Monday, May 14, 2012

News You Will Not Learn from Mass Media

My dear ones. Today's message contains more news than the media can deliver. We want you to be well informed.

First, cesium is in the food being grown on the west coast of the United States. Most of the farmers are not aware of this. What is eaten in CA, Oregon and coast areas up into Canada is without question not good for health. Can you go to another area to live? If so, go. Those who cannot leave their area need constant checks for radiation. What is being eaten accumulates. Eat what comes from other areas as much as you can. Organically grown food in CA is contaminated at this moment. Can this be remedied? No, not in the near future. See what you can do to delete this answer to the controller dream and get through the next months without getting dis-eased. Keep your mind away from active concerns and do what can be done to delete affected food from your diet.

Next, Australia will not be on the map too much longer if the Australian dollar collapses. It doesn't get any press now, but Australia is in big financial trouble. News of flooding didn't make much of an impact on the news media, but it did on the money supply in the cause and effect scale. Australia has less answers to their deficit than the United States because it cannot manipulate its currency in the same way. Beware Australia, your food supply has big deficits coming.

Next we must mention Brazil. This country's government wants to delete many beautiful miles of God's agriculture and the world's oxygen generator in a matter of months. Cutting down the forest for dams to be built will delete many lives on all of man's continents. We are dismayed at this country's government that can do this. We want you to do whatever you can to demand it not be done.

Next, more answers to the dollar collapse are needed. What do you think about making a new currency? Make your opinions known now! We can do nothing to keep the dollar on the top of the entry for other currencies. It is going to collapse. Savings will not be lost, change of currency for what is now in banks will be dealt with fairly.

Prayer will not alter the acts of deception being dealt by the news media owners. They want you to feel good and not have awareness of money and food catastrophes in the making. We don't want your minds disturbed, but we do want you to be able to make conscious choices. Bring your family together and discuss these matters. Give them good dreams to continue dreaming. Give this no active angst, only decisions about what you can do to handle these facts when you can no longer deny them.

Please do not freak out about these words. Not giving you choices would be undermining your ability to take responsibility for the way you can best deal with these things.

Close your door when money madness begins. Give yourself the most demographically healthy food choices, and act on and connect with other free warriors to object to dams being a priority over humanity's ability to breathe.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    May I know if there is cesium (radioactive) contamination of the food grown in Europe at this moment and if so, is it as serious as the parts of the USA which you have mentioned? Could you please elaborate further on this?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi there...

    It would be good if the Great White Brotherhood could provide a few ideas and more details on going about to stop the Brazilian government from cutting down the trees in the Amazon basin because they are under the influence of the dark cabal and greed of money, so doing protests and taking other similar actions isn't going to help stop but add more fuel to their dark agenda (which St. Germain has previously mentioned isn't really a good idea with regards to the Occupy Movement). We need something more than just a slap on the wrists.

    I would like to think that the faster the collapse of the US Dollars and dark cabal takes place, the faster the Brazilian government abandon the idea to do so as it can't borrow to fund this endeavor. Can that be done?

    It would be nice to get back on some social-political updates from St. Germain. :)

    By the way, there is now some stories ( on the Internet that there are some ETs from other Dimensions who dropping by to help clear the mess by the dark cabal, any truth to that? Maybe we can ask them to interfere on our behalf?

    Thank you and have a wonderful day...

  3. Hello,

    Is having ones own garden an option in California if one can not relocate to another part of the country? Oregon is also a beautiful state with many light beings. I personally do not see many/if any of them leaving the area. Its abundant with love and nature. Please advise. I live in in the west coast of California and I am starting a garden this spring. Is there any advice on where I should obtain my seeds? Thank you. There are many beings in my life that I am attempting to feed and nourish back to light. Also, is reiki and love/light affirmations an available option for our food? First you advise a Fresh Food Diet, now you say our fresh food is contaminated. I understand that we need to welcome death, but really these messages are becoming quite trite, contradictory, and fear based.

    1. "...trite, contradictory and fear based." Everything is point of view, isn't it. My love to you.

    2. Agreed. My love BACK to you. No need for spiritual passive aggressiveness.

    3. Brothers and Sisters, the message that lives underneath is to come back to mother earth (grow your own food) and cherish the food which you grow and love it as it grows and it will cherish and love you when you need nourishment. What goes in radiates out. Use your heart and you will never go wrong, if your brain kicks in and panics, you are fearful...just love and be effortless. Times like these just be easy and watch those who have no faith go crazy. ONE LOVE

