Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ascension Call

When my words can be accepted by all who are contracted to ascend, my contact will not be an issue. All of those needing to know what the messages are saying will have direct contact and no "other" will be needed to deliver messages. When the ascension occurs my current channel will be going with it. Please don't depend on anyone outside of yourself.

All of these messages have answered questions currently coming in. Making a repeat answer cannot be the highest use of my ability to communicate to you. Please ask, but if no answer appears, this means I have already addressed this topic. Go back and read the older messages. My continuous attention is on ascension.

No daily occurances are on the continents by accident. All of the current events are caused by old disturbances that need healing. Conscious, open dissoluton of many old dramas is occurring, waiting for the ascension to make a major impact on daily affairs. We cannot predict the outcomes, only the cause of major alterations to human affairs.

My dear ones. When the call to ascension comes we will await your action to go out of the attitude of "maybe" to a clear "I'm in!"

Mothers are asked to carry children who cannot be told to be quiet and await guidance. All mothers and fathers who are the caretakers of children are to be responsible for controlling the depth of action their children are to take. Your hesitation means they hesitate.

Factors beyond a choice in the moment are now in motion. Activating the call is within our control. Are these things making you aware of how complex this control is? Please don't get afraid of this, it is not irreversable. All choices are to be activated when the call comes.

Present time awareness is my request. Be conscious of your daily activities so you have a clear open door to the new energies coming in that will activate the ascension. Are the doors open to this in your world?

All who are doing clearing and activation of more love in any area of the ascension domain (where it is needed) are making a difference now, as all ascension candidates are completing their contracts now. Can we count on you to be one of them? Are we on the same page?

My channel is not able to deliver regular messages now due to the call of her attention in other areas. When these messages are delivered will be determined by how she can manage it. No, my content will not be delivered by another, as her clarity comes from awakened awareness, not an ordinary consciousness. Wake up to this awareness yourself! Get the messages direct! I've asked this from the beginning of my channel's decision to give an opening in her awareness and her life to receive my words.

Practice any form of quieting the mind techniques to get yourself ready for the call. Bring love to all of those who appear in your energy field. Take care of your body, and complete your dissolution of mental disturbance. Help is available on the deepening of an intitial awakening. Please take advantage of this.

Police will soon be asked to detect messages that are against the common agreed attitudes of most humans. Mine may be deleted from internet content. Because of this possibility, I suggest that you act on my demonstration of love and get ready to have direct contact with me for the future.

Continue as though all is as it needs to be - it is. No control of thought or action is now underway, but this can change. Value the time we have together in this message delivery conveyance, but don't demand more of another than you are able to give of yourself.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna




  2. AGREED!!!

    My cup runneth over with gratitude for the service you BOTH give, wholeheartedly and lovingly, for the good of ALL!!

    Much love to ALL....for we are ALL ONE!!