Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Questions are Not Answered Because . . .

Are these questions about ascension an expression of your mind's fear? Yes, they are. No awakened master asks for details of a pending event because no answers can be given.

At the moment of ascension, all who are not ascending are to be left by those who are. It is their karma to be left. All who do not ascend are able to be on the next wave if they get ready. When the first wave leaves, those remaining can no longer claim they have no knowledge of an ability to ascend, and they may decide to go for this themselves. We are hoping this will happen. All who do get the call are able to cancel their choice to leave at any moment. No force is going to make an unwilling man ascend.

Canceling may mean that another chance exists, but it may not. All depends on the other conditions that are going to occur during the following year. We are not going to present to you again all of the opportunities that are pending, as we don't have details about any that have not yet happened in your dimension. Your choices can alter anything that we assume. How you choose becomes the foundation of what comes next. Patience and allowing each learning (as it appears) must be chosen now.

Why despair during the next months when you can be delivering more love on the way to ascension. This will provide others the opportunity to give their ascension more consideration. Closing the door on one ascension does not mean there will automatically be another. The future is not yet "here." Give your attention to NOW. Give as much as you can. Play when you can. Help others with no demands made on them.

Change to the continents are to continue. My Master Messages give many details about what can occur. "When" is still not possible to disclose. Those meant to go through these changes need only one bit of advice: Act like an angel and give an angel's help when you can. Angels decree their divine consciousness. When needing assistance, they make this statement: I AM THAT I AM.

Should an angel come to meet you, tell it: I AM THAT I AM. This makes the angel aware that you are able to ascend at the moment of death. Be calm during any catastrophe and aid others in getting calm. Breathe deep when caught in fear. Change no material conditions now, only bring love to where you are.

Practices you can do to get prepared for what's next:
1. Meditation
2. Act as though your heart is your only advisor
3. Creative thinking coming through the heart to the mind means "DO IT!"
4. Cheer on those who don't agree with your opinions. Accept them as they are.
5. Answer all attacks with only caring about the entire group involved, including the attacker.
6. Welcome whatever happens as God's divine will.
7. Ask again when you don't get an answer that makes sense.
8. Practice humming, chanting or singing OM as a mantra.
9. Be courageous.
10. Accept whatever comes as the next awareness opportunity.

Facts about ascension are not available. We are all guessing about how and when. No matter how or when, come when called. Give up your doubts and your concerns.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. I am wondering, can spirit decide one is not ready to ascend after all? I have been working toward ascension for a while, experiencing events, etc...but i feel i have been out of touch with they gave up any hope of me feels.....scary....can anyone clarify that, please?

  2. I have to admit that this message was depressing to me in that it seems like I should just give up all my dreams for building the future I want because it isn't going to happen. I have been working so hard to be able to move to the community I want to live in and this just makes it seem like it is all in vain.

  3. I agree that the lack of pertinent information, or more detailed information, is diffiucult to deal with. Maybe part of that is that we have to decide on our own - as we do create our realities. On the other hand, the spiritual guides that channel information, seem to purposely leave information out - partly to not incite fear, I understand that, but obviously many of us are struggling with this and while getting help - why is more detailed help/info being kept from us? It makes me question the channeled information we get (not just from this source). I am very grateful for the information I have received, and please do not misinterpret my thoughts for maybe I have not explained them well.

  4. @ Anon 1,

    My feeling is that as much as some people will try, the connection we desire or expect may not materialise. As much as I want to communicate directly with SG and masters, it isn't happening for me either. It leaves one deflated and feeling 'left out' and wondering if we are 'good enough' to qualify this time around. Humans will feel inadequate quite easily. Then there could be our life contract which may keep things that way until after ascension. Maybe those who can't establish a connection won't ascend? Who really knows? Only time will tell. Try not to stress out, keep your chin up, do what you can, and try to come from the heart, that may be all that is needed, but it is easier said than done, when attacks are still happening that can undermine all we have worked for. Good luck to all of us who are aware of ascension, many still have no idea and it could be a major challenge on the planet once the first wave is acknowledged as a 'miracle' of sorts. A mass disappearance act, should gain some attention, and god willingly, enough to bring others to ascend IF a second wave occurs a year or so later.

    @ Anon 2,

    Yes, things can indeed get depressing on the ascension path. Information overload. Do this, do that, do nothing. Finding any motivation for 3D goals seems a conflict of interest now, IF, some of us to 'disappear' from the main event soon. Thanks for being honest, as I bet there are many more feeling the same way. What to do? We must live in this world until something happens, so business as usual. Should we stop doing what we love? I don't know, doesn't make sense to stop something that gives us happiness and joy. Me, I am continuing doing what I love to do. And what if we focus on being in the first wave of ascension and aren't included? That would really suck. Would we continue to grind it out hoping for a second wave event? For some it would be a definite no. It would rattle our cage wouldn't it? I am not a master, nor do I consider myself anywhere near a master, however, I do desire to ascend and co-create the new adventure. Is that enough to qualify? Time will tell.

    If anyone needs someone to talk to about their feelings on ascension, especially those finding it difficult, send a note to piprat at gmail dot com.