loves them no matter what. Give out only love to all. Call to those who need more caring and give them attention. Close the door to negative thinking about all of those who have answered your call to grow. Welcome all the dark as they do what they do to lead many to their antithesis, the light. Can you choose one thing without having an opposite to deliver an option?

Cancel all decisions to go against those leaders who deceive, and give them a big virtual hug to light their hearts. Neglect no adversary - they are the door to your ascension. Being able to love the most difficult to love is the most important thing anyone can do as a human.

Fighting against the dark is the action it desires for you to take. Sending them love confuses them into a new control challenge. Can they continue to deny the caring they get? Not forever – as this is their unconscious desire. All the dark consciously delivers dark because its light has been buried. You can open that grave with your caring, and resurrect the Christ consciousness in them. Sound crazy? Will you give it a try? Practicing this can bring a new answer to man's candidacy for ascension.  Commit to it, and do it together, as we all want the uplifting of density to new levels of light. Make this a new call, instead of hope, as hope does nothing. Giving out caring can do a lot.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, July 25, 2011

Masters Transcend Ego

Channeling is a method of opening, so the cause of ego's arrogance can be dissolved. By giving ego the ability to be helpful in allowing the messenger to be heard, ego assumes that hearing its new teacher has the benefits it desires. No longer does this mistaken mind need to dance alone, the higher authority has more news and details than it does, so why not control them, as a gift to be enjoyed and dominated?

Channeling is not the ultimate condition. It is an alter ego phenomenon that needs more clarity. As long as ego controls it, the messages being given are influenced by this control. Allowing the channeling to occur is always ego's domain. As channeling needs to be "egoless" to be completely accurate, no details can be given that cause the ego to end the channeling ability. Why can't channeling aid an Awakening? Because an Awakening deletes the mind that created the opportunity, so any channeled material that attempts to delete mind's control can lead to the channel being closed.

Ego's confidence in the material is what allows channeling to continue. As soon as an opening is created, another goal of ego is to be gratified by the channeling content. No gratification also leads to no channeling. This is the great deficiency in channeling as a path to Awakening: ego cannot be deleted  when ego controls the channel.

A convenient method for the ego to learn becomes the ego's major adversary when Awakening is named or discussed. When an arrogant ego is making its desires known, a control drama is in action. Only content that agrees with the mental conclusions of ego are accepted. Once the content deviates, no channeling can be continued. Flagrantly negative thoughts will appear against the messenger, and the doubt that then arises becomes a cause for deleting the messages. Practicing channeling does nothing to delete this control. Only an Awakening can do this.

An Awakening comes when the I Am in the body decides it is able. Only then can the ego be destroyed as controller. Meditation affords the open condition that allows an Awakening. All other activities, including channeling, are counter effective. No conditions exist that can create an Awakening with channeling. An Awakening does not occur as a result of any activity where mind is a participant. "No mind" comes when all attitudes and activities created by mind disappear.

Chelas who are Awake are not concerned about any of the things said or done in their human experience. No human attitudes that they express contain personal attachment or desire. All personal lessons cease at the moment an Awakening occurs. All seeking also ends, as no goals are at cause in this approach to human life. Much more than just a calm, neutral appearance, an Awakened one has  transcended all of the human qualities that man has added to the Master consciousness that has been liberated. Full, complete availability of this consciousness only exists when mental activity ceases. No mental activity = Awakened consciousness.

No activity, or mind directed condition, creates an Awakening. Neither deep caring nor any other attribute is the same as being Awake. Souls are Awakened by letting go of their mind's attitudes, and they continue to do this in an ongoing way. No way is better than ignoring all that mind offers.

After Awakening, the net of man's constructed mind matrix must dissolve. All contractions are naturally dissolved over time. Can these be dissolved as a means of Awakening? Awakening is not an achievement.  No death of ego control can occur out of an activity guided by the human desire to Awaken. No close encounter or missed opportunity exists. One either has an active ego or not.

