Sunday, June 17, 2012

Awakened Awareness 101

Man is challenged the most by his concept of the dark. Nowhere is it accurately clarified. I will now, and in the next days, give you more dream dissolving material about darkness. No one will believe any dross making news once they clearly get to the next level opening of the matrix, but until this gateway appears, we must continue to lead you away from anger and mandate the light.

Consider your own consciousness to be the complete answer to whatever makes you negative in life. Not just one body is the dark master that movies make mention of, or the dark manager of the devil's abode, or the dark angel called Lucifer. Every body draws from this cache of memories in dreams and unaware moments, because these qualities come to your awareness to be observed so you can choose otherwise. Unless there is dark to observe, no lessons can be delivered on the lessor of two evils or choice making between dark and light. You must have both energies to grab for when  decision making is done. If there were no dark there would be no choices to learn with.

Seldom do you make this analysis when making choices. You only decide against the one that is not adding the most delight to your needs and wants. As you pick and choose against, one over the other, you name one dark and one light. But neither comes from another awareness outside of your own. Both come from within. When you turn within to learn the truth of your own nature you discover that all comes, not from  dual parts if one collective consciousness, rather, one divides the light and dark once it appears in mind's eye, not before. Mind then decides what label to give to any condition and it is solely mind's determination. Labeling something to be negative is mind's choice always. Your mind is your creator of darkness, not your nemesis, but your controller and your author of misconceptions. Once you learn what the mind does with all that it accesses from awareness, names like dark and light can disappear.

Man's answers to his life can all be grateful. Why name others dark and consider them less desirable when they bring you the ability ascend? Without choosing to be neutral about light and dark no ascension can occur. Who is light only? No one. All contain all dimensions of consciousness. All are the One divine creator's collective consciousness. No one is above the collective; all are contained in it. Who you are is ALL of the dream's components, not only one container of it.

Pure love consciousness is one aspect. Not one day goes by when that aspect does not show up in all human appearances. And no day goes by that does not generate any negative attitudes against one thing or another. This collective condition is in every man, woman and child. Consider the Awakened condition more aware of this, not above it. Pure consciousness means not choosing dark or light. It means being neutral about all thoughts. Negative and any other thoughts are not answers to the question "Who Am I?" No answer is correct. Only no answer is the most aware one. I AM THAT I AM is also the most aware.

Can you get the meaning of my words? Yes? Then no darkness can draw you to its nature again. Choosing to be neutral concerning duality is what allows you to live like an angel. Beliefs about dark and light are what control mind's decision making. Give up these dark and light differences and act as the divine created you to be. Then one day negative attitudes will no longer arise in your inner reality. When this occurs you have become enlightened.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna 


  1. S.G. in the deepest respect is it not a good idea to take a Cosmic Vacation on Saturn or something for a while...l am sure Masters take a break now and again. You seem somewhat disconnected from our daily brutal realities here.

    l appreciate the perspective of non-duality that l share and many of us share and indeed more and more of us experience at times.
    This perspective is a nice arms length
    5th dimensional perspective or a quite comfortable higher dimensional perspective.

    It seems once one is a ascended millionaire if l can use that analogy there is just a compassionate observation about the constant unbelievable toil, exhaustion, tears and suffering of the common good people of God here.

    You say the Masters care...l know this as say there is no one or nothing in charge of this Universe...if this is the case then there is a fundamental problem in this universe. A bottom line structural, constitutional, sustaining, primordial problem in how this universe has evolved, when so many billions of people aspire to light, sharing and justice, truth and virtues and community and restoration only to be completely blocked by every system the dark archons and a asuras who manipulate influence and manipulate the world systems too control and dominate exhausted humanity and the earth....when solutions are everywhere but little or nothing comes forth.

    Something must have went wrong a long time ago in this universe to lead too this situation where an anti Christ, anti God energy has taken over a whole evolution.
    And the cosmic councils cannot intervene...because we in 3D can do very little...most are exhausted almost totally.

