Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chemicals and the Human Condition

My dear ones. Today's message makes an announcement about health that most of you are not aware of: Man cannot continue to breathe the air on Gaia unless a new way to cleanse it of poisons that come out of the dross made by man is developed. Pure air no longer can be found anywhere. What this means is death of the body with dismantling of health as the cause. All of the children of God are being affected, but those needing the most attention are children (who are open and vulnerable) more than adults. Can you give me the needed attention to do something about this?

Begin with a decision to stop doing things that add toxins to the air. This includes using "less than clean" coal for fuel. You can also change heating methods to one that does not use coal to heat with. Coal usage begins to mandate air degradation as a consequence of its man made processing, not its natural components. Move to clean carbon, and dramatically eliminate a lot of chemicals that are now depleting the condition of the air. This is not the only example I can give, but it is the most caustic. Nuclear accidents don't do nearly as much damage as handling and burning coal does on an ongoing basis. An analysis of the air will give you more carbon than any other ingredient. This is not good for anyone.

Next, be careful about what you put in the garbage machines that pollute the air with trash burning, and the dumps that contain toxins that leak out of the ground into the underground water table. All of these are negating human health. No continent has clean air or water now. Practicing recycling can delete minor amounts of these contributions to death, but not soon enough to save mankind from dying before death is realized as an asset to the development of consciousness. Bad air will destroy all organisms that need air to be alive.

Why discuss this now? Awareness. More awareness needs to be brought to the actual causes of dis-ease before other things, like automobiles and atomizers, are accused of more deaths than they deserve. No deaths are the direct result of these contributions alone. A positive direction like recycling is always good for creating less degradation, but we must now add the biggest, most causitive drains on health to the list.

These are not any that have been mentioned already – they are now just becoming recognized. More than all the other contributors to death, the most aggressive are in your own material goods that contain chemicals for goals like keeping them from degrading quickly. These chemicals are causing humans to die. They are in the clothes and food in all human homes, and they are the contaminants that are destroying the health of man at a rate never admitted to before.

A list of things to enjoy in life always includes these. Every object that contains an additive that is not natural is a would be killer. Clean items are becoming more and more difficult to locate.

Taste is one non-definable additive direction that no man actually gives a thought to. Eliminating something from a meal that can disturb the body's chemistry can add years to one's life. Non-toxic chemicals are not necessarily good for health just because they don't add toxins to the chemical balance. Non-toxic only means there are less toxins, not that they are less damaging to humans. Many chemicals that are non-toxic do disturb the body's balance. In this context, consider that anything canned or chemically treated to remain actively usable for long periods of time - like bread and most dairy products - contain non-toxic chemical preservatives that do major damage to bodies.

Are you disturbed by this? No cause acts alone. Combined they do damage – and the damage has already begun. Can this be altered? Only with new awareness and new decisions.

Appreciate the rare opportunity to eat naturally clean things and clear the toxins out of your home as quickly as you can. Bring in a loving attitude to all the causes of death and demonstrate your dismissal of them in your life. Buy organic and fresh more than food with additives if you can. Move to a healthier environment if you can. Opt in on conscious talk about being healthy. Give no attention to medicine that has no light in it. Alive medicine has light. Chemical compounds lack light in most of their content.

Amazing grace can do more than clean the air, but it needs to begin in the awareness of those who can consider it more attractive to do so than grabbing a meal on the way to work. When more awareness comes to how daily choices can change a man's growth and life expectancy, a new dawn can appear. Be careful what you are giving to your body, your children, and the environment, as you make choices on what to add to your life.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    It is indeed a timely and important reminder for everyone reading this to be aware and reminded of how the choices that one makes in our daily routine (e.g. during grocery shopping, selecting places to eat, making purchases, traveling, etc.) would impact the environment and ultimately our own health as well.

    However, given the fact that an overwhelming majority of the everyday items (big or small) that we use today are made from some sort of synthetic and artificial chemical compounds and the current global socio-economic and political affairs are still under the influence of the dark cabal, I would like to ask St. Germain on how can we truly live in harmony with nature without the daily necessities that we are now accustomed to, because what is needed is a radical and significant shift for all of us to go back to the very basic in living, which could be more or less something along the lines of the American Wild West or Roman times, I know it may sound ridiculous to some, but that was before the Age of Industrialization in human civilization, a time period before the invention of plastics, stainless steel, computers, cars, airplanes, etc.

    Besides that, it’s not easy finding a community or even individuals who share these beliefs and adopt such a lifestyle, it despairs me to say the least that it’s not something that the vast majority of people (at least where I’m staying) are willing to make a stand and conscious effort to change their ways of living. Going it alone, one can only do so much, how can we accelerate the change and hammer this important message into the minds of the people? Or do we need a big trigger event to wake everyone up? E.g the downfall of the dark cabal and subsequent disclosure of the many dark secrets which they have imposed on the populace.

    I wonder if St. Germain could care to explain or comment on how the populace during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria lived and prosper (I read from somewhere that , do they have the same or better living necessities which we now have, but made and produced in a way in harmony (without harming/polluting) the natural environment. What are their technologies, methods and secrets of doing so? Are there any records of it available to us at this time? Or are these advanced, ancient methods and technologies suppressed and hidden by the dark cabal?

    Thank you very much.

  2. What about the vast majority of the human race, the poor, who don't know the meaning of organically grown, leave alone having the money to by it?