Sunday, January 22, 2012

Identifying the Controllers' Methods

All of the predictions that have been made by the controllers are not accurate. How do you determine what is from the controllers and what comes from the divine architects of the New Earth? Start with this checklist:

1. Controllers decide what will keep darkness alive. Are you moving into communities that co-create happiness or are you waiting to be moved to another place on a master plan of collecting the most aware? Which would the controllers advise?

2. Are many going to collectively ascend because they have done their clearing or is all clearing not needed? Are the controllers advising you to demonstrate more love? Are they directing you to do clearing?

3. Are the controllers demonstrating the light in any of their messages? Are they guiding you to becoming more divisive or more caring?

4. Can you ask them questions about the darkness in anything? Are they suggesting that you live with negative attitudes towards those not as caring as you are? Condemnation is the way to be dense. Condemning anyone for anything is a dark, negative attitude.

5. Prayer is not mentioned when controllers decide on a new comment to deceive. Are you giving divine connection any consideration in the fantasy based material?

6. Place yourself at a controller's desk composing a drama that feeds the continuation of a dream. What are the guidelines?
     a. Distract from what is actually occurring.
     b. Make up a good dream that takes its place.
     c. Convey the lie that they get the dream because of their great contribution to humanity.
     d. Allay their fear so you can control them when they are afraid.
     e. Prepare them for moving toward the thing they fear the most— control of their mind.
     f. Make messages that are only what they want to be told.
     g. Answer their concerns with an active dialog about the darkness in another.
     h. Answer man's desire for more delights with the conditions you make up.
     i. Cleverness is the key—distract them  so they do not even consider most of the actual conditions about to occur. Call for the disclosure of this darkness.
     j. Never give any data that would create demand for a shift in consciousness above denial.
     k. Continue to eliminate humanity's ability to determine their own destiny by placating their concerns with wishful thinking.

What comes next is managed demonstrations of crowd control. Are they giving you guidance about their most calculated guess, their ability to control all? Are you able to call them on their deception? Can you do anything to delay them in carrying out their actual calling— making about half of the population content with anything that distracts them from whatever can be done.

Who are the controllers? Are they Masters disguising themselves as controllers? Of course not, they are controllers disguising themselves as Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation envoys and Archangels, etc. Our domain of contact has been denied, and the controllers are now leading almost all channeling that comes out of the hearts of those also in denial of accurate material.

Clearing allows you to connect with divine consciousness, instead of only accepting what you hear or read. Get your own contact with the Masters instead of depending on channeling that is made to deceive you. Are you able to see the denial going on when you accept their tone and direction for the future? This denial destroys your mission of bringing in the light.

The Counsel of the Galactic Federation contains deceivers. Some are from Orion. Others are not only dark, they are not even able to connect to you with a caring demeanor. Change is their desire—change of their own destiny. One way to take over a new territory is to deceive the ones who currently are in that territory. NESARA, and all other concepts that reward "doing nothing", and blocking all the mental light that can increase awareness is their game. Capture the light in quiet concentration on divine alignment. Breathing, not anger is the way.

Is your glow melting indifference? Are you able to diffuse negativity? Celebrate life and give when there is an opportunity. Giving is the key to a more congruent life with your own heart.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Many things
    very sad what he said about those who claim to be ascended masters but they are not

    2.controllers do you mean the Reptilians or the ¨Annunakis¨?
    3.How can i contact them?

    4. They obligate me to do physical efforts when i am so tired it is good but maybe if i had more positive energy then it would be better

    I had many dreams with the dark ones today
    all this situation and yet the message senders such as the writer of this page only speak and they do not tell us what to do for example what can i do for accelerating a war

    1. those who love their lives will lose it. those who lose their life for christ consciousness will live eternally.

    2. Now these idiots from Orion are watching us and Jesus and the other offended beings let them to communicate us through the voices of the death but why dont they just let them to physically enter here

      It is true that some are thinking about another family and other friend but maybe because that here there is not enough love there is not enough attention to the good
      what jesus gives to us is only a soup.

      Now understand why someones always repeat?
      because that we are hungty
      Now understand why i

  2. saint germain i hear you and i accept your message. i tried to first recognize the controller within me. any length of time without meditation and my mind begins to deceive me by playing out dreams of what is not going on. i am learning to be present. next i easily recognize the elites and counterelites methods of control. finally, i ask saint germain if following thru on building a Food4Wealth plot to grow vegetables is a good idea. My heart says yes and i would like to recommend anyone interested in creating an abundant garden to look into food4wealth info. Or i will gladly share the knowledge. first i would like saint germains comment. much appreciated.

  3. Anonymous, it is not new that we are being misled by numerous channellings. It does not matter whether they are lizards or other negative 4th dimensional beings. They hang around in the astral level, same level where you will find Angels, Nature beings and other positive beings as well.
    However you will attract those that you "feed". I would suggest to clear yourself with a beam of white light from heaven at least once a day, then place yourself in a bubble of white light, cover it with a layer of blue. Ask AA Michael for protection and make a clear decree where you state something like: .....I will only allow beings of the divine into my home and my energy field .....(use your own words). If you do not tell them (dark beings) to leave, they will stay and pester you.
    You do not have to fight, use only love energy, even bless the dark ones, but be stern when clearing yourself and your environment. Do not entertain yourself with negative (aggressive) movies, music, books etc.

  4. The opportunities of the father are unique and very estrict
    but the earth seems to give unconditional love anyway always

  5. Will the person who wrote me a personal note about emotional clearing as a comment to this blog please send your e-mail address to for a reply.

    And re the question about a garden, Saint Germain has been suggesting that gardens be planted, food stored, etc. for many years.


  7. Thank you Aruna and Saint Germain... a very useful message that parallels the work of David Wilcock. We are moving out of a fear-based paradigm at this time, into one that is based on love. Quite exciting! Namaste