Thursday, February 17, 2011

Positive and Negative

This message is for all who are going to get ready for acension. Most of my messages are talking to everyone, and not neglecting those who do not choose to ascend. My advance notice of global conditions has been for these readers. But today, only those who have committed to ascension are being addressed.

To be able to ascend, a different approach to life must be developed. Now, the appearance of chaos and catastrophies leaves the impression that: 1. man cannot be a negative influence, or 2. he will die of natural causes because of his good deeds. Neither of these beliefs are accurate.

The first means that what is considered negative cannot get that man to heaven. This concept is not true. Many of you do things that might be considered negative as you demand more awareness from others. Are these things bringing more negativity than good? No, the awareness changes they cause are much more impactful on others than the actions being delivered that some consider negative. No one knows the contribution they are making. Appearances are not showing you the big picture. Consider the drama now occurring in the Middle East. Good, caring men and women are not accepting repression. Are their behaviors to delete it negative? Not to those who are going to get the benefit of them. Can their oppressors claim their innocence of war crimes? Of course they can. Are they criminals? Of course they are.

All conditions of the human experience are able to be considered this way - when the other side of duality is revealed, one of them appears good and the other not so good. Can you accept that both are delivering good? That both are leading the way to more awareness and divine love? Can you act as though the one you don't agree with has made a good contribution to your awareness? Are they considered an enemy? Can you turn that around and give thanks for their contribution? Change in this way of dreaming constitutes an awakened one. An awakening delivers clarity about the opposites of an issue. No duality thinker can ascend! No controller can ascend. No cheater, defamer or attacker can ascend.

Another change that is needed is in the dream of human desires. No call for a grand material object, human or otherwise, will deliver you to ascension. All desires must be turned over to God's desire.

Can you decide that God's will is your will? Can any of God's choices be negative? God desires nothing that does harm to any part of creation, but no transformation of "what is" can occur, without the new dismantling the old. Frame the disasters as negative, and they will not be accurately perceived. Frame them as a different approach to human continuation and they will be getting a more accurate consideration. Frame them as "for the best of all concerned", because this is what they are.

Manifesting man's material desires with the mind at cause is not in the best interests of all. It is the opposite of what needs to occur to have the best for all. Are these words not delivering the truth? Consider this: all of your mental creations against the changes will make the changes more difficult for those who are at effect of them. Cancel these mental desires, and allow God to give you what is needed, and a way to be of help during difficult times.

Changes are coming. BIG changes. Can you accept that they are ALL good? Are they the way the mind desires? Not consciously, but the Master within all humans already knows of their eventuality and accepts them, because the bigger picture needs what is about to occur.

Cancel your desire to alter God's divine design. Meditate, act on the heart's guidance, and do nice things for yourself and others. Be happy, no matter what! Change only the way you think!

Now, to get ready to ascend, contact with Angels and Ascended Masters, or the Higher Awareness within yourself is a must. I cannot emphasize this adequately.

Pushing others towards these messages does nothing if they are not able to accept them. Giving help when help is not wanted makes the effort less than worthwhile. Fighting for control of anything is still a fight. Pretend you are the manager of the entire planet. What would you do to move this drama out of destruction? My desire is God's choice, and my acceptance of God's choice is complete. Are you going to aid the contributors of negativity or the light? How will you know the difference? Can you give equal caring to both of these opposite opinions? When the answer is "yes", ascension can begin.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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