Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giving Up Eating

Are my messages getting too startling to accept? Was my call to eliminate dependency on man's digestive abilities too far from your mind's construct to agree? When my dear ones are able to give up eating they are ready to ascend. Now we are faced with controlled diets of the Monsanto kind. Are these foods more attractive than mana from heaven? Are Monsanto's growth channels going to mean the depletion of the human species? Most of the current diets in your dis-ease filled reality will include their content by the end of this year. Now, when soybeans and corn are eaten in most countries the death of good health begins.

Avoidance can no longer be maintained, because they have achieved world dominance. Only the loss of takers for what they produce can alter this situation. So, what you do regarding my alternative to their control is major. Rejecting a diet of altered components must be your intent if their dream is to be affected. Mouth-to-mouth guidance for deleting food all together is your means of countering death caused by this change to the genetic content of food.

Please consider how much you can enjoy life without eating. Many of you only live to eat. Will you be canceling all that life is about? No, but you will not be able to enjoy life the way you do now when the food you eat cannot give you any healthy ingredients. Now is the time to move on to other attitudes that are life enhancing. Are you willing to be a master of the human experience? When you can agree to deleting eating, you can be.

Cheating on this new diet will defeat your chance of becoming fully independent. When the decision has been made and agreed to, the clock begins to run. It will take three or four months to feel that no food is desirable. Once you break the addiction to chewing and consuming great quantities we can do even more to assist in the letting go process.

Face the day with only drinking water and give the body a full day with no food. Then, only consume  food that can add to your ability to choose health over dis-ease: fresh fruit and vegetables, green leafy vegetables are best. No meat, and no dairy except that which has been collected and delivered in an organic method. Kefir and yogurt that have been made naturally are ok. Other than these two exceptions, dairy, even non-homogenized, should be avoided. Nuts, seeds and other fresh foods are ok, but not roasted or treated in any other way. ONLY eat what is fresh and/or lightly cooked, nothing deep fried or sauteed in grease. A pure, unadulterated in any way, diet can do what no elimination diet can do. No foods with chemicals can be digested as easily as these, because the life force, enzymes, minerals and vitamins are still included in this food.

When you are clear of toxins, the next level of digestion can begin. This change will take at least two months for an average, clean eating person. Those consuming toxic foods will need more time on the fresh diet.

Once the fresh diet is "normal," the time to delete more will begin. I'm not going to tell you now how to proceed. Once you are able, the instructions will be given.

Eat the clean food diet along with three daily requests for MANA before you eat. We will provide.

Consume no drinks other than herbal tea or water. Five glasses a day of clean water is all that is needed after the first cleansing day.

Can this be the next step for all who are ascending? We would like to think so. Are you willing to do this? We are only telling you how because you want to be completely able to detach when ascension comes. This will prepare you. Please try.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Almost two weeks ago, before this and the earlier posting about giving up food, I heard an inner part of me speaking to the personality part of me saying that it WANTED TO TAKE THIS BODY THROUGH ASCENSION. It does appear that St. Germain is clearly pointing out the path for us to follow for that to happen. May we make those adjustments towards purity in food and thought, and allow our Light Bodies to develop more surely. My name is Margaret from Canada.

  2. Stanislava HudecovaApril 4, 2012 at 4:54 PM

    :) thank You very much dear Aruna for this message.. I deeply resonate with this.. and it is my inner guidance to go through this long time ago... it was allways my wish to live only on light and water all 42 days :) mhm, I would love to, but my will and perseverance was not so strong... and I would like to ask... cause I ve been reading so much about urinotherapy as a Golden Nectar, which was used by yogis and stil is...may it be included to it? I have experiences and I felt very spiraling within after using that... thank YOU For answer :) adding video from MagentaPixie too

    Love*Blessings ALlways...

    Stanka... :) thank YOU For answer in advance...

  3. Urine therapy is fine but not necessary. What I have detailed here is all that is really needed.

  4. Should we do this diet in a private fashion or are we to be an influence on family and friends. Of my entire peer group of friends and family, only one or two could accept not eating as a way to preserve health. My two little girls are with their father until july and i know their food is less than healthful. When they return into my care should i gradually work them into this diet? I work hard already to make sure they like water and are not given the choice to eat unhealthy food. but as you said in previous posts st germain, those who wish to eat well will not have the choice. I am working to construct a 15x15 ft organic veggie forest.

    1. You should feed your kids a well balenced 1600-2000 calorie diet (1200 calories if they are under the age of 8)

      Not eating is in fact NOT a way to preserve health(or life in general). Weather you agree with that statement or not the state WILL take your kids away if you aren't feeding them enough. How will they know? It tends to show. Trufax.

  5. Love it, Germain! This totally resonates. How's everyone doing with it so far? I'm on board. Went 22 hours and was amazed by how much I thought about food and I wasn't even hungry most of the time. Since that bowl of rice, I'm now I'm rockin' a 26 hours streak - Germain was helpful when I requested his assistance. Mana meals are key too! Much love - Feeling the effects on my vibration too! It's also like my insides are completely realigning. What's everyone else feeling? Please share.

    Historically, while in body, Germain was never seen eating - so he seems most qualified to share this one. From my account thus far - It keeps getting easier and my body feels stronger and more energetic the longer I am without food...