Monday, June 13, 2011

On With Ascension

What is the most important answer to today's circumstances? Quiet. Nothing else can do as much for healing or development of experience in life as quiet moments in one's day. Not necessarily meditation, simply not doing anything that uses mental activity is enough.

Healing cannot occur in chaos. No day should be completely without breaks to recharge. Quiet time leads to new attitudes and new contact from the higher realms. Healing requires down time to free the body of stress. Making a commitment to allowing a little part of your day to be with the divine consciousness that dwells within is also necessary to ascension.

How can ascension depend on being quiet? As a necessary opening to the next level of awarness. Are there more levels than awakening? Yes, many more. Awakening to the awareness of ascension and health in body/mind/spirit is only the first in a grand array of new experiences. A lot of fun is on this graduated light grid.

Purification occurs naturally during quiet time. Change the dialog of chatter to communion in consciousness and free the body of handling growth through drama. No drama is needed as a natural law of the universe. Drama comes to all who don't get their answers from inside of their own creative ability. Closing the door to negativity clears the mind of heavy control from one's unconscious. No drama exists in Presence, only memory drives it into the human experience.

Choosing quiet over negative activity or mental answers to life's circumstances makes aliveness more available. Chapter 1 of the ascension guide I dictated upon the  graduation of one channel in my Course in Channeling talks about a Master who never meditated on the guidance of his teacher because what he believed to be accurate disagreed with his inner guidance. When this became a conflict in  guidance's abiity to lead him, the inner teacher became quiet and allowed him to leap into the "can do" mode as often as he cared to. And as he became more and more disenchanged with his own ideas, the obvious answer was to meditate to let go of the drama he was causing. In only a few weeks he was on a completely different track and was able to give teachings as a Master of his own awareness. Teaching his beliefs didn't do anything like his new awareness delivered. In the next days, after accepting his own inner guidance, he was back to his own divine awareness and could drop the chaos in his work and in all his dealings with  friends and associates. I'm observing this amazing change in him and am very glad he decided to complete the course that gave him this new direction.

Being quiet is the very first thing I tell anyone who contacts me. It means I can make contact with them directly, and frequently can offer contact when needed. Praise for all who are anchoring light in an egoless way. It is doing much to aid all of the Masters in their contact with chelas.

One more thing that needs attention is fearlessness. Being afraid is the most difficult contraction to heal. It requires conscious courage to face the fear and make the courage bigger than the fear. Facing fear is the only way to delete it. Courage is a key to the disappearance of drama. Many days of courage can manifest details never dreamed possible.

My dear ones. My contact is always available to those who are quiet. Please do this as much as you can. Be a light with no active control over that creative source. Only light can deliver an ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Excellent post one very beautiful thing about the current channellings is it very much resonates with our current pursuits and intuitions / lessons amazing ...........

    when there is an issue on friendship next day the log speaks about that,

    fear of a disease next day the log discusses that

    the synchronicity is amazing no other proof that we are all one big soul family who will ascend under the guidance of master saint germain. blessed we are to be guided like this gratitude aruna mam for giving your time for us

    love love love

    Nithya rajaram

  2. While reading this channeling it came to my mind an old saying people often use in a funny way or like a joke in a region where I live:
    "When many ladies talk gibberish or gossip, there will soon be bad weather!"
    Hmmm...maybe my ancestors already knew about mass consciousness reflection ;-)

    Can you dear Master St.Germain also give us an anecdote or a joke from the other side of the veil. Beside your great guidance, could be a little refreshment from your wisdom opus.
    Thank you in advance. ;-)