Sunday, May 1, 2011

Addictions and the Awakened Condition

Making a difference means: not doing anything harmful. Not doing harm is the most desirable attribute of all. Acting like a "good" person is doing harm to the actor. Most "actors" do not consider their behavior acting. It is an automatic response to their controlling mental dialog. Awakening one's inner awareness deletes this control. Changing an addictive behavior always begins with more awareness.

My desire is to delete the controlling mind, allowing the divine creator within to contribute more fully to the human condition. Making this your mental goal is an important part of the awakening opportunity. Awakening is a simple change in awareness. It does nothing specific to alter behavior. But due to the lack of ego involved in daily activities, any addiction can just go away without there being any attitude against it. Changing an addiction on the decree of ego is just an option, it is not an absolute deletion. Acting like there is no addiction is quite different than having no addiction.

Making a new addiction does not delete an old one. An addiction can be adapted to another object, making it appear to be over. No goal directed towards eliminating an addiction is as effective in removing it as an awakening.

Making a difference does not require that all addictions be deleted. A lot of great acts of courage are addiction based. But the harm that occurs to the one who drives himself from an addiction is not the same life experience as being a clear, undriven human. All humans are to be considered equal, and the driven one is not. He delivers love to those around him but not to himself.

Passive people are the most harmful, as they don't act out what they feel. Hiding in non-communication carries a death wish. All driven mental attitudes, including the inability to express oneself, are self-destructive. Giving love to one's self means there are no controlling behaviors of this kind.

Awareness of the addictive behavior begins the deletion of it. Being aware of the controller is the beginning step. Mind does all of its control by deciding on the most careful way to behave. A lack of offending behavior is the mind's idea of "good" behavior. But what is "good" is a mental attitude, not a generally accepted  concept. Being "good" is based on a conclusion of what "good" is and what it is not. Parents make this contribution as a child grows into adulthood. Accepting a parent's definition of "good" and "not good" begins mind's creative endeavor. Changing this old concept only happens when nothing else can be controlled by it. Mental attitudes that no longer provide a conclusive end to active desires are questioned and often deleted. Making one "go away" is done by excluding it in a moment to moment decision.

Mastery of the human experience is not without change. Masters are aware and capable of deleting their old mental attitudes the moment one appears. An awakened consciousness doesn't need to question this on an ongoing basis, it automatically occurs as the deepening of an initial awakening proceeds.

Absolute control by the mind is harming man's condition. In his mind he is an able contributor in his role as a man, but actually, in his managed addiction state he is a robot and cannot behave as the God inside of him desires him to.

Cause and effect are always at play. Cause of an illness always goes back to an unconscious attitude. Clearing these attitudes, as the most active discovery and deleting process is called, cancels old concepts that have been effecting the body's creative abilities. Practicing ongoing clearing begins the deleting that is necessary to bring more light to your life.

Making a difference begins in the life of the one who is creating. As in all things of any importance, awareness must contain an attribute of neutral acceptance without any dark thoughts attached No name calling is needed. Attitudes against anything create. A change of attitude towards one's own condition is what begins the letting go of non-caring behavior.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna 


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this!!

    You've given new insight into how the addictive process can come out of hiding, and how becoming willing to become conscious of the ways we use the mind to "run and hide" needs to be an integral part of the dialog of awakening!!

    VERY helpful! Thank you to both of you!

    Much love and graditude!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you - thank you for helping me have faith - i am in with heart and trying very hard without mind! I AM in.I have heard the call and will do everything it takes to ascend. Thank you Aruna, thank you so much, words cannot convey. I AM very very grateful. With much much love, Helenxxx

  3. Dear St.Germaine and Aruna.

    I heard that you will working at Japan from now on. I know that your formal translater is Mr. and Mrs. YAMAKAWA.

    I am a reader of your massage in Japan.My mother lunguage is Japanese,and I am poor in English. But for my learning Engilsh and awaking,and for those who learning from your massage, may I translate your massage occacionally and post on my diary,of course free of charge?

    Thank you for your Love!


  4. Astara: The Yamakawa's are not translating the blogs. A few of them have already been translated into Japanese by other professional translators, and if you would like to be added to their mailing list, please send me your e-mail address, to To keep these messages as accurate as possible I would prefer that professionals do the tranlation. Then they can be freely posted anywhere.