Thursday, April 21, 2011

All is Up To You

When we are aware that nothing that happens in the human drama really matters, the messages of disasters and ascension do not cause disturbance. My dear ones, cause and effect are how the entire universe is organized. None of the disasters are engineered by anyone deliberately, but what causes them comes from a cumulative manifestation of human causes that do not disappear on a moment's notice. Changes to the mass consciousness must come to the rescue, not delivering a decree or a mind creation to the contrary.

When we decide to tell you about a major circumstance this is because no change of consciousness has altered its manifestation. When we present a new development to you we have been giving advice to alter its difficult conditions long before this conclusion has come to the stage of "no change optional". When the desired healing comes to the cause, there can be new developments that occur instantly, but not getting that healing to the cause early enough means the delay caused no alteration to be possible. Change to the cosmic design is always available to man's creation abilities collectively, not individually.

Healing the causes at the cost of man's continuous learning will also not occur. Many changes to human consciousness come as a result of living through growth demanding conditions. After an event growth can always be observed and detailed. Moving away from natural disaster areas can distance man from good learning experiences. Moving out of chaos changes one's outlook on any situation. Being afraid to give the natural dance of life the ability to guide all content of one's experience contracts the Mastery ability. Being a Master means: no difference in one's circumstances changes one's demeanor.

How have we done in developing your Mastery? Can you abide in any difficult circumstance without fear? Are you able to change the life force moving through the body from reaction to calm? Can you contribute good feelings to others no matter who they are or what they have done in their life? Are any good feelings able to be delivered to those who have been your least desirable contacts? Are they able to be as comfortable with their own changes as you are with the changes surrounding them? Are you delivering confidence and caring to them?

Help and giving empowering decrees to assist others cuts through most destiny contracts instantly. Can you give empowerment to those who need it? Can you achieve confidence in all your decisions? Will destiny control all of you emotions or will the emotional body be able to flex and grow from new experiences?

Nuclear disasters are now the game changer in death delivering components in the Masters degree course. Are you afraid? No Master has fear of death. Are you considering moving away from the challenge being faced? No death will come to anyone who has the ability to clear themselves of micro organisms and advanced levels of mutation components. Can this be done? Of course. Nothing happens to you that has no natural way to alter its impact. Choosing an alternative method of delivering comfort to the cells is needed now. My words can do this.

Welcome the ingredients of the nuclear disaster as though they cannot be important. The more importance you deliver them, the less likely you will be to delete their effect. No thinking about ceasium and iodide cancels their ability to deposit these chemicals in the body. No thinking about their effect cancels their effect. Only think about the things desired, not the things you want to avoid. All thoughts are continually generating manifestations. Consider the dream to be what mind considers to be reality. Consider reality to be what exists when nothiing impedes the inner awareness.

I am challenging you today to give up all your concerns about the days of darkness, ascension and catastrophies. Misdirected thoughts make more drama. Congratulate yourself for being able to choose the life of your dream or the other option, Mastery. Master this concern issue and deny nothing.

All of you are able to be Masters now. Give up the fear and the cause of your concerns cannot touch you. Act as a Master. Create with gratitude, not concerns. Are these delicious moments being enjoyed? Can they be?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Our Beloved Saint Germain and Dear Aruna,
    thanks for your words, love and wisdom.
    I would like to ask you that if we give violet flame decrees to some family members, that can help them in their process of Ascension? Are also young children going to be part of the Ascension process? Giving Violet Flame decrees may assist them?
    Again, your words are a blessing and a great help.
    My deepest heartfelt gratitude to you Saint Germain and Aruna.

  2. Hi everyone.
    Saint Germain, I have a question that is burning inside me. Where the consciousness resides/takes life? Heart? Mind? I will be grateful if you could explain for me a bit. Thank you for being beside us. Thank you Aruna for your contribution.