Monday, August 29, 2011

Waiting is Almost Over

Maha Chohan Saint Germain will give his message after this one. I AM Archangel Raphael.

When the mass consciousness of an area comes together, there are differing opinions on every topic, but there is also more communication to bring an understanding of these differences. Changing material world goals to another consciousness will not be quick or completely changed, as only an active controller can do this. No drastic measures are being taken to control anything.

Forces beyond our control are in motion. They look about as dangerous as a man draws in his cartoons: where man destroys all on the way to his goal. But the changes being created now are not man made: they are an answer to what all who are human are now awaiting – complete mastery of the human experience.

Altering this complex, natural condition will comply with divine will only. No other changes are to be dramatized during the break down of human affairs. All of man's expectations about control in cooperation with aliens are to be denied. All of God's expectations are in place.

No more waiting will occur. We do not want this next answer to the world's chance of healing to be delayed. Are you able to make the move to higher dimensions? Are you detached and able to agree to leave?

We of the angelic realm are now awaiting the go ahead to lead you out of 3rd dimension. As soon as God decides it is the best moment, the call will come. Can you accept my message as valid? I am the angel who will convey the call.

Love is all there is,
Archangel Raphael

Dear Ones, I AM Saint Germain.

When today's message is on the internet the next action needed is to tell all who are ascension candidates to be ready to move into "can do" mode. Be able to leave this dimension with an open mind and no distress. A feeling of happiness is the key to another calling: the awareness to be an angel for all who are not ascending.

You are not going anywhere. You will be able to give assistance to those you care about, but they won't be able to depend on that, because you will not be visible to them. Once they accept that you are gone they will get the answers they need about what has occurred.

China will not become the country it could be because those who are its biggest decision makers will be going out of the Chinese area. As they accept that ascension was a choice made by man, they will also discover that human control is now over. All the controlling dictators will be left on the continents they control by those unable to defend themselves from harm with guns (these, who deliver love in every situation, will be ascending). Instead, these dictators will be left with those who will convert their dictatorships into chaos.

My dear ones, anyone who gets the call can ascend. Agree, and then go to an open area. Maybe those who have not yet agreed will go with you. All you must do to go is claim your true identity with a call to the angels of "I AM THAT I AM." An instant change in you is possible. Intention is all that matters.

Please allow yourself the happiness of this grand occasion. Align with the light in your heart and co-create the next dimensional creation.


  1. I AM THAT I AM!

    I have already agreed to ascend. I want to co-create the next dimensional creation. Awaiting the call.

    It should most certainly be a most wonderful experience.

  2. Yes, I Am That I Am!
    I'm ready now for the next step...
    ...more than 144.000

  3. tooooo happy :)

  4. i dont understand this message
    maybe will you help us to ascend with your Violet flame at the right moment? i hope so

    I have said I AM THAT I AM a lot of times and it didnt worked

    so will you help us at the end or not>?
    im still waiting to see

  5. In the deepest respect Beloved Raphael and Master Saint Germain l do not understand this point: "All of man's expectations about control in cooperation with aliens are to be denied."

    Obviously we seem to be on a planet on the 3D and the 4D level before the cleansing of the
    4D that in a sense was the last outpost of a group of Cosmic Criminals who have been wrecking chaos through the galaxies for a very long time and infected the evolution of beloved humanity. Thier purpose to hijack this reality and mankinds evolution against Gods design...,many of us are star beings with evolutions from other worlds and galaxies and there is evidence in many ways the Galactic Councils and Star Nations have intervened in uncounted ways known and mostly unknown for humanity and the there are of course some negative ET's who are being escorted off this planet now. This is clearly a big job and even more than the high council on this planet may have realized...myself l thought we would be in the early stages of global aquarian society by now and now we are in the collapse of the world systems and the earth...

    Clearly beloved humanity needs all the help we can get from advanced spiritual civilizations now that the cosmic war has reached our dimension.

  6. Anonymous posting at 4:26 - The way I understand it is that you have to get the call first, it could come at any time - only then to affirm and follow instructions accordingly.

  7. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Looking at the above comments and remarks, perhaps I think some clarifications about how the ascension would "sound" like to us, it may sound very funny at St. Germain's end but on our end, especially those who can't channel yet but ready to leave 3rd dimension, this information would be most useful. I also find it curious as to why there won't be any advance notice/warning signs before the actual Ascension call, like how some ancient zen masters would know when when they would leave this earthly realm, any ideas on that?

    By the way, how would the approach of Comet Elenin and asteroid would affect the Planet A and B scenario?

    Thank you very much.

  8. MMM, I think a lot of ascension candidates expecting contact and alien help, will be extremely pinged off to have been mislead by the deceivers, should what they have been told and believed, not come to pass. Has any of it materialised to date? Too many words on a screen and not an ounce of action, stringing people along, saying it is to happen soon, stated events not materialising, excuses being made, and all the rest of it. There are many people expecting and relying on a contact event to save them and humanity, through the various communications of other channels out there. This has a big following. It would be nice to know our 'space brothers and sisters' would be benevolent enough come to our aid and help us, but we have created our future bed and should lie in it ourselves.

    What a major disappointment to believe so strongly in something and it not happen. I have been there and done that. So now it is one day at a time and if something happens it does, if not, no need to stress out. But it sure leaves one doubting doesn't it? Perhaps that is the motive, to have confusion and doubt created so we don't believe in anything.

    SG states things are in flux and not set in stone, so are there any guarantees? I have none, do you?

    Raphael states above, are you able to make the move to higher dimensions? Are you detached and able to agree to leave? Can you accept my message as valid?

    Yes I can do that. But how will I know when the call comes? What form will it take? Is it a one time mass call event? Or done individually? The logistics of this seem immense. SG states we must move into an outside environment and state our 'I AM THAT I AM' and agree to leave, that is easy. What about us all in different situations? Driving a car, working, sleeping, etc. I can't see a one time mass call event being logistically possible from my obvious 3D mind.

    Perhaps all we have to do is be 'available' and come from the heart. But it is not easy for those who have been searching throughout their life, and experienced previous statements and profecised events, not come to anything other than hot air and business as usual.

    Why so many efforts are made to deceive humanity is beyond me. Seems so primitive in fact.

    Good luck to all.

  9. I believe that faith plays a large role in all of this. You must believe with strong faith and all of your heart and consciousness that YOU ARE THAT.

    If you remain in doubt and allow FEARS to hold you back you will stay behind. The ascended masters are already here communicating with us. Let go of that which does not serve you; i.e. negative thought patterns.