Having "no ego" means there are no attitudes or beliefs about anything. "No ego" also means there are no steps to achieving anything that has meaning. "No ego" means no human concepts are even worth adding to man's daily experience. Facing the fact that all of ego's concepts are not real, man can Awaken. Believing ANYTHING demands an ego to conceptualize this idea.

"Waking up" is the end of all karma and all concepts, not necessarily all contractions. Contractions are needed to densify the Master's container so it can continue to be in 3rd dimension. Clearing contractions only can assist human conditions so there is no cause to bring harm to anyone. Ascension can occur with many contractions in the body; those that are not actively controlling anything are OK. Those that continue to control need clearing for ascension to occur.

Mastery includes the ability to act as a mature, caring being in all circumstances. When man's contractions are able to be activated by any specific circumstances they need to be cleared. Cause and effect are still in command. No container that houses an Awakened one needs to be cleared for that container to ascend, as the contractions in these containers no longer influence mental decisions or cause any change to the Master within's approach to life. When an Awakening occurs, these contractions mean nothing to the Awakened one, so the dialog that accompanies their body's activated emotions will be completely detached from what the body is experiencing.

Anger may cease to exist in the mind and completely activate in the body of an Awakened one as a means of eliminating a contraction. Once cleared, there's no more cause of anger that can activate that emotion again.

Finding a way to Awaken cannot depend on any use of the mind. The mind must cease! Channeling only ceases the mind temporarily. Those who channel with no interest in the words that appear are not actually channeling (in the same sense of the word).

Politely question your mind to see if a channeling has any importance. All mind's will say "yes". No Master will agree.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Enlightenment Does Not Equal Perfect Health

When the heart has opened the health of the body may deteriorate. I am making this statement to negate all the dogma about health being a natural manifestation of the mind's consciousness. All bodies are capable of being ill, no matter how enlightened. No cause and effect law applies to mind's ability to make a body completely healthy. Opening the heart has consequences – this brings new causes to be at choice about:  more caring about others;  more caring about nature and nature's ability to contain its destruction;  more awareness about man's inability to be caring. All of these attributes are now taken into the body's organs and nervous system to be dealt with. More caring means a clear door to more awareness through the body's ability to accept these new attributes, and assimilate all that is changing.

Changes in consciousness make many alterations to the container of that consciousness. When a major adjustment needs assimilating, a natural consequence comes to the body's organization to be dealt with. Illness often comes as a materialization of this alteration making its way into new chambers of the container.

Noses and aerial borne chemicals are also deteriorating man's container. This applies to all men, not only the less conscious. And negative thoughts of those around the more enlightened are now able to take advantage of the more natural, less closed dynamic of the open heart. All of the thoughts being activated near an open hearted one are absorbed and become an answer to human caring. Not caring for one's own aura is the cause of many changes in body chemistry because of this constant absorption of human attitudes.

Can a mind cause its container to be healed? Not unless it makes certain daily aura cleansing a routine. Auras are containing the waste of those discharging negativity, thus making energy pollution that can be absorbed by men and women who are open.

Processing these energies, and most of the other degrading elements being contributed to man's anatomy makes health a most constant cause of man's attention. Not attending to these aura clearing activities cancels the body's ability to completely be as active or be able to be challenged in other areas. New and different challenges are coming, and no masking of their damage to man's container can occur. Once the actual accrued effects of carbon creation becomes  a major answer to cancer, a new attitude about the use of fuel to fill all of man's desires can take effect; and defeat cancer. Until then, man will continue to destroy the health of all of nature's beings by his needs and wants that are not actual.

Making a difference in human health takes more than caring about the disease itself. It needs cause deletion, and negating the "needs and wants" of man's mind. Pure consciousness cannot combat these influences. No case against cancer can be demonized or changed unless these neutralizing factors are considered. Chemotherapy does not cure any cancer. Natural healing does. Natural healing includes  mitigating mind's contribution, and changing the diet and causes from chemicals, dense mental chatter, and electromagnetic fields. All destroy the body's cancer fighting ability.

