Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Response to my readers

My dear ones. Consider my messages clear. No one is asking you to fight Monsanto. No one is calling on you to demand anything. Give only light as masters do. Be quiet. As an Awakened being, not giving your attention to Monsanto does more than going against them. Your days are not for going against anything. Celebrate the love that flows through you. Make decrees about nature being abundant with nutritious, clear of GMO, foods. Give all of your attention to giving. Help create your decrees with heart directed action. Being against anything, as I've always said, calls that thing into action. Being for anything calls that into action.

As for the money. I didn't say the yuan would get accepted as the new reserve currency, only that what the Chinese decide could demolish all currencies. Buying gold or silver will not create dominance in a dead economy. It will not get you the things you need. Making friends with your neighbors, to come together to create more abundance for all, is needed more.

Abundance is your goal, not money. Abundance can include money when currencies are created anew, but not when they are disappearing. What is needed in a great depression is to heal the situation with the development of new attitudes. Then the controllers cannot control. An attitude of abundance with a great delivery of caring will give more aid to the current monetary demise than greeting your days with  depression or dark attitudes. Give light. Masters do not need to carry concerns. All is in perfect order.

Masters only need to act as they are guided to act by their inner knowing. My teaching is only a supplement. No guide of my realm gives you negative material to cause fear. My words are to give you more awareness, and contact with inner guidance is to lead you to the best choices.

Clear any dense attitudes about my words and find the answers to your confusion in my long term message: be awake, be aware, and delight the change agents in the world with your calm. Make your own contact with the loving and caring Masters. Give them your active LIGHT, which equals open hearts and an absence of mental divisiveness. Share your mental concerns but don't make them your mantra.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. thanks team - this really clarified and resonated within me.

    Much Love!


  2. So much gratitude, Saint Germain & Aruna.

  3. thanks, resonates 100%

  4. Thank you Saint Germain and Aruna! I have had many opportunities to serve my neighbors in creating abundance by helping them with little tasks that I enjoy doing. In my case, it is fixing computers. They return the favor through small jobs that they enjoy doing, for example, plumbing. The kids love raking the leaves. We all "pay it forward", creating abundance and doing what we love to do. This will catch on in the areas of food production and healthcare (as well as many others) which will alleviate needs of many so that they too can have the opportunity to "pay it forward".