Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deleting Contractions About Death

Messages about the continent shifts are accurate. Earth will move the continents to new locations, as there are many dramas now occurring in the planet's core. When this happens, many of the light bearers will accept their role as leaders.

Being in the right place, is now the movement happily being called "congregating" by those who are coming together in communities. Not being in the right place may mean missing the opportunity to deliver the healing that the body was meant to share. When the movements occur, there will be many deaths, and many will ascend during their death experiences.

When we talk about death, contractions begin, so let's talk about this now, so the body can learn to relax when this word is mentioned. Calm, clear channels of divine energy must be clear of contractions.

What does it mean to die? Only that one more great experience is over. It does not mean the demise of any of your mastery, only the non-aware, contracted, anxious manifestation of mind's creation. There is no demise of YOU!

Who you are cannot die. You are not any of the manifestations of your mind, or the contracted body. None of your mind's concepts about you are true! When a body is born, this next manifestation of a human needs a soul. It was pre-conceived by many non-incarnated souls, many lifetimes ago, to become a family and new friends again, to complete the lessons needed by all involved. No new child is alone in this drama. All have angels and other guides and assistants, on other dimensions, to lead the body to the choices necessary for consciousness expansion. Two or three guides are there at birth, and others are called on as needed. When the mental body has been contacted by an angel, the mind can choose to accept or reject the movement being called for. Once accepted, the contract, that all those involved have agreed to demonstrate their consciousness in, has been activated. Completion of all of these lessons comes when all the learners have the consciousness of love.

New lessons continue until there are no unloving attitudes active in the body. No longer are any lessons needed. Contractions are gone, and divine nature is free to be fully conscious in all moments. Peace has been achieved.

Once there are no more lessons to learn, and all contractions are gone, all of the other players are free to learn their next lessons, as their dramas are not yet over. When one of them completes, this means there is a major change happening in the mass consciousness. What has this to do with death?

Once the contractions are gone, the divine nature has been freed to be an angel in human form. When this occurs, contact with others has no "needs" involved, only giving is the case. When this game has been completed, death must occur. Why? No need to continue the game.

When the land masses are moved, the game will be over for many. They need no more challenges to learn from. They are now the change agents that lead lessons to others. More than 20 million, when the days of darkness come, will leave this drama, if they have done the learning needed to ascend. When ascension comes, they will either be called to disappear, or die in a nautral way. Neither of these ways is more divine than the other. One will call attention to the change in mass consciousness that has occurred, the other will not. All who do not ascend with the group can also ascend at death. This ascension will only make the news if an error in one's death experience needs to be known. When no error is made, like disappearing in the darkness without witnesses, one can be an example of less concern. Death has no more lessons to be learned from it when there is no fear of it. My message today is to delete any contractions you may have about death.

Talking about this subject is helpful. Are you ready to fully accept death? Can this be just another detail to be completed? Are you moved to live longer? Why? To love more? You can be an example of love to many after death also. You will only be the love consciousness without any contractions. There's no need to wear clothes for love.

More of these messages will deliver content about death, to bring the contractions you have about death to an end. Most of you have the mind's fear of death very well established in your genetic make-up. You need to release this attitude before ascension can be complete. Wake-up and know, that death does not make you concious or unconscious, it merely delivers you to the level of consciousness you already have.

Give me the commitment to delete death contractions, by taking on this new attitude: "my life on Earth has one more lesson to learn; it is the ability to move out of a body with love, as the only part of mind's dream left to dissolve".

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    With regards to your information about land mass (continents) shifting, since such movements would take many years before the land mass shift is noticeable and complete, I would think that any changes within these two years leading up to 2012 would be quite nominal, and any land movements would be taken by the mass public as typical earthquakes and seismic movements. How could such deaths on a large scale occur in a short span of time? Or would there be large scale earth movements leading up to 2012? Would you be able to let us know which continents or countries would be affected by this?

    By the way, there are a lot of talks and behind the scenes rumors about the dark cabal (Illuminati) finally being taken down by by groups of secret societies would wish to bring their tyranny to an end, would you be able to comment on the latest developments in this regards as well? Would we be seeing better days ahead of us if these news are true?

    Looking forward to hear more from you soon.

    Best Regards... Lky

  2. Thank You Beloved Master Saint Germain for such an important message. Its wonderful to read your message always, as it opens up our Consciousness and awareness to Higher Self and connection to Higher Self more and more every time a message comes from you, Beloved Master.