Containers of the enlightened are also at effect of these influences, not immune to them. Bodys are not enlightened, nor are mental egos. An enlightened soul makes no contribution to the dis-ease, but likewise cannot cure it only by being enlightened.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making the Change

Chelas are not being given orders to do the things called for in these messages. Free will always overrides my contact. Use the divine awareness within the heart and you will need no guidance from anyone. Choose this today and no more will these messages be needed. But these messages can be a welcomed help to those unable to determine their heart guidance from their ego. All my chelas need to get this distinction clear.

Choosing "my way" does not mean altering any clear decisions you have made to give assistance to others. Nor does it attack those decisions. Asking for guidance means requesting another's opinion, not giving up "truth" as you may believe it to be. Cancel all your definitions of "truth" but the one that is not able to be known. Nothing mind considers "truth" is, nothing learned from books is, and nothing as you see it is. Truth is not anything man can conceive of. Nothing light or dark can cancel it, as there is no light or dark in Truth.

Can help be given for asking the heart for guidance on what Truth is? Inquire in this way, and the answer will become fully available – not to concern the mind with – only to be aware of:

After each new day's contact with the heart to get answers, give yourself the most important gift of all: allow the heart to comment on everything you feel a need to do in your life. There is no charge made for this assistance and no mandates are given – only good attitudes about how the course of your life can be dramatically improved. Once this allowing of the heart's guidance becomes more constant, the guidance for the mind can be discontinued. Mind is not an alter ego to the heart, it is an active dreamer that has limited awareness. Once the heart provides more of your answers than the mind does, your life becomes "awareness in action".

When the inquiry begins to be more than a once or twice a day dialog, the goal of the mind will be to investigate the mystery of the heart's awareness. As the mystery gives way to capable delivery of the heart's mastery, the mind can develop an acceptance, or not. Its best to have acceptance, as an irritated, antagonistic mind can do a lot of sabotage to the new dynamic. Competitive dialog will not afford changes in your daily life, so welcome the mind AND the heart's input and give the mind no cause to deliver any discord.

Choosing the mind's option can also be done, as no day is completely dominated by the heart. Welcome them both into a loving and caring daily movement of energy, and demand nothing of either.  Positive acceptance of both can alter the dynamic of competition into active creativity in an instant.

Are you able to do what I am asking? Try it. No dance of leela can be complete without shifting the answers you give from the mind to the consciousness of the heart.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, July 18, 2011

Be a Gift to Those Who Need Light

When the days are hot and mentally draining there is no need to be guided to do anything. It is not necessary to always be given material about another goal to follow. One day to do nothing is more caring to the man or woman than doing a number of tasks that are called for by the Masters. My chelas do not need many more answers. All has been written that any candidate for ascension needs to know.

Are the days getting more life draining or are they getting more enjoyable? All the days that continue the mood of drain are an opportunity to anchor light. Be quiet and let the light that the Masters are able to deliver be a contribution that you make to the planet. All areas need this. None is completely light or completely doused by those who can channel. Channeling an ample amount of light can do a lot of giving to those able to accept it. When our conduits are open, there is an amazing amount of grace available to clear out dark attitudes and open more to accepting their own awareness as "the way".  Masters do this without "doing" anything. All they do is clear their mind and continue to accept the light that is coming to them.

Marijuana is not a deterrent to ascension. Neither is any natural substance that is not made into chemical compounds like heroin or cocaine. Nature created marijuana as a material to be consoled with when in great distress. Marijuana was not delivered as a drug or a mental attitude adjuster, only a light dampener of distress. Anyone using natural cannabis is not giving out an anti-consciousness, dense, contracted manifestation. No other caution need be given other than to get clear of all of its effects before driving or attempting to communicate from an organized mind. Mind altering conditions are not negative – drugs that cause health disturbances are.

Can the drug of choice be happiness? My preference is to have laughter and games meet the need of doing something to get "high". "High" is a condition of mind. No drug, or altered state is needed when a natural condition of happiness is the one and only way to live. Awakening the divine nature that lights the world delivers this needed attitude as well.

