Thursday, May 26, 2011

Light and Dark in Perspective

My dear ones. Most of my readers have realized that man is not alone on the Earth. More than Angels exist to lead the way for all who are needing assistance. What kind of assistance is available? Many different kinds. Today I will give you an overview.

Children are overseen, as they are needing an ability to adapt to homes they may not be comfortable in. Many are not of the same awareness as their chosen family and are needing to develop an ability to contact other realms to get love and courage. When this is the case, the children are more evolved than their adult teachers, causing them to distrust their most caring parents as a consequence.

Next are the disabled, and the Angels are their active divine connection, as a most disabled child needs to accept and cherish his/her motivation to choose a new physical configuration as a mandate to Mastery. Making a choice to be disabled is an exciting prospect from a soul's confidence prior to incarnating, and this can collide with reality when it manifests. Children are the most courageous among the disabled due to their ability to feel their own alignment with the Angels. As they age, their alignment becomes more conceptual and less of an active contact that they choose. All who decide to get experience in density choose a major theme for their life, and contact to their guides needs more attention when they are children. Awareness as adults beomes convoluted due to ego's control.

Many demonic entities attempt to control children who do not come in with any confidence in the humans they chose to adapt to. When this occurs, these demonic beings appear in dreams or move things around, or close the door on   communication with the Angels. Never discount the children's cries over demons in their dreams. When this contains answers to daily events, the child needs more courage, but not only daily events are the content of these dreams. Once or twice a child may encounter peculiar beings in their dreams that cause fear. When this occurs parents need to be comforting, but not dismissing of the dream as the child's imagination. Frequently, these contracted souls are around to delight in the child's crying or disturbed confidence.

Many Angelic beings are living on the Earth now. None of them are well known. Only their contacts know of their Angelic qualities. The same goes for demonic beings, only a most aware conduit of light can determine the actual contribution to what needs to be learned from them. Demons are important co-creators, and they are also divine awareness. Being afraid of them has no benefits. Contact with them can move the light into more channels than the mind can imagine. Open up to all that are deemed dark and be the light of the world.

Common misunderstandings about light and dark opposing each other are not accurate. Actually, they are working together to deliver higher awareness. Are you surprised? A dark consciousness can come and go in the human, why not in higher realms too? What you call dark is only the opposite of light, neither are One consciousness. Duality has no place in Oneness. It doesn't even exist.

Please consider the dark demons your growth assistants. They will fuel an arrogant ego and detonate a misunderstood concept that needs another close look to be cleared.

Prisons are full of dark demons. Why? To cause a more intense experience that leads to inner contact. Same goes for mental hospitals. Opening the door for more awareness is the dark's donation to Mastery.

Are these details able to be accepted? Can you give up duality attitudes? Will they add anything to the God of all that is? Continue to give the One consciousness, not more, the most attention today.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. it has been 16 days since you wrote that sth major will happen with the weather and land in USA. and? NOTHING major has happend. what do you mean by writing 'soon'? our 'soon' is different that yours? and do not tell me that i am not enjoying my life - i am, i want to simply emphasise that nothing has happend - and if won't happen how can we be shure about other thing that you write?

  2. My dear Master saint Germain.
    Thanks and greedings to You and All Masters.
    Your todays message ,is being a surprise,but you couldn,t be more clear on this subject.
    For long time,maybe for milleniums,all religius people,teachers,adepts,and masters could speak and make puplic,their thoughts about light.
    Not many,dealed with Dark.Is been,if we say so,an avaton or prohibited area.
    Something you can,t look at it ,you can,t discusse it,or you can,t make your thoughts puplic.
    Familiarising peoples mind,with the real meaning of Dark,gives the opportunity to man,to alter their fears,and see reality within the Devine Plan,and not with the eyes of illusion,based on mind,s controll and deception.
    Reality is in ONES perception.Duality,as you said,couldn,t exist in ONES BEING,and nothing,could be outside of the SOURCE,and ONES perception of perfection,and Holyness.
    It is also stated,that dark is an after Light conditioned CONDITION.
    Light is the essense of creation,and everything else is either connected,or moving with, or within Light,serving MIGHTY ONES,Devine Plan or evolutionary process.Dark is not having its own self-existing elements of existanse.
    Perceving Darkness,as the lack of Light in the process of creation,and the implemendation of the Devine Plan through Eternity,we abondoned attidutes and attachments,based on a non-real world or on a world of illusion.
    Knowledge, based on reality, related to wisdom,which is the 3rd aspect of DEITY,AND CONCLUSIVELY IS THE MASTERING OF THE MYSTERIES OF THE ARCHAIC.
    Knowledge based on illusion,is faulsed knowledge
    based on mental and mind deception,caused by wrong,long existing attitudutes and attachements,either conceived by ones mind,or imposed and established,and forced to conceived,by the dark side.
    To-days inperfection is tomorrows perfection or vice versa,and it is the rule of evolution of cosmos and Universe.No doubt about ONES perfection,but within the Infinite and Eternity,GOD IS Manifesting HIMSELF,as Light and cosmos,the ultimate Perfection,is GOD,S Dream,and not ours.
    Guestions always gives part of the desired answers,but not all the ansewers
    1.What is the meaning of perfection?
    2.What are the pairs of opposites?
    3.What is duality,in man,s perception?
    4.what is duality in masters perception?
    5.Is it matter and soul ,GOD,S way to perfection?
    6.What is the meaning of the Fall?
    7.Does the Fall ,and the co-related realm of Darkness,is connected with the pairs of opposites,and therefore with duality?
    8.Does the Fall and the co-creation within the realm of Darkness,is permanendly opposing Devine Plan?
    9.Does Ajura knew or He didn,t,at the time of the Fall,that,his creative Template,was in a lesser or much lower value of HIS FATHER,S creative Template?
    10.If the world of LIGHT is not statutory,but is evolving through Eternity,what happens to the parallel world of Darkness?
    11.If Light is coming and going -one climbs to the top of the mountain,and then falls to the bottom or nearby-same happens to Darkness?
    12.Light has no boudaries?Man,s perfection,is GOD,S LIKENESS?Less dark in darkness realm,means more Light within?or more dark,means no Light at all within darkness?
    Much gradefull to You and All Masters.Greedings to All.

  3. Niebieskooka, in the deepest respect America
    has just gone through more Tornadoes at one time than has ever happened in the nation..hundreds have lost their lives billions in damages...
    we clearly are at the end of age with more to come before the global shift...
    the light has intervened again to buffer the suffering.
    anyone's message should not be taken literally .. we are in a daily constantly changing dynamic of probabilities in the dimensional shift and axis shift..