Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cording: A Key to Energetic Freedom

Congratulations to all who are able to leave their lives with happiness; not because leaving is an escape,  a method to enter a different dimension, or a condition to be entertained by. Having the ability to leave third dimension with complete disengagement from cording, and mental concepts about the future, are goals of an ascension candidate.

Preparing to ascend includes energetically releasing all attachments the mind has created with objects of its attention. Cording is a condition that keeps attachment alive. Not thinking about the object becomes  impossible in a corded condition. Both subject and object are able to control the other, as they have become One energy field. Both are dis-eased with need and desire, which makes them unable to detach themselves from their "object" as a matter of choice. Can this be good for either? No, of course not. Pretending not to care does nothing, as the cords are energetically linking the emotional bodies. Help is needed, because neither is able to fully accept their divinity. A corded couple is an ego arranged dynamic, not an expression of divine consciousness.

Please disengage cords with any of your attachments. Here's how: Picture in your mind all those you feel connected to. Ask to be shown any cords that are bonding you together. Notice the number, thickness and connection points of any energy cords that you find. Small thin ones are much easier to disengage – just mentally detach your end of the cord by pulling it out of your body image with a tug. Big thick ones  need more attention. They are too close to the other's heart to be messed with without the other being deeply affected. My directions for this condition are: mentally detach one or two little strands at a time. A massive cord is made up of an unimaginable number of small ones, so today, only disengage ten. Another day do another ten. As the great big one decreases in size, your ability to disengage the remaining mass will become easier.

As these little cords are being pulled out of your aura, don't give the "other" any attention or concern. Cords are created by these two modes of living. Caring for one's family and friends can become cording when one becomes obsessive over one particular object of their attention. Cording cancels true caring, because it takes energy away from the one being corded.

Stalkers cord their objects. No longer is the other free to make their own choices without the energetic interference of their obsessive admirer. No magic is being used, only obsessively directed attention that affects the one on the receiving end. They may become afraid, or experience a loss of energy, or end up on a downward spiral as their admirer (or attacker) feeds off of them. No longer do they have all of their own power. Mistaking this for an emotional condition in themselves, many are destroyed energetically. Pills are introduced, alcohol may be over used, and drugs are frequently an over compensation for the control involved in their dis-ease. Clearing cords must be done for these beings to regain their inner balance.

People who desire others, whether they are calling it love, anger or madness, are decreasing the autonomy of the one they obsess over. Partners in human cording are often husband and wife, parent and child, master and slave, or children and their nemesis.

Can cording occur in close, caring attachments? Yes, most definitely. Freedom means one's own ability to choose without any influences from anyone other than God. Giving love is not cording. Possessive attention cords, love empowers the other to be Free to choose their own direction.

Choice is one's divine birthright. No one, no matter how well intentioned, is meant to be a controller of another's choices. It is a law of the universe that all are given free will. Anyone overriding another's free will has a karmic lesson to learn, and it will be a big drama when it appears. Masters do not accept cording. They deflect affection and devotion back to those delivering it.

Distance does not govern the ability to cord. Cording is done in the mind only, and it effects the object, no matter where their body is located. Death does not erase cords. Answers to questions about deceased members of one's family will be given another day. Meanwhile, detach cords to anyone the mind can agree is a corded object of yours. Open up this option for your loved ones and for those you are disturbed by. Both can be a controller of your auric energy. Please give them their cords back and take yours from them.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. lovely message

    Gratitude master(s)

  2. SG, you must have been looking into my life when you wrote this message :-) Thanks very much for clarifying something I have been aware of and attempted to deal with quite a few times previously, somewhat unsuccessfully by the look of things.

    I did your exercise immediately after reading this and noticed a thick cord with a lot of blackness in it, relating to an ex partner. I chose to remove about 10 smaller white strands and could see them peeling back off me, which was rather interesting as I am usually not too visual, there is still the black gunk and some thicker white strands remaining, which I will attend to in the next few days. I wanted it all removed immediately though. I have tried many times to detach from this person, but they seem to continue and renew this energetic control connection over me, no matter what I have tried. There must be some need for them to 'feed' off me which must stop. Energetically I have been very low for quite some time and it is possibly this reason.

    Do we need to do some form of maintenance for this sort of thing? Perhaps just remembering to do this exercise now and then, can help?

    It seems I am never truly free, unless I have complete control over who and what I am. When attacked in this manner, deceitfully and without my knowledge or approval, by those who knowingly or unknowingly want to take something that isn't their's to take in the first place, what chance do I have to be free? What gives anything the right to do this to another, without consent? I am not impressed that this is something allowed in the scheme of things. Is this another form of the dark's need to control it's victims? If so, they are very creative aren't they? For me, it confirms how primitive we really are as a life form, having a need to control another covertly or otherwise, to take something that isn't ours to take. No doubt I have been guilty as charged in my life, without even knowing what I was doing. Thanks for raising my awareness about this. I will try to be a better person.

    Can I truly be free in a world where control comes from many sources, known and unknown? Can I truly go about being who and what I am in this environment? Malicious souls and entities are free to exert their influences over me, at their call, need, desire or whatever, it doesn't seem right does it? Is this part of God's plan too? Or simply another distortion of the human 3D world and simply a choice to be made?

    This message has hit a 'chord' with me, as a possible explanation as to no matter what I have tried to do over the past few years, it has been thwarted at every level. Those that do this sort of thing have power over another, to achieve their desires, and whilst they continue to get what they want, why would they stop? Like easy money from less than honourable means, why stop? At some level, did I agree to this? Yes, I must have, as it is the only sane answer I can think of.

    Thanks again for raising this, I will do my best to release these attachments, and see if there is a change in the way life proceeds in the near future.

  3. This is another absolutely helpful message, thank you Saint Germain. I have been “taking care” of cordings in my life instinctively. I have done it with my own “invented” ways and tools, and I'll keep doing some more on the way that you suggest.

    I wanted to bring here something else. There is a thin edge that separates the true love and care, from a cord build up. I have seen it in both ways. When my pure, unconditional love addressed to a loved one has been taken mistakenly as a cord, my loved one has become afraid of it, and our friendship has been kept at bay, until it has faded away. I have seen the other side of it, as well, when my love and care has been as a choking rope on the neck of my loved one, or vice versa.

    When our love is given to someone who need it, is given from the deepest parts of the heart, without conditions, without expectations, the power of it would make mountains move from their places, and rivers stop running down on their way. You say that “Giving love is not cording”. I strongly believe it is so for the last category, because it does not infringe the others' free choices.

    There are cords that we create as a spider web surrounding loved ones, anyway. There are cords that others, with attributes of friends, admirers, family members, etc., create as a spider web around us. Being aware of them, doing cleaning, protecting ourselves and other selves, is honestly, very important. Thank you, Saint Germain.

    This is Aox10