Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anchoring Light and Life after Ascension

Are my chelas able to give me their total delight about ascension? No, many are controlled by their ego and cannot access the total happiness of their Master within. All Masters are completely happy – regardless of how their body exists in the physical world. No demons are considered major obstacles to life as a loving being. No needs are an obstacle to their acceptance of love and giving love to all they meet. No major disaster keeps them negative about anything they experience as a consequence. And no entity that dismays them, defeats their complete commitment to being a loving being in all circumstances.

My dear ones, Mental attitudes are energy activators. How they are configured develops the dream and alternate realities in the way they are focused. When I mention the word "dream", I am referring to how the mind conceives its analytical overview of what it actively notices. In mind's mental concepts no alternative options are included, making any one observation a mistaken opinion. In alternate realities that one opinion may not even appear, making it a "dream" of a single mind, not the bigger awareness that is available to Masters.

Anchoring light offers the chela an opportunity to delete these opinions. Canceling mental attitudes  energizes action from the heart. Naive attitudes are not good light attractors; deep, open auras attract the most light.

Auras can provide significant contact between an open divine Master and others. If the auric field is large, light can make contact with many. An Awakened one's aura can cover a large area of mass conscious density in just one light anchoring meditation. Please consider negating your unconscious attitudes so you can anchor as much light as possible, NOW.

And my next comments are for those interested in whether man will continue copulation in the ascended condition.  No new children will be conceived once man's existence in flesh is discontinued, so no  attraction for copulation will occur in a light body.  Light bodies are not androgynous, men appear as men and women appear as women.  However, men and women are not going to be acting in normal human ways, because they are no longer dense forms that deliver more dense forms; there will be no more dense forms containing Masters who are unable to deliver their full potential.

Children of the New Earth will be awake on delivery, coming out of matter that is not dense at the time of conception. Conception will not include drama or copulation, only mental agreement to conceive. Couples will be near in caring and detached in character attachment. Souls will not get married. Nothing of this dream will be continued.

Finding this not appealing? Remember that human desires are not going to remain. Nor are ordinary mental attitudes going to drive human actions. Collective consciousness currently determines man's actions, but this will not be the case after ascension. Bodies will no longer be the most contact oriented demonstrations of aliveness – Open auras will.

Since density cannot move on to ascension, bodies will dissolve, not deteriorate.  Are these additional comments freeing you, or are they instead activating an ego's attitude about the future? Be aware of how the body/mind acts regarding this disclosure. It may be angry about the ending of its dream. It may decide ascension is not desirable. It may distrust the Master delivering the message. Any of thee attitudes are EGO. Completing ascension demands an end to EGO dominance. Clear these mental attitudes, and ask the Master in the heart of awareness that comes with Awakening, to lead you to this opportunity to complete your contract with density.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Amitiel from IsraelJune 26, 2011 at 5:04 PM

    I Would like to ask Master Saint Germain how did he met the Violet Flame for his first time

    I Am Amitiel

  2. I would like to know Saint Germains input about Marijuana use and its role in the human drama and other drugs specifically methamphetamines. These are active dramas in the areas that I live in now.