Protecting one's children from the negative attitudes of their own mind needs attention. Children can be damaged by a negative contact during their early years. In these coming days, the needs of children will be an important consideration. Please help them delete any negativity they are carrying in their mind. No, I don't mean calling attention to the dismantling of their light – only do an attitude adjustment by delivering a different way for them to perceive the object of their distress. Give them the understanding that the cause of their distress is an opportunity to learn. Are children able to grasp this? Of course. It only needs to be brought to their attention. Give the children a chance to clear attitudes that don't give them an answer that leads them to their own light.

Are you able to do this for them? Good, also do it when negative attitudes arise in your mind. Practice changing negatives into positives as they arise. Cancel negative attitudes with a very simple alteration of their nature. My way is: "All of my negative attitudes are a lie I've taken out of context." In this dialog: the negative thought is the lie, and the context is the Divine's gift to man's growth. Humble acceptance of one's own misunderstanding works well.

Have a good time making the negative domain a clear way of transformation for all concerned. Be the guide to an apex of light in anyone you can contribute a dose of attitude adjustment. When the heart can dissolve mind's negativity, another drop of God's nectar is contained in the darkness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Note from Aruna: One effective way I have found to clear contractions is the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson, called "Emotion Code" and "Body Code". Google his website for more info.

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

All of the messages on this blog address ascension, including those that mention future conditions. Ascension is my first call, due to the clarity that is needed about this. So many dictations of channeled entities have created much confusion. I Am That I Am wants this confusion to be over. My role as Maha Chohan is: to define ascension to those who contracted for it, to let them know the next call is coming, and that getting ready needs to be done. Some who have contracted for ascension are not able to ascend at this moment due to their attitude and beliefs. Those who do nothing to get ready can lose the opportunity.

Many of these messages contain instructions, and many outline the requirements. Should there be questions in these areas, go to these messages and get this information. Before the next wave, all of those who signed up for ascension can qualify, no matter how the denial of one's own awareness has kept you in the drama of man's contractions. Those desiring ascension can get all the details they need on this message blog. Please go to the messages that are already on this blog and get the information.

When the body is able to ascend, the energy to do so will be delivered. But being loving and caring does not make a body ready. First, the density of old contractions must be released. A contraction is a memory that contains an emotional charge. When these are released, the man or woman is able to be fully present to the moment and can be an anchor of light in the midst of any conditions.

If contractions are able to be revived when new circumstances resemble conditions that caused them in the first place, no more light can come into the body to help it move to higher frequencies. Moving the body to higher frequencies is ascension. 

My chelas must clear their contractions for ascension, and it is very naive to assume that holding onto anger, fear and distress is "ascension ready".  It is not. Being caring does not destroy the contractions, only denies them. Open hearts do not automatically dissolve the memories of those life experiences that served to limit awareness. Ascension needs these memories to be clear of attached reactions.

Being caring and loving can very easily help you dissolve these contractions. All it takes is: to love the things that are the most difficult to love. Love the memories that caused you to contract, love those who gave you those memories, and act as though all is dear, no matter what came before, including conditions that caused memories of despair, created anger against another, and demanded your attention towards one of the things the soul chose to learn about prior to incarnation. Forgiving and detaching from these disturbing memories will lead the body to higher frequency capability.

Many techniques exist to lessen the time it would ordinarily take to delete all of these contractions. My mission is to lead you to those who can do them. Ask to meet one of these amazing healers, and call one to you. Associate with others interested in doing this kind of clearing and they may also assist you as you assist them. Work with men and women who appear gifted to heal. Mask yourself as an "Awakened ascension candidate" and you lose.

Awakening dissolves contractions. Why? Because "no mind" means there is no concern about anything, including the circumstances that caused the contractions. Change your attitude about those memories and you will "lighten".  Are we clear about this? Many believe they can ascend now without clearing. They will not ascend. Clearing is an actual detail that the meditators miss. Meditation mesmerizes, it does not clear. No meditator who cannot delete their contractions and give up attachment to the material life can ascend.

