Thursday, January 12, 2012

Decrees and Emotions

My dear ones. Whatever you are feeling, any emotion, give it the ability to be completely felt. No matter how bad this sounds, no deaths have occurred as a consequence of an overly felt emotion. Breathe into the area of the body at the core of the feeling. This will aid the movement of energy, causing that blocked energy to clear. People who die in car accidents or other accidents that throw them out of control cannot draw a breath. No car accident deaths are due to emotional distress, only an attitude that blocks the ability to feel a contraction in the gut and open it with the breath.

Now is the time to free the contracted areas that are in the body's meridian network. Breathe deeply into all negative feelings that arise and do your best to keep on deep breathing through the disbursement of the blocked energy. Gifts of healing are in each deep breath you take.

Are you mad at anything? Breathe into the body at the location of the anger. Are you mad at another human? Instead of blaming them, give them a contact they can accept—act as though the cause of the difficulty was you. All of your disturbances were caused by you. Not the you of mind and body, but the you that is at the core of everyone, the loving essence that causes all things to manifest. This you contracted for the disturbance as a way to cause more awareness. You did create the conflict, and the "other" participants came out of their comfort zone to densify your challenge. Avoid giving them your  negative attitudes by calling the light to yourself instead of directing darkness towards them. Heavy hearts are a choice. No one else decides whether or not you can add more light to your life. All you must do is give your anger away. Why keep it? None of your emotions can control you unless you let them.

A decree I can make without a thought is the one I made when accepting the position of Maha Chohan: I decree that all of God's creatures are awakened and causing more and more caring in their human experience. My decree was for all and does only good for all. Nothing of man's desire for materialization can be found. Make decrees with no outcome delineated. Call for goals of the heart. Mandate calls of caring. Give from a Master's unlimited abundance—the gift of human kindness.
I decree a most caring contact with all of my chelas. After the first decrees are done, all of this will become easier.

I have given you a lot of guidance on giving and caring. Put words to it and activate the divine decrees needed in your lives. No ability of a human kind can counter a well written decree. Invite your colleague, the Master within, to create decrees without any content other than the vast love available for you to deliver. When you are feeling lonely your full awareness cannot be available, and when you invite the divine into your heart. most of the made-up misery dissolves.

Being a divine being is now your only goal. Being the True you is the divine being in action. Can the decrees you make deliver the depth of this Truth to those who are touched by your decree. Can we celebrate aliveness? Can we free the disturbances in colleagues and old acquaintances? In this kind of change drama we can. Our consciousness becomes the tool to unlock the door of closed areas of the "other's" hearts. When we can get more of these hearts feeling open the dross will have no place to hide. Come to my dream free realm without any baggage.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Everybody have Chelas there are Chelas and subchelas
    but if you are going to spend some caring time with at least 144,000 beings then 4 per day will take around 10 years to meet everyone !
    I am

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  3. Thank you dear A.M. Saint Germain for this message. Thank you Aruna.

  4. No time, no space
    No past, present or future
    There are so many things we are not capable of knowing yet
    Thanks to light beings like Saint Germain and awakened channels like Aruna
    We can receive guidance until we do know

    Dear Anonymous Jan 11, 2012 09:49, it therefore seems possible that 144,000 contacts can be done in an instant of what we call time

  5. Dear Brother of the Seventh Ray, thank you for your comments on breathing through the blockages...l have too say without Prana Breathing l would fallen many years ago...and it is the secret too many ways of awakening.
    When you meditate in Pranic breathing actually begin to experience that most stress is caused and comes from the.. Mind...take that calm breath of Prana
    the very micro second your mind might jump to the stress response and you will step into a moment that is beyond time and know exactly what to do..and do it effortlessly or with minimum stress and get through the moment..with the minimum of stress...the Holy breath can get you through the stress and the blockages indeed. Thank You...Namaste'