Sunday, August 5, 2012

Make Yourself Clear and Capable

Meditation will assist ascension. The density of conditions around you can be deleted by your contribution. Serapis Bey has been working to clear the dross  being created by the negative messages media is conveying. What you are mesmerized by in the news media's material is not like a movie that can be forgotten. Mind games are being played to make you more accepting of new laws that can deplete all of your natural choices. No guns is an example. When the controllers can demand all guns be given to them, there will be no way to defend yourself from their control. You need more than mental awareness to be able to defy their non-respectful challenges to freedom. No guns? No choice.

I'm not a gun advocate, but defense is now an important concept to entertain. Choosing ascension is the better choice, but those who don't ascend will need an ongoing defense system to be able to give the controllers any resistance. Are you willing to defy them? Are you willing to go to a camp on the accusation of being a terrorist? No? Then maybe you can accept their continuous destruction of the character of man's habitat. But those not willing to accept these things may need to defend their lives with more than one more action than death by drugs or death by a machine created just for this. Why do I mention this? To find out if you are frightened of this concept or able to face this possibility fearlessly. Those who are fearless are able to ascend. Not facing this with courage means more work is needed in your case.

Am I advocating guns? Yes, for those not choosing to ascend. Not assalt weapons, but small defense guns with more than one round of ammunition. Not to go out with, but to defend your family if needed. Guns are not my choice of defense, but against another gun they work the most effectively. Shooting ranges are good dross release operations. Can you give one a try? Learn to defend yourself as an advanced gun user, not a novice. Practice is necessary.

Putting out this message is not what my colleagues and I would prefer to do since we are Masters of energy medicine, but no longer can you count on mental creating or non-violent abilities to create a safe haven for yourself and your family. Since these cause and effect mandates cannot be defense resources in chaotic times, you will need an alternative. The need for self defense will enter your lives before long; you will need to be able to defend yourselves.

Martial law is not yet in full force, but it will be. Let go of your dreams of more money and love without any effort, and make a clear assessment of the call for arms now being made since one incident was created to deny guns to you. More details are available in the news about the movie theater incident than are actually the case. None of these things were done by the one accused. Never before had this person been doing any calculated harm to others. Why him? His complete sense of being controlled by drugs given him as a calculated method to destroy his father.

My dear ones, your guns are your only defense when you are attacked with guns. Give yourself the ability to buy and learn to use one. I'm not decreeing you do this, I prefer to ask you to ascend. But one or more ascension in millions means a lot of you will need an ability to defend yourselves against invaders of your homes and dictatorial marshalls who decide to engage you in drama. Self love is your main defense, not going down in a drama of the new corruption games.

Some will think I'm a fake dark lord giving this info, but I AM THAT I AM, loving you with my advice for crazy times. Consider these words and decide what you must do next. Beloved ones, you are the one who knows your own destiny in the dense drama to come, what will you do?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Aruna & St. Germain,

    The first question which comes to mind at this time is how can we change this? Besides waiting for Ascension, how else can we change the course of this scenario? Surely there's something which we can co-create with Divinity to stop this madness or at least ensure that the outcome is less than what can be so. I would like to think that our Galactic brethren won't just stand around and let such things from happening blatantly...

    Thank you very much.

    1. remember that all is as it is supposed to be. trying to change things indicates gods creations are somehow imperfect. change only ur attitude outlook and reactions.

  2. Is this advice on guns given to USA citizens or world wide?

    Thank you

  3. Thankyou St Germain....I am ready to ascend ...sooner rather than later . I intend to go home!

  4. GermAruna - Loving the Not very New Age post! ...Continuing to play around within the illusion. All is in perfection without fear or attachment. Ready for a new game as only reward here is ascension - Awaiting for Game Over - desire no-thing else within this dimension. So Much Love for you all! Let's get outta here!


