Friday, February 25, 2011

Awakening the Masters

My dear ones. You are my chelas, the ones I am to bring to ascension. I am an Ascended Master and you are an un-Ascended Master. Why the difference? Because you are not completely aware of who you actually are. Most of you are mentally assuming things that you have accepted to be accurate, but have not had an experience of this assumption to corroberate it. When you do, it will be the Awakening that we have been discussing. Who awakens? No one!

An Awakening does not mean an individual wakes up. It means the concept of being an individual disappears; all mental attitudes about individuality go away. They dissolve because they are not the Truth. It may appear to gazing eyes that an individual is being seen, and something is happening in that moment, but what is being observed is not the whole picture. Truth cannot be made known through the five senses. Only a complete, dream dissolving experience of this most critical concept awakens.

When I mention an Awakened one, I convey a concept about an individual, not a description of that individual. An Awakened one has no appropriate description - no labels apply.

Forests are not trees and trees are not forests. Awakenings make trees realize they have always been neither a tree or a forest. Making an assumption that the true identity of a person is the body or the man's personal history is the same kind of mis-identification. No tree is only the character it currently manifests, and no human is only the manifestation that it appears to be. All trees and all humans are much more than this detail of appearance.

Man has no concept that can accurately describe him. All of his concepts become labels. An Awakening changes a man's way of conceptualizing himself. It deletes all of these concepts.

Practices that are able to take these concepts away are few. Making up a different concept does nothing. When the dismantling of an ego occurs, this is the ultimate freedom.

Most of you do not define Awakening as I have described it here. In the growth and development arena it has a different meaning. Nothing that applies to growth and development is an actual death of concepts. When this is accepted, the ability to actually awaken has become available. Why do my chelas need to awaken as I am describing? To ascend to the final co-creative dimension of man's change in awareness.

Ascension is not a make-believe game where we no longer do anything against another. This idea comes from a dark deceiver who chooses to keep you caught in delusion. Ascension is the opt-in opportunity for all who ascend to leave human incarnations for good, as there is nothing more to do that needs a body. Instead, Masters with auras of only light will walk on the density of Mother Earth to create a new Earth. In their light bodies they will give birth to new creations, as they are now the light they once desired to be. It will be their destiny to deliver the new. In these next days, they will begin to delete more of their negative contributions to collective consciousness and become the Awakened answer to Mother Earth. When this occurs they will no longer consider themselves more aware, more knowledgable, more advanced, and more able. None of those who have these attitudes are as aware as they act and convey in their mental deliveries.

No drugs provide an Awakening, only a momentary glimpse of what must be embraced as the drug effect disappears. No "near death experience" completely awakens. Again, there needs to be more deepening to integrate the new awareness. And any awakening that happens with a major drama also must be integrated. Can these temporary insights become an awakening? Yes, but only when the dropping of mind continues.

Have the dramas in the world distracted you from your goal? Are the dismantling governments teaching you about the mass consciousness? Are hearts opening to those who are dying from man's dominance creed? Create the next days as an answer to this. Be well aware of the strife, and, at the same time, quiet your mind by creating more distance from the negativity of these things. Give more attention to the delight that freedom creates. Give this to yourself!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Ascended Master St.Germain and Aruna , Thank You so much for the important message. We Love You Always.

  2. I am very grateful for your wisdom, guidance and vision of U! and the toolbox you provide for us... Thank U!