Sunday, September 25, 2011

Choosing Ascension, Again

When the ascension dates arrive, a call to all who chose to ascend will be made. Those who answer that call will know whether they are able to ascend or not, because they will once again be choosing to be the angel they incarnated to be. Are they willing to disappear to the world they know to ascend? Those who cannot are the ones who are not ready. Fear, doubt or desire for more of Earth's challenges will decide which mandate they will follow. Clear uncluttered minds will be the first to leave. Choice will not be a challenge for these, but it will be for those who are not yet able to agree.

My predictions are the advance call. When the call actually comes, those who are able to determine its content and its meaning will have an advantage over those who are not aware of what I have said about the next days and ascension. Can this prediction discredit my messages? Of course, because no ascension can occur without man's full agreement. When the call comes we will need that agreement once again. Saying "yes" will give us permission to activate the dematerialization of bodies. No number is required. Those not hesitating are going to ascend.

What will happen to you is your choice. Can you decide now and then alter that decision? Yes, and any one who does this can get on the next wave. But, are you going to give up an opportunity to live the best life you can make for others as well as yourself? You are the ones that can alter the fate of those not ascending. Only this big drama can get an absolute change in direction for all who need more awareness. Are they the reason to ascend? Yes. One of you ascending can deepen the light for them. Many ascending can manifest a new drama in their lives. We do not ask you to leave those you love. We want them to make the ascension with you.

All of my messages are my words, not those of my channel. She has no desires or concerns about any of these messages or their content and cannot determine their accuracy. We of the Great White Brotherhood are grateful to her for giving an unattached delivery of our words.

Can we have others deliver messages when we don't have this blog? Yes. Please do, but do so from an unafraid and unbiased clarity. No messages of this kind are to be delivered to those who are not clear. Channeling is not difficult for those with an open mind.

Can the comet destroy this planet? Yes. Will it? No, it will only make things more challenging. Will an astroid deliver a final mass destruction? No, Earth will continue to exist with an opportunity to be energized again. When this energizing is complete there will be a New Earth.

Will you accept the offer to ascend when it comes? No details are missing from these messages. All countries have ascension candidates, even those with negative dictators. This choice is not the country's determination, it is yours alone.

Follow the lead of your heart. Making the choice to ascend is the heart's choice. An awakened one will not be led by an active ego. Count the days now. Enjoy all of your moments. Get ready. Put your affairs in order. Get a master plan to those who are going to assist with the next day's tasks. Place no one above the call of your heart, and depend on no one to answer for you. Be with the angels and claim the destiny you chose to have. Make this call the one you aspire to.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Master Saint Germain,
    Would you please elaborate a little bit more regarding your final coment: Get a master plan to those who are going to assist with the next day's tasks?

    Thank You

  2. Beautiful clear message. Thank you Master St. Germain and Aruna. Counting the days...

  3. Gratitude once again Master Saint germain and Aruna Mam

  4. I wonder why no other channels are receiving messages from the Ascended Masters telling about Ascension in October. An event of such magnitude should have been communicated to another channels as well, there are some other pure channels in the world.

    By my part, I believe that this event have 50 per cent of chance of coming to pass and 50 per cent of not. Conclusion: none.

    Anyway I am trying to prepare for the eventuality of this coming to pass. Of course that is practically impossible. The advice of putting the affairs in order is a wise one, since no one knows the death moment - death may come before Ascension in October.

    So fellow readers, how are you dealing with this prediction ? Share your toughts, we are in the same boat.

    One thing I know for certain: I will be blaming myself in November. If Ascension comes in October, I will blame myself for not spreading more these messages. If nothing happens, I will blame myself for believing again in false predictions.


  5. Since posting the October prediction I have been made aware of someone in Germany predicting an 11.11.11 ascension date with some significant similarities. This material seems to be complimentary to what I am receiving. Look around, there are probably others.

  6. Probably the similiarities comes from the fact that the Ascension scenario is basically the same in many sources. First and Second Waves, Tribulation for about one year, Third Wave.
    However this 11:11:11 story is a bit forced. In 2009 there was a great fuzz about 11:11:11 as well since November (11) day (11) year (2009 meaning 2 + 9 = 11)
    Nothing has happened. The same has occurred for 6.6.6, 7.7.7, 8.8.8, 9.9.9, etc etc etc.
    However, as I don´t know the contents of the mentioned messages, my analysis stops here.

    In for example there are no messages speaking about Ascension in October or November. I may be mistaken, since I read only the titles, I consider those messages too boring and misleading, if we consider that St. Germain is telling the truth. Not that those messages are false, but the public target doesn´t accept more informative messages, like St. Germain´s, this is the main reason for the rejection of his messages there. People there only accept "uplifting" messages depicting a rosy scenario.


  7. One humble point of view,

    All of us today following this blog are in a way ready for things to come. Almost all of us are in a mood to pack our bags and move on. , Today we have nothing tangible in hands to prove this but our consciousness is the only truth that shines which guides us ( what it was in 2006 and what it is today) , Why is that when the whole world is moving on in a direction that nothing is going to come upon we , a group of people feel that ascension is going to happen it is the same feeling and faith that is going to take us through this. Faith Faith and Faith ........The need of the hour. Master has always guided to be in a NO mind state for ascension to happen . If we are to follow a No Mind concept whether ascension comes or not it is the same ( My very first lesson with Aruna mam on Awakening session).

