Friday, May 25, 2012

What a Master Does

Many of you do not understand that my cause and effect teachings are not negative. It appears that way only to those who don't want to learn what actually exists in your world. A Master's consciousness has no opinion about any of these things, because Masters do not avoid anything, they only go towards whatever appears in their awareness. My messages do not alter life situations, they only inform the participants. How do you move towards things that may be difficult? With a Master's consciousness: peaceful, undisturbed and courageous.

Now, with that said, please give this your attention: Presently there is a major controller move to collapse all of the world's currencies that are connected to the US dollar. Prayer is not going to alter this. Masters do not go to the aid of any cause and effect drama, only observe and discuss the actions that can lessen the distress. I AM THAT I AM also does not go to any one's aid. All must do their best to deal with these challenges. Doing this is what develops Mastery. Ignoring a condition does not alter its appearance, only adds to the difficulty of handling your response to it.

Wealthy ones will not go without, but those with little before the collapse of dollar based currencies are going to need more than they can get with their current assets. This is why my diet change was offered. Making do with less is a major asset in times of crises, not a way of getting you to deny yourself in the present. Please consider this to your benefit. When the economy does collapse, those who do my diet can get manna when they need it. Not starting the diet now means not being able to do this when it is needed.

World dollar collapse will come with no warning. Any time is a major challenge, but getting adjusted to this idea now means there can be much less distress when it does occur. Many of you do not want to think about the cause and effect dramas about to manifest. If you would have acted on this dance of dark and light to make yourselves more at ease in the great fall of the American empire, you would have no fear about it now. Fantasising about the New Earth, without making any attempt to redirect the course of events now unfolding, is negative in a not-so-obvious way. Your mental constructs are not the most active means of adding to the light's contribution. Making a difference means taking action, not making mental demands of your guides to do it for you.

Please, get out of denial. See the world as it is and concern yourselves with giving your mind a rest so your Higher Self can act for the good of all. All you need to do is meditate, give more attention to the needs of others, and deliver your truth (by any means at all) to the correct actors in your movie so they can make a difference. Call on your messengers to give you guidance on more actions that you can take.
My ability to contact all of you is only limited by your ability to get my guidance directly. Again, I can only deliver to you what you can accept. My Channeling Course was created to help you get my direct guidance.

Next, community. My Master Messages gave many details about this needed collection of friends. Not just to give a "hello" or dispensing a gift, but to get to know and answer the question "Is this someone who I can turn to when I need assistance?" If the answer is no, get connected to others who you can. Make good friends, not only acquaintances. Find out who is a caring human and who is not. Can you have a conversation about anything important? Can they ask you more about one thing than another? Are manners more important than caring deeply? What do you actually know about the quality of human advice? Can you get inner guidance to assist others? Can they get it to assist you? What can you count on? Pontification does not create close attitudes. Asking about one's thoughts on a topic does. You can disagree with grace, not an argument.

Are you going on with your life as though nothing ever goes awry? Why not get able to deal with new challenges? I'm not delivering them, only giving you time to build your approach. The Ascended Masters will not come to your rescue. You must come to our level of Mastery. Nothing happens without a God given Mastery opportunity included. What is that opportunity in today's events? What do you consider that to be? Moving away from a condition does not make it go away—only for those who don't care about those they left behind.

We of the Great White Brotherhood want all of you, and all of your acquaintances, to ascend—not escape. Ascension will assist others to move on to their own level of development. It is not a failure for anyone. Mastery comes as a consequence of aiding others. Ascension does this. Choose to ascend. Now, more than ever, we need your commitment.

Selling off your material possessions needs no attention. Only making a difference to others does. Give away what you don't need or want. Pleasure and nice feelings are not what being a Master is about. It is the ability to have a clear mind and a non-disturbed heart in the midst of chaos. Can you claim the ability to do this? I hope so.

Make today the most caring one. Nothing done in the past matters. Seek a new opportunity to care tomorrow. Your love is what matters. Be a gift to all. Meditate, channel your own Higher Self. Love who you are. Masters do not need to affirm anything. They accept all that is as divine perfection.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

NOTE FROM ARUNA: Links for the Channeling Course and Master Messages:
Channeling Course:
The Master Messages: MasterMessages.aspx


  1. Good day Aruna & St. Germain,

    I would like to know how can one look for the right community of people who shares the same belief systems and goals? People who have the more or less similar thoughts and beliefs like the readers who believe in Ascension and that the world is currently dominated by an unseen hand, isn't exactly easy to find...

    Perhaps you can share a prayer or a method to find such a community of people and location which can match or come close to our core beliefs and needs would be much appreciated.

    Also, I would like to know St. Germain's thoughts on medication and solutions to basic medicinal needs during such chaotic times ahead... perhaps a Mana equivalent for medicine, besides MAP?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Please provide links to the Channeling Course
    and Master Messages. Thank you.

  3. Links for the Channeling Course and Master Messages:
    Channeling Course:
    The Master Messages MasterMessages.aspx

  4. Dear St Germain, Aruna and Everyone,

    I love you all. Thank you so much for being your beautiful selves. I am committed to ascending, if that is God's wish. I know that i need to work harder to do so, and i appreciate so very much these messages to keep me inspired and focused.

    A question about physical sensations - have been feeling various new bodily sensations and i would like to know if you can offer any insight as to whether they are a symptom of aging, ill-health etc, or perhaps ascension related?

    For example: sudden tingling / vibrating feelings in particular parts of the body (knees, back, feet), cold / wet feeling patches on knees / legs, goosebumps on legs but not because of cold, a feeling of something crawling on my head occasionally, light headedness, seeing tiny flashes of light - blue, white, purple, gold, headaches, stomach aches, heavy tiredness. That sort of thing. Your response St Germain would be much appreciated and hopefully useful for others too. 8)


    (NB: I am 38, female, vegetarian, eat at least some food from my organic garden most days, drink at least 3-4 litres of filtered water daily, live in Australia, exercise daily, have no known health issues, avoid chemical products etc. I have undertaken the Channeling Course too, thank you.)

  5. im all in. I have also many friends who are all in. i am ready to ascend. Hermes taught me the law of cause and effect and i carry mine out gracefully. i have held my head high in the face of hard times and i will continue to do so because i realize how tiny we are on this microscopic planet. Dust in the wind. The all is in my heart and everything has its being in the mind of the all. love to all, ill see you on the other side