Clearing can be done in on the way to getting Awakened. Awakening is not only what occurs in one moment – the letting go of all contractions about one's personal history comes after that first step of Awakening. The initial realization that Awakened the chela deepens gradually into Awakened awareness. Stillness in the body and mind are the consequence of this deepening. Consistent delight does not come to the human with contractions, only temporary ups and occasional drops into deep quiet.

No delay can be considered safe for those aspiring to be on the next ascension wave. Are you one of them? Are the circumstances in your life keeping you caught in attitudes about these circumstances? No? Then you can ascend. If the answer is "Yes", you need to drop all attitudes "against" that maintain the  denial of your True Nature – unconditional love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ascension is Graduation

Who do the Ascended Masters channel to? Whoever they can. We are omnipotent, meaning there is no dependance on any one being to deliver our words. But, there are only a minor number of channels that are able to allow our words to be delivered without distortion. Our clarity depends on their clarity.

Clear channels are in the minority, and no answers that are delivered as a message should be accepted without going within (to the Master of your own being) to ask, "Is this coming from Christ consciousness?" This is my way of telling you that you must be the one taking on the ability to discern a message's accuracy. No Master can guarantee a channel's ability to deliver a message clearly on a particular day. We do the best we can to give advice, and the clues to look for when distortions exist. We also do our best to be available to the channel during a difficult time, when they may need our aid. So when difficulties occur we do not withdraw, but we warn our channels to be even more discerning when they are not in the awareness that allows them to be clear.

Brains are able to decipher our answers, as man can hear the numerous signals being transmitted to the nervous system and convert them into language. How the brain does this depends on the human's living cell gnome and the frequency of the man's consciousness. No two channels are wired the same. Masters align to the man's capability, and deliver as much as can be accepted by the man's ego.

I Am That I Am is the actual source of all information that is being channeled. Using the Angels and Ascended Masters as messengers is how the Source communicates to man's mind. I Am That I Am is able to also communicate directly to the heart of all. Now, why do my messages through this channel contradict the dictations received by other channels? Because of all the aspects of channeling I just discussed:
1. Clear channels are rare
2. A channel's daily mental changes can be an influence
3. Many channels do not have the quality of gnome + frequency necessary to connect to my vibration
4. We are not able to control how one is able to receive our messages on a given day

As for the content differences: My words regarding Ascension are the ultimate in clarity and my call is to those who are Avatars awaiting their completion after many incarnations or inductions into the Great White Brotherhood in other domains. (They are not for the masses who either show no interest or are frightened by them.)

Earth will disengage from man's destruction to be regenerated. No "safe areas" exist. Earth will not disappear or be destroyed completely, but many changes are and will continue to occur. An astroid/comet is coming into the Earth's atmosphere. Impact may occur. More earthquakes and other catastrophes to human existence cannot be altered. The deaths that result from any condition will not be the end of the crust of the land, only its occupants. 2012 will not be the end of human existence, nor will this date be the end of the planet. But it is to be the end of the world as you now consider it to be.

Will there be groups of light beings gathered together before the death or ascension of the group's members? Yes. Are the groups being formed for ascension? No, only to be able to live on Earth during the destruction. Ascension of the first wave is imminent, and the second wave is also going to occur for those WHO ARE READY. I have repeatedly said that Awakened awareness is a MUST before ascension. How many of those reading these messages are Awake? Not nearly as many as I had desired. When I talk about "Awake" I don't mean having a caring heart or a loving attitude. I mean that "no mind" can be found when the light is on. Moving from mind's view of the world to the Awakened condition is a major change. I have been addressing this complex shift in character in many of my messages, and they are only accepted and clearly comprehended by those who are already or close to being Awake.

Be Awake and ascend. Those who are anticipating ascension and are not Awake when the first wave disappears will know what the needed ingredient is to get on the next wave. Will there be an ascension? Yes, for those able to complete their incarnation cycle; who are already in 5th dimension consciousness. Their bodies can dissolve to the heightened vibration because it is at the 5th dimension frequency of "love of all that is".

