Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clearing the Way for Animal Survival

Once we are able to love without distinctions we do one or two things: consider nothing more important than anything else, and /or give up negativity forever. Negativity does not come out of nowhere, most of your negative attitudes came from a lack of love in one life or another. Carrying unloving attitudes into a new birth means this must get attention.

Ascension is the one lifetime that you cannot consider one's death the next generation's rebirth. All of your deleted negativity comes to bear on ascension readiness. When all negative attitudes are deleted, freedom comes as ascension. Saving all these unfinished deletions until the moment of ascension will mean that not enough commitment has been given to awakening the divine heart, so death of this body will be as always, a non-ascended death. Unless negative attitudes disappear, ascension cannot occur.

Please do not see this as a make-believe answer to candidates who are now conscious that they are candidates. When an anchor of light (with no negativity) is ready to ascend, there is a glow about their body. Not necessarily a glow that can be seen with human eyes, but one that can be in a room lighting up the auras in that room enough to move everyone along in consciousness. Are you giving this level of light to auras in an area that needs it? Good, we are aware of how difficult this actually is for you to do, and gratefully applaud your ability to love whatever needs more caring. Making a difference means more when it is done without concern about one's own difficulties in doing so.

Forests need more attention. When no growth is continued, death to many animals decreases the culture of man's divine aliveness. When there are no living animals in one growth area children in other areas are deprived of God's full dream to play in. All of God's creations are very important to all the others, and none are considered disposable. When you do more for these animal's habitat they are links to other means of love in humanity's collective consciousness. Animals don't die and come back as animals necessarily, many attain a more complex life condition the next time around. As they continue to evolve they add many more contributions to human changes also. Not only do they activate love in one's own mind, they demonstrate life without negativity.

No animal desires death or despair in another. When they fulfill their role in the food chain they don't destroy that species' mark on the divine imprint. Choice to devour the less able includes a most clear contact with that one before attacking it. Consider devouring one's meal a necessity, not a negative attitude.

Animals teach you many things. Give them your awareness, not just a lack of negative thoughts. Open hearts act as though all living beings, no matter what form they are in, are divine. Animals are not to be considered lower forms, only different forms. Can we deliver more to the oceans and forest and dance in the dream of their happiness now? No, all are endangered. All are giving up. Not caring about them has brought their mass consciousness to despair. Could man decide to alter this? Yes, but because they are destroyed for cash, no demand has been considered obvious negativity and is allowed to continue. When you observe actions of negativity do you do anything like help the dense consciousness that does the destruction? Help is not given by degrading the offender, it is by giving more caring to the animals.

Changes in animal habitats are occurring too fast for them to demonstrate their beautiful gifts to future children. Many species will disappear in this lifetime, never to be seen again. Save them this death of their kind by giving them your love in any way you can. Amp up your attention to their plight. Observe how many die in destroyed forests. Observe how toxic debris destroys their only way to live. Birds fall in groups, dolphins and whales die in mass, and drama after drama demonstrates how difficult it is for them. If compassion and caring comes into their mass consciousness, more may opt to live. See what you can contribute to their dance of life please.

Self love includes all of God's creations, not only one body.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Hi everyone...

    Since most if not all of the destruction of all things are caused by the inappropriate and ignorance use of money, I guess the fastest way to ensure Nature's survival is to hope that the entire monetary system collapse as soon as possible and have a total rethink on the use of money. What does St. Germain think about it?

  2. Thank you St Germain for the nudge in this direction. Love, Respect and Gratitude to You and to Aruna.

  3. Bless, this opened my heart. Thank you for this message to share with all.

  4. I used to think it was a novelty when my husband spoke mind to mind or aloud to birds, animals and babies and they responded. Recently a wolf taught me about the connection between humans and animals, and now this message from St Germain. Three times. I get it. Thank you.

    Change of subject. Wondering how others are doing with the manna/fresh food way of eating.

    For me it causes a sort of “drop out” from some of the mainstream pass times and habits. Vegetarian, organic, no wheat, soy, corn, milk products except yogurt or dried food, its a surprising change.
    Grocery shopping is simple, easy and fast now.
    Fast food habit of 58 years dropped.
    No desserts, Starbucks or movie popcorn.
    One restaurant in town has an organic menu.
    Gave away many cooking appliances, utensils and serving dishes that were
    once important to me.
    Gave away the food in the pantry and replace it with a small amount of organics.
    That gave me lots of space. The house feels cleaner and lighter.
    Still getting used to eating at home or packing a lunch; and not meeting at a
    restaurant or coffee shop with friends.
    Three times a day, slowing down, purifying first, then, receiving manna.
    It has changed my life in unexpected ways.
    Thank you for the way and your support, Saint Germain.

  5. Dear All,

    My opinion with the use of mana and the fresh food diet is very good if I use this words. It is excellent. I started almost the same day when the message of Ascended Master Saint Germain was on his blog. For myself I was already started to lose some weight, I was too heavy according to my length of 178cm, more then 95kg. Normal weight of the last years is about 82kg, today my weight is 74kg. No exercise of something like that. Started with the fresh food and mana directly, every time a bit less physical food and every time before I eat I ask for delivery of a meal by The Great White Brotherhood and ask for mana from heaven. You know when you are delivered a meal and mana, you feel it with the sensation through your body, head. Even when you don't feel anything, be grateful always and ask what you want or not. They know what you (body) wants. Even when I am at my girlfriends house and when we are going to eat, I sometimes don't have enough time to ask for a meal/mana. This can also be after the physical food, only ask before if it is alright. And when you are not at home or office or something like that, ask three times a day for a meal/mana always. At my work (office) I am going to a some quit place, to meditate and ask for a meal/mana, takes about five to ten minutes. At home mostly ten to fifteen minutes. When you are shopping in the city for example, we are eating twice a day physical, but in-between I ask for the fresh food and mana also. About feeling to eat is getting less, sometimes you want to eat, but eat natural. What I eat: is everything what Saint Germain has said. Drinking 1,5 liter is enough. Later this year I am going on holiday to Samos (Greece) about eating/drinking over there I will see, I shall do my best to eat as natural as possible. And always bless the food/drinks, send them love, healing conscious, divine light and be grateful and thank them for the colors. And in general even when others find you stupid or something like that or in so called hard times, you Know the Truth, follow your inner guidance and you know what to do.

    Conclusion according to my opinion I feel great and very healthy and still busy with MAP, started beginning of March this year, which is also great. Ascension ready I don't know, according to the guideline/sentence "Thy will be done", the answer is always YES.

    I care for all involved and I love all that is.

    Best regards,
    Marco Rook