Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New: Contact Management in Progress

Many of you have a new body to operate. On the anniversary of the American 9/11 attacks the consciousness of I Am shifted in those who have opened their  hearts and are in contact with divine awareness. You have been newly constructed to be able to anchor more of the divine energies. In these last days our contact altered your ability to deal with negativity in a major way -  we allowed the density within you to disappear so no new contractions can disturb you. You may have noticed energy increases in different areas of the body and observed aches and other unusual symptoms as a consequence.

We did this to open up one more answer to the darkness that is materializing around your planet during nature's mandate for change. More than one frequency has been opened in your bodies, and new waves of different intensities will be moving out whatever dross has been collected. No change in your mind was attempted, as mental options are your birthright, but when the body is needing to adapt to new conditions, it may receive new energy contributions from this overseeing collective. We are not abusing anyone, only advancing the direction each has already chosen.

Now we are detecting another need: to adjust these new frequencies so they can align with our contact with less difficulty. Those who channel may not get much contact from us until this is done. My channel for these messages is not completely aligned yet so will only offer this today.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna 


  1. I've been feeling very spacy and light headed these past few days, having difficulty concentrating. Yesterday in particular it was a very odd feeling all together, like time had stopped.

  2. Thank You A.M. S.G. & Aruna

  3. sometimes i feel caught in a contradiction with the content of the messages. first and foremost i understand the concept of accepting ALL "as it is!" and knowing that god's will includes every aspect of the past, present and future. I also understand my role in consciousness and how my thoughts and actions have an affect on the matrix of reality and why its important to ascend. overcoming mind's control, or ME, inc. as one person put it, is super difficult. what i have trouble with is trying to eat right and overcome illness from the inside-out rather than rely on chemical medicine. i'm already nutrition orientated and i spread the word about gmos. the problem lies in trying to eat fresh without eating cesium (im in oregon), eat organic while stayin in my slim budget, and grow my own food. i remember saint germain saying in one message that those who want to eat healthy would be unable. i struggle between not getting dense about being rigid about eating healthy and trying to BE the change we need. my family sticks their nose in the air at me when i talk about organic and fresh, since they LOVE processed and box meals. i remain fairly healthy and i talk to my peers about non-pharmacy healing practices but when a nasty virus swept thru our town in the form of a blow out sinus infection and a green phlegh relentless cough, i couldnt help but reach for mucinex, sudafed, airborne and anything else that might relieve me. normally i accept the symptoms as an internal dialogue but seeing my kids suffer and us all have the same thing at the same time without much contact, i wondered about the chemtrails i see almost daily. i spend about 50/50 of my time either accepting and being happy or stressing about if im using the information these messages (and the master messages) to my fullest potential. being rigid about things seems to cause me more disturbance than just going about my life the way everyone else does... drink soda, inhaling chips and self-medicating. i guess balance is all i need? or maybe just a clear awakening would lead me to "appropriate action" in all circumstances. sigh. more information isnt what i need, more meditation is.

    1. Much Love to You, Anonymous. I get caught up in the same whirlwind sometimes, too. Then remember to just be quiet and ask, "Who are these thoughts for?" The more often I get quiet, the easier it is to accept and make better choices. Its likely that we won't get everything right; just keep going forward. Above all, love yourself at all times in all situations. The rest will flow from that. At least I feel joy doing things this way. Best to You in your journey.