My dear ones, these messages are not for those who are creating mental attitudes about them. They are for those who find them aligned with their own inner knowing.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Query Your Mind's Concepts

Chelas of the Ascended Masters must Awaken now. No other answer can be given as an alternative to what is coming in the next days. Awakening has not yet given man (collectively) an attitude adjustment yet. Not enough are able to BE as they came to materialization to BE. Advance one more unaware concept like "mastery conjures up money" (denying the truth of your actual nature one more time), and you will miss the opportunity to advance your consciousness as easily as it can be achieved NOW. When human concepts override the inner director, that denial maintains an answer that must be queried. Can the mind question its own concepts? Of course.

More than any other daily calling, asking for answers from within needs attention. Clearing out unaware decisions must be done with natural means of determining the accuracy of an answer. No accuracy comes with an agenda. One answer that can always be discerned as having heart or mind qualities is manifestation abilities: Mind always desires more than it considers itself to have. Heart always has enough. Mind needs more and cannot accept that it does not need it. An answer the heart delivers is: "no matter what happens, my life is fine."

More important than an answer to the mind's questions, is for the question to lead the body to experience an answer. An experiential answer gives the questioner more than just one lesson. Of course, the answer may come none too soon when difficulties arise.

When answers to the mind's questions are accurate, the heart does more than celebrate: it dances. When you are not aware that your mind has all the desires, negatives attitudes and control of the choices you make, it comes as a big surprise to discover there are new attitudes that exist in your heart. At this discovery, new opportunities can be delivered to you because  mental queries are now an option.

Beginning inquiries to the heart can serve as a nice control device for the mind, so clearing the mind of its control requires more than just inquiry. Not pleasing the mind can deter it from all questioning. The mind wants confirmation of the concepts it holds, but all of mind's concepts need correction. None of them are "completely accurate". Many distortions are included, even when the data being considered is aligned to what the "experts" are saying. No one who only uses their mind's concepts can actually be 100% accurate. New (previously unavailable) data can completely annihilate any of mind's concepts.

Chelas, an Awakening is the beginning of deleting mind's control of the human character. No desires, needs or "attitudes against" come from the heart. Are the mental qualities of the character also deleted? No, all qualities that are needed to act on one's inner guidance remain.

Chelas who are Awake do not consider any of my messages on this blog frightening. Nor do they concern themselves over the accuracy of my timing. When the accuracy does not seem like an affront to the mind the content is more conceivable. Being Awake means that there is no mind assessing the data and asking for details.

Can you dream of Angels and not be one? No – because what you dream is a mental projection. If Angels are in your mind, they are also delivering their consciousness through your heart. All of the Masters who deliver major clearing of deep mental attitudes are cancelling mind's control. Are these "lightening" deliveries being commanded by the mind? No, none of them.

Only those who are continuously deleting their dense mental attitudes can dance the dance of ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Next Day Alternatives

What I am about to say will be a contradiction to all the dogma that has been given about humans living in a different galaxy.  No other galaxy is going to accept man and his growth lessons in human form. No other planet will be an attractive alternative to humans who are not ascending. Yes, I previously said this would be the case, but no other planet will agree to this possibility. So now the only alternative to ascension will be death and rebirth in another (different) form for those needing to continue the death and birth cycle. Only another incarnation in this new form on another galaxy will advance consciousness for those not completing an onward detail on Gaia.

Please do not get negative because all other messages talk about another planet accepting man as he is now. My colleagues are not coordinated in their messages about this yet, as my words come to you at the moment my guidance on this matter is revealed. They will now be informed of this change as you are.

Getting agreement to inhabit other planets is about the same as pleasing the leaders of other continents. Mankind is not getting a very warm welcome due to the negative attitudes that will be left (without any love diffusers around) after the two waves of ascension are complete. Chaos may ensue. Given this lack of balance in the mass consciousness of those being considered, all other planets man could exist on are refusing to accept him. Which leaves the Galactic Federation with no landing matrix once they call forth their mandated contacts and their families. No landing areas negates this entire plan. Are we able to control this decision? No. So we are left with no alternative but to inform all who believed in the affirmative (about an airlift to another galaxy), that new contradictory messages are to now be given about this. Soon it will be considered common knowledge that all the other planets do not want negativity to come to them. Aptitude for ascension is now more critical than we originally thought.