  5. thank you for this message st germain and aruna for delivering it. i once opened my home to a woman i met living under the control of her angry boyfriend. i offered her a safe haven to come to in case she felt in danger since he did not know me and did not know where i lived. one day she arrived. she looked dead emotionally. we made a mistake and did not hide her vehicle in my garage and driving by he found her. she was asleep when he banged on my door and remarkably remained asleep and never heard his yells for her. something happened when i stood outside to defend her and my home. although he left shouting threats, as soon as i approached he backed away slowly from me, especially the closer i got to him. i could see something about my energy made him not want to be in my presence. the rest of the night i stayed guard on my porch with a couple shovels right inside. he had promised to be back. i knew he was a gun-toter and i had to ask myself what my position of was owning a gun. at first it seemed very necessary. almost an obligation. i have two toddler children to protect. but after contemplation, i am not here on earth to protect my life and try to live longer. i am here to serve god and be an example of christ consciousness. i am willing to face a bullet and then meet my creator. of course as any mother would, i would wish to protect my childrens life. but if its their time to go home, either before or after me, then i respect god's choice to carry them home in his arms. god bless.

  6. It is time to unveil conditions and situations.I was wondering for long time, how at the end we have to handle situations and events occuring, as planned by the other side,and driving as unfold,directly in to the eye of the storm - Darkness.
    I was also wondering how The Sages of the star wars,and the
    celestial command -AAMichael and AAGabriel -faced similar
    coo coos nest- or hell laboratories of the other side.
    There is a common factor,uppon which everybody seems to agree.This experiment as is been degreed by the Creator has to reach an end and this laboratory to be cleaned up.
    Master Djwhal Khul ,through H.Baley,referred to the Fall and sinking of Atlantis states clearly :The masters of the 5th Initiation -Decision -,and after permision granded by GOD,They decided the testiny of Atlantis....(sinking).
    Following Lord Metatron last message.... What will bring chaos is coming to create the light, although it will not be understood. It will be dramatic and conditions will be difficult to accept, but it is needed to delete the deceptions and control of dark cabals.

    No love is greater than the love God has for humanity and their ways of learning and growing, but what has happened to your world needs to be corrected; not in one complete collapse, but in different occurrences that come as needed. When all is done, the world will be One and love will answer all your concerns.
    As events are unfold and go into the eye of the storm,we may see the same many stages instead of one!
    What is to be ,will be.
    Love & Blessings to ALL.

  7. If you go back into Ageless Wisdom will see that this planetary Hierarchy reports and is assisted by the Great Lodge of Sirius, meaning we are connected to a galactic family all over the Galaxy and Universe.

    As an IAM race our galactic edge world an unknown outpost was compromised by malevolent sinister forces whose role is duality and domination millions of years ago. A part of our heroic learning. These energies don't invade a world they hijack the reality slowly over time and begin to dominate those in elite positions to be their slaves and minions. Eventually a great infection of duality emerges over the races, and though the lower forces of duality are few the infection grows in many in the 3rd Dimension.

    Galactic Avatars are sent in too break the fall into dense evolution, there have been many not just Emmanuel Jesus. The consciousness raises then we enter into the last days of the clearing of all lower vibrations...we are now in that time. Surround yourself in a Tube of Light each day and Spirit will guide you if you happen to get into a sticky situation. I was about to be robbed at an ATM spirit told me to turn quickly and just yell and throw my voice at the attacker, it scared the heck out of him and he ran like the cockroach he is away.

    The great masters have done more than we can realize all they can do under cosmic law. But the battle is not over yet and we are in the separation of worlds and people soon..under universal law we are now entering a period of the application of the
    GALACTIC CONFEDERATION CODEX. This subsection gives a legal cosmic basis for the liberation of an occupied planet by negative forces with super consciousness intervention. We are under hostage by these dark forces. We will have to now enter that prepared for Ascension and global intervention.
    Much has been going on behind the scenes.
    Our liberation evolution is at hand.


  8. Because of this i just signed up for aikido. I will protect all who need protection. I am william jospeh. I AM THAT I AM.

  9. Wonderful statement from this great Lord of the Universe is said in ancient text if Metatron were to
    stand in the Ocean...the water would come up to his
    ankles. : )

    What an insight:

    "No love is greater than the love God has for humanity and their ways of learning and growing, but what has happened to your world needs to be corrected; not in one complete collapse, but in different occurrences that come as needed. When all is done, the world will be One and love will answer all your concerns."

    You can see by this expert presentation on Space Weather that Cosmic Rays are effecting all life here and changing all evolutions in our world so that the new can come forth.

    The world social, economic and enviromental issues are now so vast that it is going to take a lot to turn this around... more resources than humanity has.