    The fish in the fish tank can do nothing but just try and feed and swim in the tank. The bird in the cage can do nothing but look out and dream of flying. The indifference to the needs of humanity and the earth by those in power in this 3D world who just march their Jubilee celebrations for all the world too see and display their indifferent power and wealth. A world where billions have nothing, the environment is in total non linearity of predictability. Everything is being monetized to extinction in this world system, environmental rights, species rights, future children rights, old age rights, community rights, sanity rights even Gods laws and rights are monetized in this hopeless world system of Babylon. Yes it is all falling apart but in its collapse is the lives and peace of millions of people families and precious children.

    I have Ascended in the past and almost ascended two weeks ago through a light portal that opened in my sleep something is happening.

    Brother of Shamballa if Ascension is just our ascension and not the ascension of civilization into a more intelligent compassionate evolutionary model that serves the laws of the universe and the common good people and families and species of this realm then ascension will be a failure.
    It will not be enough.

    If the hierarchy cannot intervene then could l please on behalf of exhausted humanity and the earth could we request the Galactic Councils to intervene as soon as possible, because we have run out of time.

    l request this in my cosmic inner name in the name of IAM THAT IAM.

    Sometimes there is even a time in the high councils for spiritual politics in the name of the plan of hope and restoration.

    From the center where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the center which we call the race of men
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

    1. I am content. Even when I see "bad" stuff, i just acknowledge its purpose and place as learning tools. And when "bad" stuff happens TO me, I simply look deeper, i look for the metaphorical message. And i ALWAYS find it, and peace follows shortly. Serenity is knowing that everything DOES happen for a reason, the universe is NOT controlled, but rather molded moment by moment by each choice the collective reaches. I understand that MY VERY OWN outlook, my very own thoughts and ideas add much to the matrix of consciousness therefore i am very very careful to think only positive. To use mandates and decrees as much as possible and to demonstrate to each and every person the degree of kindness and thoughtfulness that god would request of his beloved children. I am only grateful for the drug-addicted parents i had, for they showed me how i do not want live. I am grateful for the many childhood years i spent hungry and homeless for now I can give shelter and food freely and appreciate what i have earned. I am grateful for the pain of early childhood ear infections, for now i choose to create health within my body by first establishing inner harmony. I am grateful for the sexual abuse dealt to me as a child, for now I know how to respect my temple and stay pure of body, mind and spirit. I also have learned how to forgive and even cherish those who gave me these lessons. I have learned to tolerate all religions, for they are also seeking spirituality and peace. I am grateful for the knowledge i have of chemtrails so I can pray for those decision makers. I am grateful for life, so I can choose to breathe deeply, rather than hold my breathe in anger and spite. I love you all... and there is nothing you can do about it. <3

    2. Dear DiamondLight. The other two anonymous replies state well what is in my heart. That you suffer this and express it is helpful to readers, too. We are each of us in our own world of perception, progressing and growing; even when we seem stuck. Saint Germain said to me through clear medium, Philip Burley, "We vacated the heart for Self-lessness." And here I thought coming from heart only was the pinnacle. There is always something else to learn. Each one of us has part of the answers. I love that; it gives me a tangible sense of the whole. Blessings abound in this chaos. May all of those who wish to Awaken become fully Awakened. Love to You.
      NOTE: After some time, when I finally get around to rereading messages from Saint Germain, I am astounded by the new insights.

    3. DL, when we can be detached and see it all, love it all, love flows like rivers; and the plan of love and light "works out." Since all is god or of god, no thing is outside of god. What a glorious heart that is, that loves god's plan, god's will. One heart. working on maintaining this state full time.

  2. If you have Ascended in the past then you are the relief to this mad mad mad world the objective is to end the dream individually so the collective may follow. The fish tank holds a single fish the bird cage but a single bird but how many fish in the ocean or birds in the sky at any given moment. The answer is to keep your center bright and undisturbed, challenging yes impossible no. While I too pray for more intervention, I must have faith that it is given as needed. I look forward to meeting many brothers and sister as this dreams end for me for I have chosen an isolated path and hear and understand the difficulties you present. In Love and Light that binds us all ... your Brother

  3. ...

