Thursday, August 30, 2012

No guns? Not a Good Idea.

Many of you are questioning my comments about having guns. What is the cause of this change in my consciousness? Am I negative? No, neither negative nor cancelling out my desire to have more caring in my chelas. I am only being clear about what may begin to occur in your communities.

Are you fully able to accept whatever comes to you without any concern? Good, you are able to ascend. Those who cannot ascend, or completely accept whatever occurs without any negative attitudes against a perpetrator, can do what is needed to defend their community. No one is asking you to deliver darkness to anyone in your circle. Guns are not dark, only your negative thinking about them is dark. All things are neutral—man gives them dark or light designations. Choose the attitude you wish to carry and the gun will not be used against anyone. However, it could make an intruder leave, and in this drama you could consider it worth having.

Are you afraid of a gun? Are you afraid of the desire of your ego to act against another if one appeared in your abode? In all circumstances the ego is the actor against another, guns are only tools. You can deliver deadly attacks without a gun. Another weapon of choice could do damage as deadly as any metallic object you can design. Cars kill, are you afraid of getting one? Mother nature is not all loving either, she also kills, as an act of destruction carries many lessons about caring and compassion.

Care about the friends and family in your community and get the things you may need to deliver them to a condition that answers their needs, whatever that may appear to be. Choose the caring over the label you cast on what that caring needs to include. Seldom does caring include a delivery of death, but it can at an appropriate moment. Can you get what this means? Not having the ability to deliver death will not make you a hero when your loved ones are being attacked. Cancel these delusions. Having a metal object that can thwart an attacker can make you a hero instead of a victim.

Now, when you get upset about an idea, go inside and ask yourself: what is my disturbance about? Conditions may not get to the level I'm describing, but if they do, what is causing you to have negative thoughts about how to defend yourself? Only a question, but an important one to answer before you depend on divine assistance that does not appear. Cast your negative attitudes into the well of love and come out of your own fears. Then you can defend your dear ones with whatever they need defending assistance from. Cause and effect includes: delivery of an act of courage when needed, not defending with merely a desire that another come to deliver it for you. We cannot be there to do it for you, we can only provide you with a call to arms.

Are you unable to consider the dense conditions my words detail? Are you not aware that debt is more overwhelming than cash in all countries? Are you not aware that debt cannot be sustained indefinitely? Only a non-aware individual cannot see how deeply in debt the US is. Can it maintain this forever? No, and when it collapses there will be chaos. Be more aware and more able to care for your non-aware loved ones by getting things to defend yourselves with. Pity after the fact does nothing. Seldom does man regret owning things that attract an attacker to him, such as a new car, quality machinery or expensive accessories, but these are things that can draw an attacker into your area. A car is not an instant attraction now, but when no gas is available to buy it could be. A deterrent to being attacked because you possess these desirable things could be a gun.

I Am That I Am is not able to keep you from attracting attackers, only you can avoid doing that. Only you can avoid using a gun when it is not needed. Only you can decide to deliver a gun's charge against another. But when the "other" determines that mean deeds are to be done, when the attacker denies your dear ones the right to life, can you accept this with any other tactic? Give the attacker his due—an appropriate response to his motive. I Am That I Am has this in the caring category. I Am That I Am wants you to defend to the death your family that comes together to live. I Am That I Am wants the love of those beings to give you courage.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. We agree that nothing is either good or bad,positive or negative by its nature.The force is neutral ! Motive is giving value
    according to the mental or emotional attachements involved in ones actions.Motives are the investing elements in ones actions,giving positive or negative value to these actions. In the mist of chaos,not all people is behaving in logical ways,
    or are acting with love,compasion and undersdanding for others. In critical situations,or circumstansess,striving for servival,and in order to secure basic reguirments,may bring ones mind to the edgess. In this case,life of others,is worth
    for those individuals,less than nothing.Being prepared,for facing,and combading similar situations,prodecting family or community members ,by taking prevending mesiours,is the best someone can do.
    The times for which The Master is speaking about,are not for surrending ourselves to the
    will of God,but to consult our God within or our HS, for the best advise and necessary action to be taken.
    Thanks to The Master.
    Love and Blessings.

  2. Many Thanks - Totally resonates.

    My Over simplified understanding -
    Do you possess any fear in regards to ANYTHING within this realm?
    If yes, get some self-defense.

  3. Thank you St Germain, I understand that from a quantum perspective the events you describe have a chance of happening, but from a creative/manifestation viewpoint they will not happen. This is not to say that we do not want them to happen, it is to say that they will not happen, end of story. :-) There is simply no place in the future for this outcome, and I am there to see it forward.

    I do appreciate your wisdom on attaching negative connections to those things that might help us be prepared. Those connections do not serve us in any way to improve the lives of others and help build / lift up our communities. I feel of more importance is being open to helping others whenever you can. This builds goodwill within our communities in so many important ways. (cross reference your message on community building...) :-)

    Thank you for being the catalyst to our intent. I am also grateful for this direct dialog - at times I feel we speak One to One. Much love to you and Aruna. Namaste.

  4. Australia's gun laws were tightened after a terrible massacre. As a result we are now a safer, happier country. It is not the guns we were afraid, just the nut cases weilding them.