Monday, May 20, 2013

Masters Are Now Able . . .

Giving you details of coming events does nothing more than drain your ability to live in the present. When we are able to accept that all things are divine will and have a good conclusion, it doesn't matter to us what the coming events will be. But most of my chelas are still not accepting their difficulties in this manner. So, we are no longer mentioning what has already been mentioned, and consider the mandates of God to be the way our chelas will continue to evolve in consciousness.

Take care of those in need and those who can use a caring friend. As we approach the new challenges God has dealt the material realms, we decree the God delivered Masters to be strong and capable and delightful, as they lead their own kind into the most conscious period of man's destiny. Move over controllers, these Masters can withstand your demands.

Master level chelas are ready to give those who do the most good more choices. In the days to come there will be numerous completely conscious men and women capable of delivering a new concept of manifestation. Those in darkness will be colliding with those who are living in love and winning the cause they are addressing. Why? Because the new world is coming out of darkness and dancing in light.

It is the most conscious the mass network of minds has arrived at in a million attempts to decree it. Now there are more awakened ones in bodies than we were originally anticipating. Many have opened their hearts in this year, and many more are continuing to act on heart directed attitudes. False starts have been fewer, and comments about amazing grace are becoming the norm. As we advance this most direct awareness to calm and clear choices, the dark cannot answer this allowing with more dark, or it will disappear. Consulting their mind they will get more clarity, and this clarity will cancel their negativity. When this dense consciousness disappears, another direction can begin. No more control, no more dark arrangements, no more arrogance of dictators. The masses will give direction. Are the dark controllers about to become the light? No, they will only cease to advance their agendas.

Can man make a change to all that is corrupt and not good? Yes, in a minute, when the darkness collective comes to accept their loss of domination. Please don't wait for this in your daily choice making. Give, care and continue to open your own caring ability. Once the mass consciousness deletes their darkness we will all get to enjoy what God has conceived of for our dance of leela.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. So what is the dance of leela?

  2. Hamsa the god of Israel will save me

  3. As far as l know brother...the dance of Leela is done by Hindu dancers who use the veil to hide themselves and their expressions..during their dance...S.G. is using a metaphor of the veils of Maya and illusion that are constant is our 3D dimensions of Samsara.

    The cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound by its own constant created illusions. Samsara arises out of avidya (ignorance) and is characterized by dukkha (suffering, anxiety, dissatisfaction). In my view, liberation from Samsara and the dance of Leela has never been more possible than it is now by seeking that which is higher and permanent within us. Caring is a very powerful way to move beyond the dance of feels good to break out of the machine matrix and care...tell someone how can l help you...or just help someone without asking...a smile is good...a gesture...even simple things help.

  4. So.. what else has saint germain to tell us ?

  5. Looking forward to the injections of vibrations...

  6. I have learned that there is no perfection
    the truth is to learn to forgive the errors and through this you find the love
    only death is perfect

  7. as for explaining
    this world may end not because of the governments
    but because of medics who dont know what they do
    True medics are like ashtar and saint germain and those who have the miracle ability to inject vibrations
    behind everything there is a medic

  8. my health is totally destroyed but not from any drugs
    but because of how everybody treated me here

  9. Nice discourse S.G. good detail, thank you.

    l wish l was as optimistic as you given that the nation state especially in the west has been totally taken over by the corporate economics of plutocracy. Rule by the rich. The corporation now dominates and controls all aspects of society and government...and has created a trance fantasy based synthetic movie, video game, illusion culture that leaves us awakening communities and people very little room or resources for organizing collective manifestation maneuvers that have any influence. We live in a progressive society but the trance is very deep.

    Our language of spiritual, social and environmental awakening is not even discernible to the wider people in society...l experience this every month in my talks most people do not understand us or even why we question everything or think outside of 3D reality and why we are helping causes and people and constantly ask for social and environmental and economic justice that the system just ignores.

    It was nice too see the world protest yesterday. More than 2 million protesters in 436 cities across the world took to the streets Saturday, in a unified charge against agribusiness and genetically modified foods as one good example to be ignored by the system.

    It is like several global realities are emerging S.G. our local awakening community grassroots realities, a small collective of awakening Ascension Light Workers and a corporate dominating world reality that is more and more defining the world view and direction. This documentary clearly defines this and the corporate dance of Leela.

    'Obey': A Documentary Film Based on Chris Hedges'
    'Death of the Liberal Class' .

    By God we have been given God given Divine qualities of Courage, Truth, Justice, Love, Compassion, Kindness, Cheerfulness, Co-operation, Detachment, Honesty, Humility, Truthfulness, Trustworthiness, Wisdom and more all of which and more are increasingly and constantly taking a back seat to good behavioral conformity to the narrative of the corporate state.

    Where is our budget and help for organizing a new higher cosmic reality here....we are campaign weary.