Friday, February 11, 2011

Reframing Negative Concepts

When Masters make their monumental contribution to humanity as anchors of light, the heart of all can open. Positive attitudes are not adequate. Denied negativity must be deleted. When affirmations deny negative thinking, no change occurs to one's matrix of materialization. Any call for change needs to be contraction free news to the Universe. As contractions appear in awareness, they can be cancelled in a natural way by simply rejecting their original concept. For example, if a contraction was caused by a negative message delivered during a disturbance with a caregiver, reopening this memory with this new opinion about that distrubance will dissolve the contraction: "I asked to have this experience".

Asking an aware being to dissolve a contraction will take you to the exact same conclusion. In your contract to become a Master, you included every condition that has materialized in your life. Knowing this, and accepting the truth of it, can complete your contract.

Positive attitudes are not the death of negative ones. No negative mental attitudes disappear until a compete change in the concept about that dense conclusion is made. Another example: the thought "No one likes me" can be changed to "I don't like myself, and this is being reflected back to me so I can realize that this concept is alive in my unconscious". All negative concepts are creative in this way. They do more damage to human creativity than the dross dumped on man by corporate deceivers. No deception can cause as much damage as the mind of the one who dismisses himself as a creative contributor to all of us.

When a man is designed as a man, all of his attributes are considered holy. Nothing about him is an accident. Every contract includes the man's physical and mental characteristics, not only the conditions that body will be involved in. A child that has a disease contracted for it. An adult who commits a criminal act that creates a negative drama contracted with the other parties involved to do this. It appears to be an accident that these things happen, but no, it was all in the contract. Can this information give you the ability to convince your mental director to drop its negative attitudes? Many of you can do this.

One more thing needs to be added. When humans die, they do not disappear. They get an opportunity to observe their family and friends for awhile before leaving for other dimensions and other incarnations. When they observe, they can get a clearer understanding of the contribution they made to the others. Not to gain a good or bad attitude about the others, only to gain awareness about themselves. Why? To gather data about the contribution they have made to others. This is the only thing they need to learn. Was I loving? Was I caring? How did I make a contribution ? When this data is collected, they take this information to their mentors who aid them in continuing their move to higher consciousness. When no caring about themselves or others is apparent, they set up another life to be a more conscious carer so they can learn this way of being. If they were very caring they may not need another life. Caring about others is the criteria used to determine the next step in the constant movement towards ascension.

When a lifetiime of great caring allows the death and birth cycle to complete, news of this comes to the candidate to let them know ascension is possible. We have given this information to all who are able to ascend. Now, the option exists for completing daily challenges to ascend or deny and delete the opportunity.

Some will complete, and they will contribute great gifts to all of the Universes. Those who do not ascend will get another opportunity to do so. Whether or not it is in this lifetime is up to them.

Never before have so many been able to ascend. When we created the contracts everyone was so excited we actually believed they all would complete. But we didn't ask them to choose before they died a natural death in their prior life, and they don't consciously recall how they died then. This could be keeping them from ascending. A difficult death memory can cause a fear of death that ascension cannot override. We will soon learn about that.

Face the fear. Face death like it can happen daily. Act like life is temporary. Can you get how this could not only change your death memories but also improve your life?

Are you able to ascend? Are you waiting to be carried off on a spacecraft? What's the difference? Only a mental concept about a condition you have yet to have any awareness of. Nothing changes in this dimension. Both cause you to disappear. Why do you fear one and not the other? Wake-up and get the reality of this creation of your mind. Wake-up and get out of fear. Wake-up and contract no more.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Please, do teach me how to overcome this fear. I may not to be able to experience this because of words, but it may help me to open a new way for my thinkng process, may activate a new direction for my perception. Meditating and other methods give me a moment of break, but it doesn't take it away for long time. It comes back, goes away and comes back again and on. Seems to be deeper that I can investigate. I miss something, don't know what it is. Maybe this is the reason why I don't fully feel life itself within and I don't feel the One within. I can see things, I can sense energies, travel between realities, but it always is outside of me, like on a screen inside of my being but not contained in me.

    Thank you for this message, for your attention and for Masters Messages, a precious gift.