Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making the Collective

When days are energetically calm, a new manner of inter-dimensional contact can be made. Today is one of those days. From our perspective, a mask has been covering the entire 3rd dimension, making it appear to be something very different than what is the reality. No longer is this true. Closing the gap between false concept and the highest awareness has begun. This closure has made the heart-mind connection more available, where channeling the light comes through the heart and no mental content makes a dent in the heart's ability to deliver.

All of the open hearted are going to begin to have more and more contact with others like themselves. They will no longer be alone. Connecting as a group, with  other aspects of the One that chose to come into bodies at the same time, will develop now. Instead of getting considered "odd", they will seem quite normal. Collectively there will be a new generation of Ascended Masters as friends. Ascended Masters? Yes, many of you have already ascended from dense consciousnes to divine consciousness. Now the light you anchor is about to collect in new ways.

Being together will make you more potent in delivering your messages and  heart's light. Instead of being on your own, you will be continuing your work with more delight as a collective. Where is your group? No group is currently gathered. You will be attracted to the light in those who are the Ascended Ones. Give them the attention they are divinely giving to you. Pay attention! Go up to them and communicate. Get their contact info. Begin discussions. Gather together with any who are toning at the same musical note you are.

Your tone is part of the musical chord of the universe. It will draw you to your  tone among the other notes. Many of our dear brothers and sisters have been going alone towards their destiny, without any colleagues in form. Now they can meet their colleagues. Not to "do" anything, only to be an example of Oneness. Collective consciousness does more than one or two with a common intention can do. Manifesting a group dharma will happen without you "doing" anything.

False dreams about future events may disappear once the hearts of more than one Master can get together. False dogma has to be deleted, and when this is discussed by many Masters, they can negate the lies being given to non-aware, deceived minds. Once the group communicates with each other about these things they can delete them from their discussions.

Pursuing a group cannot be done. Should the mind begin to think, "Nobody who lives near me qualifies", give up that thought. You will be surprised! Allow yourself to follow the call to gather. Follow the impulse to get together with someone who draws your attention. Give yourself opportunities to find these open hearted beings who will appear in your awareness. Note that some of them may be those you have previously given no attention to. Notice who lights up a room.

Channeling has the ability to lead you to this group. If these words don't encourage you to do it, no loss of yet another opportunity to get on with ascension is going to matter. Bring the light through you, as you are going to be delivered to the light eventually. Welcome it now. Can this be the new beginning you've been waiting for? Yes.

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Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Appreciate the message. Please continue your good work and add these messages to where an even bigger audience can find them, that's how I found you. The fact that they stir response, means well. Its absolutely not necessary to be dismayed by a few zealots that seek to control what the Seekers are seeking.
    I hope that more people shall be exposed to these messages by continuing to post at

    Arun, you may delete this posting after your consideration.

  2. Welcome new friend,
    Folks in this site don't talk too much (except me), but they are the hardest, humblest, truest lightworkers. They have trusted Ascended Master Saint Germain to lead them to the Ascension Party. If you inspire to be there, prepare your dancing shoes and bless the day you decided to get in touch with Saint Germain, as we all do. Much love.

  3. Thank you ! The messages shinefourth even in places where the darkness seeks to blight the light.
    My LIGHT and LOVE connects with yours. Appreciate your effort dear Aruna and thanks St. Germain.


  4. Beloved Saint Germain,
    Thanks for this message that helps me understand about Ascension. There is much information out there about it that kept me a bit confused. This morning I was still a bit confused, but somehow now I am reading this message that is bringing me much clarification and understanding.I recently started the channeling course, and I LOVE IT. It is helping me I could say to awaken!! I love reading your messages, since they provide much understanding and wisdom.
    May all beings awaken to their True Nature.
    Eternally grateful to you and to beloved Aruna.