    This train don't carry no gamblers, this train;
    This train don't carry no gamblers, this train;
    This train don't carry no gamblers,
    Liars, thieves, nor big shot ramblers,
    This train is bound for glory, this train.


    1. love the message. love the humor. i remember this song :))

  4. Help exists for ALL HUMANKIND who wish to end the illusion of separation. It is beneficial to all who see Awakening, Full Awakening and Enlightenment. See: Deeksha or the Oneness Movement for more.

  5. If nothing exists outside the Source,then everything is within the Oneness...and therefore is serving a purpose.
    ..Darkness pulls the trigger to the awakening awareness,and the shifting of conciousness to higher levels of Enlightment.
    Now is more clear..and obvious,what one Master of the Wisdom
    said long ago.That darkness,in a mysterious way,is service to the Light,or Good.
    Love and blessings to Master S.Germain,and Aruna.

  6. I have heard that our planet was set aside as an experiment for duality Integration.

    The purpose of duality is to create contrast in our life. If the world consisted only of goodness, for example, things would become static, creation would lack aliveness, and the possibility of growth and expansion would be absent. Infinite Being in its divine wisdom therefore introduced duality to create change, to create an opportunity for movement and expansion; God used the dynamics of opposition to get creation moving.

    Nevertheless, at some point, we should be able to go beyond the challenges resulting from duality by raising our consciousness to a level that will embrace both polarities through the energies of love and compassion. The idea is not to have light conquer dark, but to go beyond these opposites, thereby creating a new type of consciousness that embraces and transcends both; evil and good are natural opposites, and they exist by the grace of one another.

    ``We learn by experiencing contrast. Only after experiencing the darkness of fear are we able to fully appreciate the magical light of love. Having experienced the contrast between love and fear (light vs darkness/good vs evil) and made love our preference, we then know what to seek and what to avoid. We allow fear its right to exist as a valid part of the whole, but prefer to bath in the light of love. Rather than give energy to fear by denying its existence, we simply prefer love.

    Within the knowledge of true perception there is no right or wrong. Everything happens for a reason. To judge an event or person as good or bad, right or wrong is to dwell in the world of duality. Judging one polarity as being of greater value than the other only creates an imbalance, hence we continually exercise our freedom of choice. We choose to see all events as learning experiences. Our non-judgmental acceptance of events and of others will be reflected back to us. ``

    Existence is duality: a tension of opposite poles - current, music of contrary notes. To know, recognize, or experience it as such is to go beyond it. Watch the drama, but do not drown in it; rather, be drowned in the observing. Observe religiously without interference.

    L&L to All fellow travelers.

  7. Observing can help release attachments; such as, the attachment to our current perception. Doesn't hurt to ask for help. Look for help in little nudges, dreams, even just the right statement from a friend or just the right printed info showing up, etc. When the heart is open answers come.

    Most of these comments resinate with my perceptions; making reading them easy; I feel the love vibration. Am waiting for/working on the same feeling when reading ALL comments. Love to you ALL.

  8. Duality- Polarity : Playing with and within the pairs of oppossites .Light-Dark,good-evil,wright-wrong e.t.c.It seems
    that the rules of engagement within Duality,based on free will of each individual,drives to the awakening,awareness,
    mastery,Enlightment,Ascension,Liberation,and to a place..
    beyond our understanding.
    Known only to our awareness,and to our master within.
    To a place beyond the view of our eyes.
    Listening only to our voice of silense!
    To.. a place,beyond mind,s reality.
    Beyond duality.Beyond polarity.
    Out and beyond of any idea of wright or wrong.
    Out of any contractions,and beyond any
    matterial needs or desires!
    That is the place of Unity,that is the place of Onenes.
    Love & blessings to All.

  9. Dear friends, all that Saint Germain wants us to do is to Wake Up!

  10. Awakened awareness inside the eyes are empty vessel, I AM THAT I AM! Outside the eyes the expressions of I AM THAT I AM which is only a play of I AM THAT I AM! The awakened awareness will see this expression rise from nothing as it is - only a play nothing else! Keep quiet and view the inside to see if the seer can be seen! I AM THAT I AM!