Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fine Tuning Your Discernment

Continuing to discuss all of the things being questioned is not in your best interest. Please, give away all of your concerns about motherships, comets, being rescued, defeating the dark cabals, etc. and totally dive into the depths of your own awareness. You can be an awakened being in this instant—no "doing" involved. Just give up all of those mental doubts about the ascension and its consequences. Give your current life 100% of your love and creativity until ascension occurs. It doesn't matter whether this next wave is the one you will be on. Those who are on this wave will be the true heros for those who are coming later. But ascension is to be a graduation gift, not a commentary on the earth  changes that will continue to occur.

Cheap, distorted confusion is being delivered to those channels unable to discern the dark from the light. Happy, delightful messages can also be dark. How? Because they defer any action towards  becoming awake. Most of the darkest messages are delivered in this way. Only being aware of the light means there is denial of what is not light, and what you are denying needs to be recognized and released for you to be free. Denial of your own darkness only keeps you "in the dark. "

What you think does not manifest as your reality if there's a contradictory attitude held in the unconscious. Bringing these negative deceptions to light is the way to enlightenment, not affirming their opposite while denying their existence.

Love is not about avoiding negatives, it is about transforming your reactions to them. Beloved and admired dark masters are abundant in your universe. How do you tell the dark from the light? By their actions. Are they the masters of light they claim to be? Can you tell? Here's what to look for:
Are they . . .
1. Acting as an authority.
2. Belittling others.
3. Claiming to be an enlightened being.
4. Maintaining control over anyone.
5. Managing an organization that is exclusive.
6. Afraid of anything.
7. Changing an answer to elude a question.
8. Framing a question instead of giving an answer.

A chalice for light acknowledges that God works through him/her and makes it clear that God is much more than any individual. When you claim I AM THAT I AM you are dispensing with a personal identity, not making a practice of claiming spiritual attributes.

Practices that demand strict adherence to "get" a material designation or acknowledgment from an edified human being are dark. When a practice is used to control it is not a true activation of light. For example: Many are being "initiated" into lineages of energy transmission. All call for the accurate delivery of their methods to be qualified. Most true "healers" are never made into healers in this way, they become healers in the most natural way. Adhering to any "special" method does not invite the most correct or the most effective transmission. It only limits. When a true Master transmits, he does nothing special!

Shall I talk about the groups making these demands? No need—those who are being directed by them will recognize what they need to know and distance themselves by their own decision. Negative attitudes towards any group is not the intention of these words.

Please accept the teachings these groups and their leaders give you about discernment. This is more about YOU than them. I don't care if they are dark—you need them to grow into the awareness of ONE. Please do not attack any group as being dark. Only determine whether you are being controlled or used to control in any way, and if so, walk away.

Controllers need agreement to their control. Agree to be controlled by nothing. Give your own guidance full authority.

Will I comment on other deliverers of information about ascension? Only to say there are many different opinions on this side also, so be true to your own inner director, and be in the group you are being led to. Channeling is not always the answer. Your own inner guidance MUST be the truth for you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Saint Germain,

    Thanks very much for this message. The 8 points you have highlighted should help many of us that are reading your blog and also reading other's material.

    I for one appreciate what you are doing here.

    Love and blessings to all.


  2. I would like to ask for clarification to see if I understand what was said because it was not clear to me. The discernment mentions the use of I AM THAT I AM and that is used by you. So you are merely saying as I've read before that you should not take all that I (St. Germain) without questioning and use your discernment skills for all. Your're calling yourself out in a sense. I need to double check the use of "dispensing." Wait now I see that the statement is the opposite of what I thought. It measns you are giving up personal authority. That statement is not that clear to me obviously. Thanks.

  3. I think I got it now. I AM THAT I AM. Forgive the reference but I almost want to put "and thats all that I am" at the end. It's a reference to Popeye but it kind of means that what you see is what you get with no filters or deception. Is that what it means?

  4. I found in September what I AM THAT I AM means and wasn't far off I guess. Thanks. I found it back in Septembers "Role of The Galactic Federationn."