Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Commitment is a Mandate

Hope has no place in the activation of ascension because hope is not an energy that creates. Complacency is an attitude of "there is nothing to get hopeful about". Complacency does not move the drama in any direction either. Both of these attitudes are lacking mandates for delivery of the desired condition. Making a clear commitment to what is desired can make mountains move.

Ascension is not going to occur for those unable to bring their total commitment to it. It must have a full nod. If acceptance is not complete when the call comes, doubt can override the required actions. A belief in ascension is not needed, only an agreement to ascend.

Most of your prayers to deliver change and alternate conditions do not put ascension into its correct context. In our context an ascension is the answer to all of those prayers. No alternate conditions are going to alter Earth's deficient clean air and water. Nothing will delete the catastrophes that are coming. Ascension does not rescue anyone, it continues the human experience in an advanced consciousness, and the drama on Earth will be made more interesting because of it. Any contributor to ascension contributes to all of humanity and all the other unseen contributors as well.

Announcements about ascension are not the same as notice of it by direct contact. No one who has committed will be left out, but contact will not be given to those who are uncertain about whether they are going to accept the call when it comes. New Age dogma contains much mis-information about ascension. Those who are expecting to ascend with Mother Earth are going to be greatly disappointed when the call comes and they find out that they must make some changes in their thinking to be candidates for the next wave.

When Mother Earth completes her ascension, no humans will be living on her surface. Those who ascend will continue their adventure on Mother Earth after her ascension is complete, as they are the ones who will create the New Earth.

Myths abound. Masters don't accept myths of this kind. Masters live in the moment– now there is one montage,  and in the next moment another appears. One is not going to appear that cannot get agreement on an outcome. All candidates for ascension conceived it and put it in their contract. Yet none of these candidates will be able to complete that contract without a conscious commitment whenever new details come in that need to be considered.

Please take this very seriously. Plan to drop everything to ascend. Continuity in the ongoing dream contains an amazing alteration in consciousness that will occur as a consequence. Those who are not ascending in this wave can still give up their misunderstandings and accept that they must get the call directly. The second ascension wave will cancel all remaining unfulfilled ascension contracts. Those who miss this last wave will go through the death scenario, as continuing life on Mother Earth decrees.

An alternative planet is going to be available to those souls who need more awareness to ascend. It will allow them to continue growth in consciousness in new circumstances. Many will give up their attachment to Mother Earth as a consequence.

Many aware beings are not committed to ascending on a conscious level. Are they able to ascend on the next wave? No. Freedom of ego control is a definite consideration now. Are you controlled; is the dream's ability to convince you of its accuracy altering your choices towards another direction? Are dreams of a New Earth calling? If so, get committed to ascension so you can attend when a call appears.

My messages are all about being complete with common daily affairs to create a more conscious drama in higher dimensions. Please assess your readiness.

My continued messages after the first ascension will be delivered direct to those who can make contact with me, as my channel for this message blog will be on the first wave.

Are my words clear? Then make your commitment, and give up hope.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. My dear S.Germain.Thanks for the guidanse,to all of us,and to those able to receive Your messages.Dream, is the flower of knowledge after mastering and ascension.Hope is a post-dream condition or state of conciousness for altering
    sircumstanses,and has nothing to do with ignoranse and mental and mind confusion.
    In our,s Beloved Master Zaratustra, chronicles,the Currier of the seven rishis,from the seven Sun Oracles,to the post-Atlantian,
    sivilisations,is clearly mentioned:
    Only catastrophies of the matterial world,
    pulls the trigger,for the development of conciousness to the higher levels.
    Sinse GOD,S Divine Plan,and evolutionary process,is through matter and soul,the destruction of the matterial world,as the vehicle of soul,shwes to us,the FATHERS way to
    mastering,ascension,and to perfection!
    Is anything wrong on this?Only on the way we understand GOD,S Will.

  2. The above definitions of "dream" and "hope" differ from the meaning of this message.

  3. Too clear a message

    taking up a commitment

    Thank you master saint germain and lady master Aruna ( No more aruna mam)

  4. Thank you Ascended Master Saint Germain and Aruna.

    I Am Ready, willing and able!

  5. Dear Aruna & St. Germain,

    Thank you very much for this latest article which is a wonderful and powerful reminder to all who wish to Ascend when the time comes.

    By the way, I wonder if St. Germain could comment on the role and purpose of sex when Earth finally ascends into the 5th Dimension. I checked around and noticed that not much has been said on this topic, perhaps St. Germain could share some of his comments and view on this? There were some channels which mentioned that in the higher dimensions, all beings would be androgynous (due to the merging of Yin and Yang energies), how true is that info?

    Thank you very much.