Monday, April 30, 2012

Things to Be Aware Of

My dear ones. Today will be the last message that mentions diet. Many of you are enjoying the gift of mana now. Are you managing well with it? Yes? Of course. I would not advise anything that could not keep you healthy. Those who have not begun the fresh food diet are missing an amazing experience.

Beware of the negative messages that come to you from friends, neighbors, family, etc. All are the gift of testing your commitment for following your own truth. Freedom from outside influences will be important in the next days, as many calls to ascend will be negated by those not abe to commit to ascension on their own.

Feel the density between the two ways of being—the anchor and the one being given the light. Very different energy. Close the door on negativity, nothing is bad. Everything has some value; all disturbing conditions are great learning opportunities. See how you deal with them and drop your negative attitudes in the process.

Share the happiness you are feeling. Anchoring light is a great gift to all, including the one who is the anchor. Please dump all of the distrust your mind has towards future events. Nothing has altered other than the management that distributes dense actions that call negativity into those choosing to be negative. Everyone can become an energy drain or an energy generator—one choice is all it takes.

Service to the light requires the release of all dark negative attitudes. These attitudes dim the light of all in their auric area. Children delight others with their cheerfulness. Be child like. Give this non-attached attitude to the controllers and they cannot defeat you in a chance meeting.

Contracts to deliver drugs to many countries are being dismantled. No more control driven addictions are going to attack those who are bringers of the light. We have been able to destroy these contracts by deleting them on the main contract holder's memory circuits. None of his detailed plans for world domination are going to be activated. Plan to ascend before these destroyed memories are reconstructed.  After the ascension we will activate them again. No details about how we do this are to be given. No questions on this subject please.

Fight with the dark and all will grow denser. Pay no attention to the dark and no darkness will touch you. Brothers and sisters, change the level of light in any direction and everyone goes along with that altered contraction or gift of light. Be a giver of drama and drama will lead you to your death. Be a giver of awareness, grace and new ideas and you will light up the whole materialized world.

Peace is now the most challenging detail facing all of the Masters who are going to ascend. Being an example of peace in all circumstances will lead more to ascension than drama can. No drama is appropriate in those who are unattached to results. Give all of your drama to the divine to handle. May we all celebrate ascension before the days of darkness.

Are you doing the controllers' agenda now? Are you negative against the current things being led to your attention? If so, no graduation can occur for you. Give up denial and all of your non-angelic goals and desires. Angels aren't seeking to get their own desires fulfilled, they go where they are needed.

Go to the light in your heart, as this is where ascension will begin. Bring with you all of the happy dreams you can conceive of, as we can make them your new condition of being. Ascension is just around the corner.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you, Saint Germain for your great love.
    And thank you dear Aruna.

  2. Dear St. Germain/Great White Brotherhood/Aruna,

    Sometimes I am not sure these messages are meant for me. I do not always see myself as a "master", yet when I read I do resonate strongly. If I am able to read these messages in my "reality"; does this in fact mean that I am vibrating on the same frequency as these messages? So perhaps indeed they are meant for me? I am "24 years old" in "human earth age" but I feel like a child, and hardly like I'm ready to ascend. Especially if it is "just around the corner". I was guided to begin a fresh food diet over a year ago but my shadow work has turned out to be much more intense/emotional/dense than expected. I am only now just beginning to have confidence in myself again. To be blunt, I'm still dealing with shit. I have heard "All Masters Were Once Disasters". Assuming this is so, is it true we are all ascending at our own pace? Will many "masters in training" remain on earth during the "days of darkness"? Is it so that some of us have contracts to remain in density? To continue some other type of work? To help others ascend just as the elders/first wavers are helping many of us? Many questions I know, but none of them coming from fear. I understand I will ultimately be where I need to be. Thank you

    1. Anonymous, there is overflowing joy and love knowing that you are where you are when you are at this time. It is the journey that matters to help you understand that path that you will show others, if this is where your path leads. Enjoy the journey for all it may teach you, enjoy the puzzles and the difficulties for what they are. I challenge myself to see different sides to the same problem. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every negative thought and act, there is a positive thought and act just waiting to be expressed. It is true we are all different as snowflakes are rarely the same. Namaste

    2. How sweet the conversation. Liquid gold light.

  3. Please i am doing everything for preparing to ascension now i am eating less and only fruits now i hope some masters will give a last help or clean so it will give success this time have a question
    during the moment of ascension

    1. And how to handle with 4th dimension during the moment

  4. "everybody are completely different it is up to them to feel it or not
    and i want to tell that i have felt that this universe has a god wherever if i spell it right or not we have the eternity to see if i am right or not.
    " :L>::||
    and if the universe has a god one day all these who are now dead will turn into life

    1. If you believe in reincarnation, then they already are!