Can the dark cabals maintain their demands during the next days? Yes, and its up to every one of you to counter them with love, no matter what occurs. Being in a caring, compassionate mode destroys their dark intentions.

After the first wave of ascension comes the dark days, when night goes on and on with no daylight for a few weeks. It will be very disturbing to those unaware that this is going to happen. Be the aware one in your neighborhood and encourage business as usual. No daylight is due to a contraction of Mother Earth, and an asteroid is moving into the atmosphere of man's domain. Asteroids cannot be controlled, and this one could make an impact on man's continents. Be aware that many of you can disappear before this occurs and you do not need to go through this drama.

My words may sound cold, because the death cycle means that many are doomed. But my consciousness considers this a great opportunity to clear the Earth without the other disasters needing to occur to do it. Asteroids don't cause death in managed ways, only instant death without any lingering, guilt or negative choices needed. Asteroids come to the rescue of those needing an easy way to get out of this human drama quickly. Those ascending are not going to go through human death so they will need no assistance from an asteroid.

Inviting comets or asteroids to complete the disappearance of man's continents is not the agenda of the dark cabal. They desire ongoing life to have something to manage, but only with a minor quantity of nameless agents to be their consummate answer to human degradation. Asteroid contact will decrease many of our remaining unascended souls - do you want to be one of them? Are the days to come attractive? Are they as dramatic as ascension? Absolutely, so why not energize those who need to ascend before this occurs?

Be the agents for change you are now being guided to be. You are the light for the next change.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Most Important Message

My dear ones. Consider this to be the most important message to date. My contact may not continue after the ascension, so those not ascending need this information.

When ascension occurs there may be no immediate notice. As calls about "missing persons" begin to consume the local authorities for such reports, curiosity about all of these disappearances will arouse the attention of the media. As media delivers its consumate lies to the group not ascending, there will be those who are aware of the cause, and the next opportunity. We need those who are most aware to come out to the media with an outspoken message to declare. It is important that these messages not be deleted if we are going to get the next wave on track.

We need to bring more attention to details than just announcing that there will be another call. All of the leaders of light will be ascending on this first wave, so no attention to the need to be clear of negativity or the need to get quiet to channel will continue being heard by those who do not ascend. How important are these messages? Delivered with continuity, they can bring many more to ascension. So those needing to complete another level of growth before the next wave are asked to come forward, so their awareness can be the cause of many other Masters emerging to ascend.

Choosing to wait to ascend may give the mind a new attitude about not being around to witness what comes of the nations losing the most conscious among them, but will not deliver the needed cause of wave #2. (Actually, this will be the 3rd wave of ascension – many did ascend in consciousness in 2009 who did not disappear. They deliver a light flow that is now moving others to ascend on the next wave.) Many need to disappear so that they cause sufficient curiosity for another wave to be announced.

Clear channeling will be needed to deliver correct messages to the news media in contrast with all the  other announcements that will be made about man's next developments. Bringing channeled answers to the media can provide a consistent message to all of the continents. Two continents will need more channels: Asia and Africa. Neither of these areas have adequate clear channels to make a consistent message accepted by others. Any channels who can do this are asked to assist as many as they can in learning how to channel clearly.

More deliverers are also needed as leaders, not only as messengers. Can those who do channel consider opening their attitude to include directing a movement of awareness in their country? The next days additions to the controllers actions may move all who are not declaring their awareness to do so. We are asking that they do.

Will man deny ascension? If there are not enough to demonstrate how it can occur. Our needing a large group is important for you to be clear about. Canceling the ascension is no longer going to happen. Now we need to be certain the impact is not deniable. Changing the date or time is also not going to occur. Only the energy to ascend is needed now, and we can deliver that at the appropriate moment.

