Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Answers to Questions re FF Diet

When my teachings are given there are no conditions attached, what the teachings say is my message. When you ask questions, I can see that the message I originally gave you was not clear. I am appreciative of your active asking. Comments about the message also give me a better understanding of  your current attitude concerning the topic. So when you do not ask, I am assuming you understand my total delivery as I intended it. Now we are discussing my latest content to the degree that I am able to clarify what needs more details. Ask and you shall get an answer, as long as your comments do not contradict what I am saying.

On to your questions: Are you to continue consuming protein drinks and capsules of nutrients? Absolutely! Are you concluding that cutting down quantity means eliminating quality? I want you to eat whatever gives the body the most nourishment. Mana will not give you all of the dietary content that a body requires until the body no longer has a need to eat. When this occurs, no food will be desired because you are being adequately fed with mana. This will not be the case until all of the changes being made to the current body's chemistry have been completed.

We ask you to begin the controlled diet as an opening for these changes. In the goal of no eating, one major change is necessary, and this one is mental. Once the mind adjusts to the idea of deleting food,  the next goals can be managed, one at a time. Be careful about what you eat. Digest it well, and give the body adequate nutrients, not destroyed molecules and non-consumable chemicals.

Freezer food will not be available when today's trucks cannot deliver them. Give these up now, and act like you have decided to make the healthiest menu possible. Cut out empty calories, sweets, drugs and commercially prepared foods. (I am not saying to instantly stop your prescription medication. Only do that with medical guidance and assistance.) There are a lot of drugs in your food, body care products and cosmetics that negatively effect your health. These are the drugs I am referring to here. Give up drinks with more than 0 percent sugar and don't drink a lot of alcohol. One glass of wine or one beer can do all that additional quantities can do when it comes to altering your mental state. Marijuana is a drug. It will not keep you from ascending, but it will keep you from sticking to a reduced food diet. I recommend you let it go unless you are using it for pain relief.

Eating food containing adequate nutrients eliminates the need for additional supplementation. Instead of these pills, take in food with natural ingredients and a chemical free delivery. When you are taking in chemicals, the body needs more antibodies. Get this in fermented foods. Ask that your mana include food content that is already giving you good health. What mana you choose will contribute to the health condition you desire.

I do understand your concern about weight loss when you begin consuming less quantity. For those needing another direction for good health, ask for mana that adds the dietary choices you are now eating that could cause you to gain weight. You will get what you ask for. For example, you can add avocados, root vegetables, higher calorie fruits like bananas and dates, dairy content with cream, nuts and seeds. You will all drop a little weight at first, but you can gain it back if you make the right food choices. Mix up some great sauces with chemical free (not fat free) cheese. Please do the best you can. You will get to a healthy weight that is correct for your frame.

When you want to lose weight, ask for mana with less calories, and don't eat "diet" foods at all. Change your concepts about diet and make no effort to consume anything more "diet" oriented than drinking clear, clean water.

No organic food in your area? Give it your best shot. Try to do this, and when specific content is mentioned, look for the freshest and cleanest food that is available.

What you do for yourself need not be the choice of any one else. What others decide for themselves is ok with us. One thing you must realize: What you do regarding a message's content does not mean changing others. Sharing them is merely to check out their answer. If it is not aligned, give up immediately. What "others" do is not your responsibility.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you for your love and caring, Saint Germain. You have answered some of my questions and given me the freedom to not "make suggestions" regarding what my husband chooses to do around mana and food choices. My husband will appreciate the change :)) Asking for what we want instead just may help to shorten eating takes 10-15 minutes 3 times a day now. That's fine if its necessary. During the intake of mana, I feel vibration throughout my body. Its wonderful. I have forgotten to eat afterward a few times. As the body releases toxins can one feel tired and without energy? Thank you again, SG and thank you Aruna.

  2. Dear Aruna and Saint Germain. Often I fall asleep while accepting mana. Thank you for your loving kindness.

  3. i decree awakening for all who seek it. thank you aruna and saint germain for ur role.

  4. a question regarding the diet: is it preferable to accept a meal prepared by someone else (even knowing it is NOT the best food choice by any means), and simply bless it before consuming or should i politely refuse and explain my diet? i have a roommate who makes family meals and im a little torn between politely saying no or eating it out of respect and kindness. thank you in advance.

  5. Aruna and Saint Germain.... i hope the lack of a weekly message indicates ascension. i am that i am, i have all the info and guidance i feel necessary for ascension now its just a personal choice then unwaivering commitment. i have not read the master messages, but the course in channeling was amazing. Living the ascended masters existence DEMANDS full awareness and intention. I am 24 years old and today I simply feel deep gratitude and excitement to LIVE! ascension is NOT death, although death may be the most plausible ascension vessel. so as it comes in whatever unexpected way it finds you, welcome the angels that will undoubtedly be there. To us all: simply remember to love and to love ALL.

  6. Im struggling. Please pray for me. -william joseph arnold III

  7. Note from Aruna. No, I have not ascended. Found out last Friday that my website was being shut down on April 30 and I had to recreate it on another server. Have been spending 100% of my waking hours on this with no time or energy to channel. The blogs will resume in a couple of days.

  8. Dear Aruna
    Blessings to you. And thank you. We love you, always.

  9. Gratitude and blessings to you dear Aruna and Ascended Master Saint Germain.

  10. Your suggestions are really good and I also use these kind of diets.

  11. Hello, please help me with some guidance.. how can I ask/accept mana? Is it like a simple meditation or what would be the technique?

    Thank you very much :)