Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why Predictions Don't Occur

Before I make any more comments about geological alterations, I want to clear out any negative feelings you are holding about those that turned out to be less destructive than predicted. In the big picture all possibilities exist. Announcing an act of nature's direction has been one way we have been able to dissipate the cause of many deaths and move that cause out of existence. Announcing a major calamity draws attention to that area, and caring and compassion are aroused. Many of our lightworkers then act to dissipate the cause by directing light to the area. Many disasters have been diverted by this strategy, You may call the announcement a trick or an inaccurate call, but it was neither. At the moment it was announced, it was absolutely eminent. Many anticipated disasters have been diverted this way or became less catastrophic as a consequence. I'm very aware of the conditions effecting all of the continents. Even outside the ring of fire, many big disasters are still a constant threat to human and animal life.

We are asking that more inner light become available to diminish their activation. Those who are not afraid (when we name the degrading momentum in nature's cause and effect activity), can act to divert this momentum. Will many be diverted? Maybe, depending on how much cooperation we get to help.

My last announcement about a major catastrophe in the area of the Mississippi River was absolutely correct in that moment. When cosmic attention turned towards that area an amazing change took place. I was actually very surprised. How the change occurred was not due to my announcement. Actually, news of the flooding possibility in New Orleans aroused the caring of many who prayed and gave their attention to diverting a major collapse of the entire area near the Mississippi River. Instead, the Missouri River became active and caused much less damage than was anticipated in the Mississippi areas. Maybe this was meant to occur this way; God sometimes does things in a most unexpected way.

No matter what we predict, another option is available. Our calls on the matter can be accurate, but not always. This is due to the ability of God to mandate a different configuration of matter at a moment's notice. When we don't seem to get a call like this one correct it appears that our message was just plain wrong. But at the moment this message came to you, I accurately reported the condition I observed: this was to be the next major earth change.

We do not make things up to frighten you. We want to lead you to happiness, so you can bring that happiness to whatever happens in the world. How can you be happy in the midst of a catastrophe? The happiness I speak of is your inner light that cares what happens, but is not at affect of any pending or existing physical condition. I AM consciousness is: happiness, contentment, and complete acceptance of all that is. Mistaking this for being insensitive is a misunderstanding about light and dark. Being drawn into dispair because of external circumstances is not the way of the light.

Changes are gong to continue to occur in the human arena. Changes alter your life and provide learning opportunities about the nature of love. Give thanks for them, because they help you discover the distinction between love and every other attitude.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Looking at this information, I wonder if we could pray (send light, love and care) for the global elite cabal to go away, for the global economy to improve, stop the health deterioration of Earth, etc.

    Maybe St. Germain could let us know what earth movements are coming, thus allowing us to send out care, love and light energies to transmute the area and avert disasters.

    But I do have a question, if we could all pray away our problems and issues, how would that affect the individual Ascension process, Earth destiny and fate of humanity?

    So any other interesting new information which St. Germain could let us know? Is the global economy and currency markets still on the path to destruction as mentioned previously?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Master sait germain Yes we would love to know how our individual ascension and new earth will happen

  3. Many thanks to our Master S,Germain.
    With this message of Yours,you verified,what all of us,we were expecting to listen,as an outcome of Light,s expansion,and consious
    awakening:Light and Love can change the flow of events,can change circomstanses,in such a degree,directly dependant,on critical mass,
    Light Workers and Light Bearers.
    Few can make the differense,MANY CAN MOUVE MOUNTAINS as You stated!Their light,their love.their awareness,their commitement for unconditional
    service and caring in all circomstanses,to
    Humanity,results to FATHERS respond,with more love and Grace for HIS suns and daughters.
    If Humanity is becoming,CHRIST CONCIOUCNESS,then we believe,that we can alter circomstanes,and YOUR dream,for the New Golden Aguarium Age and the
    We will be gradfull to You,for verifying the reactivation of code 11.11,within darkness,resuracting the Light,burried at the time of the Fall,as it is mentioned in some
    messages,and the relevant return of all ex princes of darkness,to the ORIONS Meetting,
    with the LIGHT.
    If this Great event, happened elsewhere in the
    Universe,with GOD GRACE,Did happened also on EartH?
    Much gratefull to YOU and All Ascended Masters.

  4. It is a freewill universe and because of that fact we have the power to completely change timelines. This message rings very true with me.