Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Contract Helps You Grow in Consciousness

Man is on the precipice of the next leap of world development. No man can avoid his contract, only manage the circumstances as a chela with divine consciousness, or as a negative responder.

Actions in the midst of a crisis are determined by one's ability to connect to the heart of the matter. No direct contact with near and dear ones may become a cause and effect drama, and when this happens, can you make the best of the situation, or will you become unable to function? When all is said and done, no one is totally detached from others and cannot be immune to fear or misery unless awakened and deeply aware that all are always one, no matter what occurs in the drama.

Selfish, material attitudes are the cause of misery. Things do not create eternal delight, they lose their appeal quickly and more things need to be acquired to fill man's neverending desire. Money and wealth are not the same thing. Money is for acquisition and wealth is measured by the depth of your love for God. True wealth is the acceptance of God's bounty in all circumstances. God's bounty is love—and when you are in abundance with this gift from God, nothing makes you miserable. Self love is not the same as many of you consider it. Self love is when you adore the divine aspect within yourself, it is not self indulgence. "I'm worth it" is ego's desire, not God's desire. No man is not worthy of a gift, but no man "deserves" to buy more than he can afford. Making decisions about money gives man an opportunity to make conscious choices. Choosing to become the object of debt collectors does more harm than good.

When you are tempted to be more generous than you can afford when giving to others, consider making things to give them, as the content of a handmade gift is more valuable than a purchased one, it contains the caring of the giver within the gift.

Money gives man many conditions he needs to grow with. Whether a goal of obtaining one's means of self care or making money as the only concern, both are driven by ego mind. When the man driven by need or desire goes after money, a door to a major lesson opens. Need does not create money, nor does greed. All that is needed comes to the man who is grateful to God for what he has. When you feel needy you actually are communicating to God "my chosen circumstances are unacceptable and I need more." This thought contributes density to mass consciousness. No door to learn is open. When there is no desire being communicated, one's needs are taken care of. Practice no desire and demonstrate this to yourself.  

God does not decide on your fate. You do when you are getting ready to become a human. Contracts are conceived with deep consideration. No dramas are included that are not your choice. Even dying children are in this same category—meeting the contact's details so all involved can grow in consciousness. Children who are being murdered contract for this experience to open the mass consciousness to compassion. They also grow in consciousness in the conditions of their own murder. No mother does damage to her own child without some lesson to be learned by both. No, God didn't decide that or any other growth experience—the one's involved made that choice. Not being aware of the choice means you don't get another option when it comes. You must go through the entire experience to find love in the mix of polarities it addresses. All circumstances are designed to open the mind and the heart, even dis-ease and death. Are you able to give this an "ah ha?" Many of you already have.

When we give guidance we do so with your natal chart as our guide. We want to help you complete your own contract, not protect you and divert the lessons needed to complete the destiny you designed. Good things begin to happen to those who ask for divine guidance. When we give our advice it always aids in getting on with the growth. Can we interfere? Not without God's decision, it is not our call. Serving God is our only way to do our mission. Growth in awareness is yours. We work with you to help you get that growth. None of the Masters do their own decision making. God is in all of us and we are guided by our divine mastery. Are my dear chelas able to grasp that they design their own death? Are you able to change that design? Only when you ascend.

You cannot  take your contract with you to another dimension—if not completed there is no ascension. A contract for one life does not overlap with the next contract. Each contract has opportunities to learn certain lessons and find new ways to grow in those areas you didn't complete. But an awakening drops the contract completely. No more lessons are needed. Finally, the door to heaven has opened. Be the door opener now and no more lessons are to be designed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Interesting and insightful...what you seem to be suggesting S.G. is that there is clearly
    a problem a gap, a chasm, a void in the
    Cosmic Governing presidium in this area of the Galaxy...with 1000 people who have a greater net worth than 3 billion people, billions living on 2 dollars a day, 80 Million on welfare in the USA, 50 million on food stamps, 8 million homes foreclosed, corruption and self interest in every world system, millions of families on the street and precious children of God. An elite who cares nothing about humanity and the earth who have no solutions to anything at all but service to self. A planet allowed to be infected by a sinister force enslaving humanity and the earth.

    Clearly...l say decidedly, distinctly, perceptibly, the Galactic Governing Councils have to assist the local cosmic presidiums
    to restore some assembly of Hope and positive evolution for exhausted humanity and the end as soon as possible the never ending tears of the children and exhausted humanity and a crashing earth.

  2. Hi St. Germain & Aruna,

    May I know what's going on in the Pacific basin? There are reports of armed conflicts between Reptilian aliens and various militaries of several nations. Are the Galactic Federation forces and its allies going to step in and assist in some ways?

    Thank you very much.