  4. In the future, I can even see all companies being made community and employee owned and operated as "Not For Un-bridled Profit". I think the way to get rid of the corruption is through us ceasing to believe the lie that money is of value. It's not, plain and simple. We only "think" it has value. It's a learned thought. A bad one. We must use something of value. The most valuable thing we have as humans is Our time.. To un-corrupt our dollar we must first- accept that all humans are equal. Doctors, ditch diggers, hockey stars, movie stars, teachers, and even dare I say- Politicians. All equal. No question. Base a monetary system on that. It would have to be worldwide and internet based. Funny that it's only possible now as the world comes together as one community. Make a dollar worth 1 human working person-hour. If anyone does something they get paid dollar for hour on a 1 to 1 basis. People must do what God intended them to do for our society to thrive. He made all our hands different for a reason. This would only work now because of the internet. It's not like our money isn't already only on computer as it is. Make products and goodies for purchase valued at real cost of production and produce them to last. We can't have a throw away society when we have limited resources. Our kids will run out. Allow everyone a baseline for basic necessities while allowing for extravagance type purchases based on true ethical work but also doesn't force those of non-materialistic views to be forced into survival mode through slavery but to live in peace and comfort as well. Education, healthcare, food, housing, ALL could be provided for easily if it weren't for the greed the dollar allows. I think I could go on and on about this stuff....I can prove there are no holes in my theory. If you want to try and point one out, I'd love to hear it. People have been trying for years to disprove my theory and all they've done is convinced themselves that it Could work. I honestly have no personal ego attached to this. I just need to see the suffering Our way of life has created for so many innocent people to end soon. Here's some perspective- Bill Gates is worth 49 billion dollars making roughly 250,000 dollars per hour(and he isn't even close to the wealthiest) and 1000's of children horrifically die every hour worldwide. He gives out 40 million and we applaud him. What's wrong with us? It's like he dropped some spare change...Then his 49 Billion is chump change compared to families like the Rothschilds having accounts valued at between 500 - 800 Trillion dollars...I'm pretty sure I can figure out why there isn't enough money to buy the food to feed everyone. Some of us are hoarders and the rest of us unfortunately, congratulate them...

    1. it is a valid theory of equitable gain and breaking the concept of money verses value. it has always been a profit motive that has ruined our societies. Our focus should be on individual freedom and sustainability in our needs and wants shared equally. We all are subject to greed and sloth and envy, that is why we should have luxuries that are available and free to utilize on a systematic basis. healthcare without insurance profits and price controls would be affordable. many don't know that access to medical schools and regulations prevent many many healers from performing needed services worldwide. malpractice of business and govts is the problem not with practitioners/patients.
      Our concept of money is a worldwide problem. If so much wealth is tied to the dollar, especially the elites, then let that sucker fail as it will. My value isn't based on how many of those talismans of evil I carry around or hoard. My worth is from God and the output of my body and intellect, soul and spirit. Truly I say to you, we really only need healthy food, clean water and air, a place to sleep and be safe from weather and clothing to shield our bodies. Beyond that, we are being greedy to own any other thing.

  5. Dear St. Germain,

    Can we ask for Divine Intervention to resolve the cut down of the Brazilian rain forest? Protests and petitions can only do so much when that country's government is blinded with greed and ignorance.

    Thank you.

  6. Thank you Compte.

    You mentioned that the collapse of the dollar and a move to a new currency that any savings will be dealt with fairly. What about any debt we may have?

    I do not fear what is to come I accept all. I view the pending collapses with openess for it is a simple cycle of death and rebirth, destruction and reconstruction. In the reconstruction if enough of us are awakened and motivated to act we can coordinate local communities as centers of powers who grow nutritious food and provide services for each other and act with love for our neighbors. I see a small hardship for a glorious transition.

  7. Hi Aruna,

    I'm not sure why you got "Australia is in big financial trouble". There is no sign of trouble here. Although Australia will be dragged down if other countries fall.

    Thank you for the work you do, I always look forward to Saint Germain's messages <3

    1. As a country in the global community, australia has one of the largest account deficits.
      Last Paragraph says it, The other part of the article talks about the country's prosperity. Read the very last paragraph tho.

  8. Dear Saint Germain
    Question: These things that we see as negative, like, destruction of the rain forests, the “dark cabal,” etc., are they to be railed against? Does continuing to work to clear ourselves and to awaken include that work, too? Does awakening add more to a good answer to these situations than demonstrating and letter writing. Or must we also express discontent even as we work to become even in all things? Thank you for your great love. Thank you Aruna.

  9. Yes , thank you master but i have asked many times in many places
    how to decord so there are 2 ways of activating the mind,
    the flower of life or the body and the bones
    so i want to ask how to decord im still on that lesson sorry
    hope you will answer if you trully wish to help us and take us seriously and not a game of ho i will not tell you this is what you must do discover it by yourself -- this is a childingly game so please stop it and answer our questions

  10. Hi Saint Germain, I am quite confused... in one hand there is nothing like "negative" becouse All is One and in the other hand you tell us dings wrong going on earth... ??? If we go and protest against, ore some of a kind we know by now, its not any help... tausends of people are on the streets and nothing changes , police is the state globalwide.
    Please give us proper advices ore what about your apearens in this times, like you did before with Ray King ? Would be the greatest help with all the lightworkers behinde you we could overcome all the problems,....dont you think so?