Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clarity in Channeling

My dear ones. My message today will be a continuation of my Course in Channeling. All of my teachings about channeling are clear in this course, much more than just the correct way to access the most accurate guidance. More than half of my chelas haven't done any such course, and are still unable to get guidance from their own Master within. Others are not clear. So please realize my answer to a question about the clarity in channeling is not to be dismissed as being negative against those who are not clear. Give all who contribute their time and distribute their dictations the gratitude of your appreciation. However, there are many who do not channel the beings who can make a great difference with accuracy, because of the deception of their own mind. Most of the channels connected to seventh dimension Angels and Ascended Masters are not ego dominated during their channeling, but a few are, and it is not that they are not being deceived by other dimensional liars, only an attitude in their own mind.

When this misrepresentation is discovered, the most honest thing to do is to tell the truth to their listeners or readers:" my own opinions do not allow me to channel this material." Otherwise, they are not being the model of integrity they must be to complete the ascension. Charlatan channels do lie and do make their dictations appear to be authentic when they are not. This is controlling in its dismal attempt to deceive, and cancels many karmic conditions of giving a gift and making a caring movement towards ascension.

By all means, discredited channels are not going to be able to continue to make our realm their calling card. Once they deceive, most of their once devoted career creators will move out of their field indefinitely. So being credible on one day does not guarantee credibility forever.

Who will declare them not accurate? Only the Masters and Angels on our matrix. No one on your matrix will announce their disqualification. But, if they are very savvy, they will decide to do other dense work than attempting to continue to channel. Are they going to ascend? Maybe, if they can get back to the love vibration.

Can you tell they are not delivering clear messages? We hope so. When the light of their connection goes out we want you to give love and no disturbance, but also no credibility to the next phase of their calling. Once discredited, no more energy of clear channeling from our realm will come through them. Allowing lower astral beings to channel is always an option. Beware, because their messages will be at a different consciousness than their previous messages. Only go to their deliveries without caring about what is said. Otherwise, find another deliverer or a way to get your own messages from the higher realms.

Channeling carries a very big demand on direct contact beings. They need to deliver their most love and available light with a message, otherwise nothing good comes with the transmission. Only light of heart mastery clears a channel.

Brave is the one who admits their mismanagement of the gift of light. Others who are not very courageous are able to convince no one of their calibre of mastery without clear devotion to I Am That I Am. Working as a channel totally requires this attitude. I Am That I Am is the blessed One in all of you. Contact can be an answer to every moment. Give me the decision to be a clear channel with any details not able to be clearly delivered deducted from the total content. I Am is the beloved that decides on the next lesson that is needed. Truth in all matters is a must to clearly deliver the vibration that contains heart light. Make this a goal in all of your determinations for this cause and effect dream.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Shamballa Brother...excellent response

    Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you..
    Away, you Rollin' River..
    Oh, Shenandoah, I long to see you..
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