False advice has been given to many channels to divert the ascension. No diversion will occur. Those accepting those delivered messages as Truth may miss out on an opportunity their inner advisor can still deliver them to. It is imperative that anyone questioning my content get guidance from their own inner channeling of I Am That I Am. When an active call comes, they can still be on this ascension wave.

Never before has an ascension like this occurred. Belief in its actualization is not needed. Only an open attitude and agreement. Prayers are being answered. More happiness, caring and contributing will come as a consequence. Peace on Earth will need more continents delivering less negativity against others, but no matter how this begins, it will need attention, not a miracle. Ascension is not a dream. Completing your contract to ascend is an avenue to awareness that is about much more than what an ascension brings. Another adventure awaits.

Chelas, give me the contract completion that your own inner director can guide you to. Don't depend on anyone else to decide your destiny. You are a New Earth creator, as the next wave is not the only contract detail that is causing this ascension to occur. This group asked to co-create the New Earth, and an ascension is needed for this to occur.

Bless you all, and give ascension an attitude of "why not?".

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, July 1, 2011

Children, Animals and Ascension

Choosing ascension during the night when the call comes may be difficult, but the most conscious entities will not hesitate. Only these will ascend. Are my meanings clear? Only those answering the call with agreement will ascend. No delirium will prevent this, and no call will not be heard. Only an agreement, and action on that agreement, are activating ascension. Macro details have been compiled for this moment. Not on your dimension, in ours. We are asking for your assistance to heal and deliver all who can accept this call. It needs complete agreement.

Children do not need to go on in this life to learn anything. Today's children did not incarnate to be anything less than totally awake in their answer to daily conditions. They may appear dense in an atmosphere of density, but they have no karma left to clear and can ascend at any moment.

Pets do not need to do anything to ascend. Carrying them out of the building (or any demonstration of your intention) does not need to happen. Accepting an alternative condition for them is needed. If they choose to ascend at the moment notification occurs they will, wherever they happen to be. Nothing needs to be done by you to control this. Completely accept that all candidates for ascension, animals included, will ascend if agreement comes on the call.

After the ascension, animals will be given another chance to incarnate or another consciousness to attain as a new species. Many animals will join the human ascension because of the contact we have given them as animals. Most animals never come to ascension because attachment and control by others does not afford them the opportunity to love without dependance. But having awakened companions, or nearly awakened companions, has lightened them and allowed them to adapt to higher frequencies.

Animals clear of attitudes that are acting as non-aligned disturbances can go through the ascension portal. Horses are included in this. Not all animals attached to humans will ascend - only those who are adjusted, caring and all clear of negative attitudes. Clear them with whatever assistance you can provide. Nature can assist. Give an animal nurturing activities in nature and achieve an attitude change to the lessening of drama in their psyche.

Some animals will definitely not ascend. It is their karma to be abandoned during ascension and adopted by other owners who will give them their lessons. Please don't attempt to determine the ascension readiness of your pets. Not knowing is an acceptable condition for this creative dream that is now unfolding. Parents do not need to worry about the destiny of their children or their animals. All have contracts that include the ascension change.

"Presence" in all circumstances MUST be attained to fully be prepared to ascend. Acceptance of the added details given today must also be given. No attachment to anything near and dear can be dominating the chela who ascends. Pure delight in the ascension can only be delivered when complete light is ascending.

"Going up" is not actually the description of what will occur. No arising of the physical body will occur. Ascension is the arising of the lightbody that cannot be seen. Once the conversion to light by dissolving human density occurs, a lifting of nothing visible will happen. Names and minds will be considered leaving, and only an angelic contributor or an Ascended Master will appear as a light image on the dimension of man's anointment. No dense Angels will be dreamt of again by these light deliverers.

Only those who can drop their human desires, attitudes and contractions are able to become Angels or Ascended Masters. Animals can do this with less Angelic assistance than most humans. More than one human distraction can cause a man to deny the call. Animals will go directly to their destiny, as no distractions will deter them.

Are the dogs, cats and other creatures able to ascend? Act like they are and they will be.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna