Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Ascension Comments

When you are fully prepared for ascension the kind of love that changes the world radiates from the body. There is no mental creation needed, as whatever  shows up is considered perfect. Clear, mental contentment is the only mandate  happening. When this beautiful way of life is constant, the number of days left in a life no longer matter. Ascension happens naturally to those living like this.

Others need more clarity about the way they will be called. It will be an inner and outer call, one you cannot ignore, whether you are asleep or awake. It will tell you to go outside so you are out of the house containing your old life. New conditions are about to begin.

No closure with loved ones will be needed. Eternal oneness means there is no distance in your connection with the angels and there will likewise be no distance in these connections, only a mental image that disappears in their mind's view.

There will be a moment of facing God and agreeing to go forward. No two ascensions will be exactly the same. Some of you will go missing before others notice. Some will disappear while their family is in the next room, and others will ascend in an area miles away from close family members. Those who have said yes to this opportunity will be called as Masters who are able to leave this world without any attachments.

Are you able to leave without any goodbyes? If not, get them out of the way.
Please do any and all of the closure actions that can become an attachment that holds you back. Children can ascend only when the parent that they have the most contact with is ascending. In cases of men leaving their families to ascend, they will be considered the parent of most contact when most of their child's needs are being met by them.

Pets that are able can also ascend. Pets will be considered like children, ascending with the caregiver that does the most to lead the animal and who is most always with it.

Kind and gentle beasts will also ascend, like whales, dolphins, horses, dogs, cats and even mice and gerbils. All who are able will accompany their ascending  caregivers. Will whales go with humans? No, as with dolphins, they will go with their mates and offspring. No dolphins will be on the planet after this ascension. Many have already ascended. In the news you have seen groups of bodies washing up on to the beach. These are what has remained to tell the tale. Most whales are also ascending. Not all varieties, but most. Killer whales are not ascending due to their ability to cause awakenings in ordinary daily circumstances. Humans who go into their auras can get charged with chi to help them with awakening. Campaigns to free the whales have been the cause of their awakening ability. Those who could identify with the loss of marine life being important were all included in a delivery of more alignment to their   auras and consciousness.

Altering the human level of mastery has been done with numerous animals, including dogs and cats who appeared to be aware when they were cared for by aware owners. Conscious animals are many—all able to ascend. Are you as free as they are?

When we call you, nothing need be done to gather the children or pets to you. They are to be helped by their own guides. Making the leap to another level of consciousness will be the easiest thing you have ever done, and you will be showering the entire planet with a good dose of enlightenment for all who are not ascending.

Fasting will not be needed. Neither will the diet I gave you, as the lesson was to be able to adapt to any circumstance, and dieting to act as one with divine energy was good for all who decided to do it.

Making wills will be useless due to the lack of a dead body in most cases. Instead, add a list of requests in letters to those who are definitely not ascension candidates. Heal their hearts with some acknowledgement of what happened to you. Place yourself in God's hands and have no regrets. In the big picture, nothing could have been done more accurately.

Bring the light into your heart by having no dross in your mind. Get out of your head and into your heart as much as you can. Slow down your activities when you can and only do things that can be enjoyed. Give away things you no longer want and give love in abundance. Ascension comes when it comes, but being able to go at any moment can give you the happiness no man has unless he is Awake.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna




  2. Hi Everyone,

    There is one thing which I would like highlight is the fact that one may need to time the moment of saying their proper goodbyes and writing last minute letters so as not to get caught in a very awkward moment of having to see that person again after a while (e.g. 2-3 months)and having to explain oneself, or else the other individual may find it odd or even suspicious.

    I do hope that further details on the Ascension call could be made as and when such information becomes available.

  3. Amazing Post - 0 comments in 2 Days - Did y'all take off already? Writing some letters today, no other attachments, expectations, plans exist within this realm. All is in perfection which has become so very easy to see. See y'all on flipside. Party!