Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Politics, Ascension and its Aftermath

Chaos is everywhere. Old regimes are being destroyed and new faces are appearing on the political scene. All of the big regimes are still standing but they too will fall. All of the leaders who do their most devious attempts to maintain control will not succeed. Obama will not get enough good feelings to lead again. Consider carefully what appears to be a candidate to do a better job. No candidate currently in the limelight is able to govern in the current demise of the US government's control. Chapter 1 of the fall of the US is now being written. Chapter 2 will come out of the next election. When opposites manipulate for control, nobody wins. Politics are of interest to me, but maybe not to my readers. I'll talk about the questions you have been asking.

Nobody who has chosen to ascend will be left behind. Contents of the mind must be deleted to qualify, so be active to meditte daily and get guidance on the deletion process. Forgiveness can disolve the contractions made in childhood, but anger and negative attitudes are more self-sabotaging than old memories. Can an ascension be cancelled? Only when the call is not answered. Channeling one's own divine consciousness must be considered an absolute necessity for ascension. Get this going!

Are parents needing to do anything for their children? Yes, teach then to answer their own inner guidance. Nothing else really matters, as they incarnated with an active innate intellingence.

Many of the Masters are incarnate again to guide others. One million strong are their goal. Keep the faith, the non-believers will be amazed

How will all this occur? No one is to know this before it happens.

After the mass ascension there will be new questions asked. Are those who did not make the call be disappointed? It may not have been their contract to be on this wave. If they are upset, they are not able candidates and are still needing to be more aware. Changes to their contracts are not needed, only to their attitudes and beliefs.

Maximum control over those who are remaining will be attempted. New laws may be enacted to diffuse the appearance of a mass exodus. Are all of these bodies captives of terrorists? Of course not, but we anticipate this to be an answer to describe what occurred. Remember 9-11? No attack occurred that day. It was an inside mastermind that delivered that act of manipulation to declare war on Afghanistan and Iraq, it was not developed outside of the US. Almost all of the mastermind contributors are now dead, to cover up the details. Mr. Bush Sr. was one of the masterminds.

Can the lightbearers maintain their calm during the next controller attempts to calculate the new details that are being activated? Prayer will not dampen the cause and effect of what comes next. Mastery, the art of detachment, can make a difference. It will be their calm that determines their ability to lead. No chaos cancels the calm of an awakened being.

Now there are many beings that are drawn to consciousness teachings. A lot of them can awaken and ascend. No matter when they opened up to the growth and awareness call, they can do all that is necessary for ascension. Have any of the long time converts come to the light and awakened so quickly? Not as many as we would like. When a mental desire to be awake calls a master to a chela, the chela needs more of their awareness opened. The most recent crop of callers need no basic adapting done as they are already adapted to the master's contact. We have been doing a lot of contact during their dream condition as they are all contracted to ascend. Fortunately, they are now coming to their destiny contract before ascension.

More and more are aligned with their "dance of leela" now, and we can bring them to awakened awareness before the second group ascends. Two million candidates are in this condition.

Before I end, I am going to make an announcement: My messages will come less regularly now due to my channel's exhausting schedule. Making my messages less available is not my desire, but I cannot cause her to be doing what drains her more than her body can manage. The messages will be posted as the opportunity arises. Aruna is not able to do this along with all of her other demands as a counselor. Consequently, she will channel when an opportunity arises, not on a demanding schedule. Please be mindful and get your guidance directly also.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    After reading I would definitely would like to hear more about the global politics that are happening around us today. I would like to know if the collapse of the US Dollar and other major currencies around the world bring about end to the dark cabal controllers or this group would simply exist in another form or manner? There are some people (e.g. David Wilcock) who have mentioned that the money drama that is coming would spell an end to the dark cabal, is there any truth in it? It would be also interesting to know what is going on with President Obama, as St. Germain once said that this person is of the Light, why is he not being able to bring about changes? Are the dark cabal stronger than him?

    For those of us who still can't get direct contacts with the Masters yet, would St. Germain
    be kind enough to let us know which other psychic channel is clear and authentic in channeling the messages from other Ascended Masters?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Our Beloved Master Saint Germain.As you sait in your last message'everywhere is chaos.
    Desolution of economic'political'and social norms and forms'either in non-developped or developped condries.
    All socioeconomic networks'established long ago by illuminatis and their minions are collapsing or are under collapse.
    All control and dominion networks of dark cabal and their closed associates'are in stage of deprogramming and desorganisation'and in most countries their administration control and power'are more or less neutreilised.
    Everybody is looking around'trying to undersdand and concieve'what is really happening.Long last attachements and attidutes'it seems not easy to be abundoned and new attitudes to be adopted.
    Most are standing within a multi-voice and non-voice stage of reality or non-reality'on which 'is not for the mind to perceive but only
    spiritual awareness and consious awakening can lead us to the right decisions.
    We are here'we are involved'and we are part'to what is happening around us.
    Observing ourseves as third party'not taking part is imposible.Only caring and anderstanding'
    compasion and forgiveness'love and wisdom in facing circumstansess'can help and guide us'to the right decisions and service to the plan.
    It is time for all of us to listene to our voice of silent'dettached from attiduts' creading
    negativity'mental and mind conditions' desoriantating and redirecting our inner self
    from our Devine Destiny.Many thanks and greedings to All Masters and Lady Masters.