Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Discernment Needed

Pretending that one is full of love is not the way to live the teachings of mastery that you receive from an Awakened one. Acting out these teachings comes from a full demonstration of love in all circumstances. Are "control and desire" the lessons the masters are delivering? Are "compare and complain" a master's way of being? Can you deny anger and be a container for divine grace? No, none of these character manifestations demonstrate any true change in an adept's mental body or release the dense qualities of an individual's emotional make-up. Changing one's name and meditating do very little to alter one's mind or caring capacity. Only a pure mind is an awakened mind.

An awakened mind and body are needed to ascend. Clear out the density and walk into the next dimension in the body. Clear out your opinions about density and claim the complete delivery to One consciousness. Fake it and you will completely miss the opportunity that this lifetime can deliver. We, on the other side of the veil, are calling on those who are truly awake to be the light that changes all the others who are still in the dark about these things. Control of one's thoughts has no bearing on ascension. Claiming to be an answer of light with a message of condemnation casts a dark contrast to a message that comes through an open heart.

When my channels do not communicate with one another they lose the ability to be objective. Once my name comes into one's messages the light can be distorted, and this may not be caught by the channel for many chapters into the drama. Many channels deliver distorted messages in my name. I Am That I Am considers these deceivers opportunists that need to be discerned, giving the channels a chance to learn about deceptive channeling. My opinion is that all who channel owe it to themselves to get a clear connection with the most conscious being that their vibratory frequency can accept. Unless they learn discernment they cannot qualify as a clear channel, because they will be attracting all of the deceptive beings to them.

What is more deceptive, the channel who doesn't discern, or the one who comes to call on a channel that is not capable of discernment? One channel amidst a million deceivers can always decode the managed dialog and the negative component being channeled. Why? Because a channel delivers the message to an audience and is completely accountable to that audience. Facing the fact that all channeling is a gift from outside of the mesmerization, the cast of characters must become the drama's mentors in all cases. All involved carry equal karma. Channel a deceiver without demanding their credentials (as they can be checked), or make a deal to deliver content without a method to check that content for credibility, and you will get one or two more life contracts to learn these lessons.

Humans are not dumb. They can ask for candid comments and be accountable  for containing those who are not delivering as they have asked. Never does a deceiver deny coercion. Coercion may be attempted, but demanding it be deleted is an act of caring, and that act dramatically improves the quality of a channeling immediately. Pause and ask for only Christ consciousness before any channeling is accepted. You won't be fooled ever again if you do.

Being peaceful and loving does not include negative dialog against someone who channels, but does include the identification of a dense channel's colleagues who are using him or her to get attention. Some of those have already been identified by me. Use your own ability to discern others as a way to increase your own awareness. Please do this because the time to be able to discern is NOW. Challengers to the mass ascension are many, and they intend to bring the darkness of their non-aligned attitudes to those who may not be able to tell that they are being deceived. Always ask for an immediate answer of "yes" to the question "are you Christ consciousness?" Any different or qualified answer comes from a deceiver. Challenge all who channel with this question. Be very vigilant about this. Don't give them a chance to defend their answer. When you allow anything other than "yes" they've got an answer from you that you can be fooled. Give them no leeway. Demand an unqualified "yes" or deny them access. Be on guard whenever you are open to their influence; include this question when you ask about your daily activities. Always qualify your inner messages to be certain they come from the consciousness of pure love.

Fact check. Are you being guided to mastery? If you are only being told to give away your mastery, then don't accept that message (i.e. telling you to live in hope about what "may" happen in the future instead of dealing with your fears and making the best of the present moment.) A master makes choices in the moment, and cares about content and all who will be affected by that content. A master also takes full responsibility for what is delivered in his/her name.

Many of you are being deceived. Why not ask the qualifying question about all channeled messages? Are you able to accept an answer only when it fits with your mind's opinion? Your mind doesn't have the ability to determine the validity of a channeling. Only your inner director, the heart of wisdom contained within you, does. Use the method mentioned here and become aware of all deceptions being delivered through undiscerning minds. Be the light for others, tell them how they too can be more discerning.

AND, love the deceivers as teachers that bring you the ability to be free of them. They are not the enemy, only the cast of characters needed in the movie you decided to create. If you learn how to expose them, they have done the job you asked them to do. Free yourself, and them, from their attempts to deceive you. What has been growing in this exchange is more awareness in the mass consciousness. Please appreciate them for their contribution.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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