    I am just making a checklist of what i possess
    My ATM card and my Husband ATM card his and mine the pin numbers, My jewellery and the usual household items and thepeople to whom it is to be handed over all written and sealed in a cover and kept in my house locker . the moment the call comes take out the cover keep it on the table in a visible place and move on .....

    My husband is planning to speak to his very close friend on this as well. He has planned to keep a letter in his office draw so that once the office decides he is absconding they will check his desk and the benefits may go to his parents

    I have informed my co sister and cousin sisters about the process of ascension . My co sister if she does not hear from us for some time she has to come take the keys from neighbour and open the door and do the needful.

    Even if going by the common peerception if nothing is going to happen we continue as usual in a mind free world

    All we need at this point of time is the faith in the mission we have promised to undertake in our soul contract..

    Lets not back out with distractions. I too had doubts on friday but you inner heart awareness makes things clear in a no mind state

    Humble gratitudes

  8. Anon 1,

    I could be wrong, but from my understanding, SG was meaning, before you ascend, cover your bases for those tasks you won't be here to complete when you do ascend. Get the info needed to someone to continue. For example, state this in your will and testament. If you don't leave something, how will anyone know what to do, especially for your wishes for your material stuff left behind. Make up a will just in case. I have, it states my wishes and leads people to this information to clarify (if they can comprehend) what happened to me. Imagine if you were one still on the planet and some of your family simply disappeared with no explanation one day? At least provide some information for them. links to this site could be a good start. Life could be difficult enough for them as it is, then family disappearing on top of it? We also need to care for those we leave behind and possibly lead them to their own opportunity for another ascension event, if it comes later.

    Dear Anselmo,

    There is a lot of info on that site you mentioned. Too much for me in fact and from multiple 'same' sources, to different channels. I prefer to have things as simple as possible. Too much material in the head is wonderful for creating confusion. Been there, done it and still do it :-)

    If in fact we certainly only have 'days', then one thing will be sure, Aruna will not continue to post to this blog. That in itself could be a good verification that the event has happened. However, we can only really know for ourselves, have our own personal experience. All the information is within these messages if the ascension event does happen as planned. People will be free to read them and make their own judgements and decisions. It could be interesting to be a fly on the wall and listen to some of the conversations and comments after the fact. Would most probably make a wonderful movie.

    If nothing happens, so be it. Nothing lost is there? We have all been rocked before, and life will continue until it doesn't.

  9. Hi there,

    For your information, there were some information regarding a possible Ascension doorway sometime in October of this year by others, e.g. Cosmic Awareness did mentioned about an Ascension call coming sometime in November or October of this year during a recent Rumormillnews channeling and I think Dr. Georgi Stankov did mentioned about a possible Ascension call coming sometime later of this year (you can check out "The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. Why and How the World Economic Order will collapse in 2011!" for further information).

    What I think is vital now is that St. Germain provide us as much as information (or last few words) to all of us to cover as much ground before Aruna leave with the first wave, since I have yet to come across anyone else who can channel consistent, authentic and real information from St. Germain or any other Ascended Masters.

    Thank you very much.

  10. Fellow co-readers of S.Germain,s blog.
    In any action taken by the Masters of The Great
    Brotherhood of LIGHT,or Archangels,in my opinion
    there are 2 points to be taken under consideration:
    1.The necessity of giving certain information to the puplic,for cetain events which may happen on
    2.The motives of giving this information to the
    In both cases,is it any possibility of causing
    through released information or data to the puplic,any negative results?
    All this info about future events,IS SUBJECTED
    in all cases, generally speaking,to subseguend valitation or negation.
    If these predictions comes true,by getting these information,we all be prepared for these
    events,in one way or onother,to face,to minimise,or to alter if possible,the consiguenses of these events.
    In case of these predictions are not coming true,does anybody of us is losing anything
    except the fact, that All is been more
    prepared,by all means,for facing these?
    In most channels there is a common factor
    for combading the presend situation:FEAR.
    It is fear been one of the major proplems of Humanity all times,and not the credibility of
    the messages or the teachings of the Masters!
    If more people is prepared for all possible
    scenarios,meaning more awakened and awared,this
    is not a very serious reason for changing the flow of events,and altering,in a way,circomstanses?
    Thanks to Master S.G,All Masters,and Archangels.

    subseguend valitation or negation

  11. It's true. Dott. Georgi Stankov speaks about a strong flow of energy between on 16 October and 11 November 2011, and about ascension wave, of course. And i think he is accurate.

    Anyway, the original ascension plan of the Great White Brotherhood expected three ascension waves. As S.G. says, one is occurred in 2009 and i guess dott. Georgi Stankov ascended during that wave, but he remained here with his physical body as well as others who ascended in that first wave.

    Now, here is the second ascension wave. It's not a mass ascension wave. It's just an individual ascension. So maybe this is one of the reasons why there are so few information talking about that.

    The third ascension wave is indeed the mass ascension wave, so often dealt by different channels. It should occur from the end of 2012...

    Anyway, as S.G. already said, i too invite you all to ask directly to him and your guides, during your meditation.

    On my blog you can find italian translations of S.G.

    Love and Light

  12. Hi, everyone. It's nice to read all your comments. I have been focusing mostly on following my own inner guidance as to what to do or say or prepare. I've told several friends about this, mostly I have made sure enough people know that they will be able to explain to those I can't talk to now (who are not receptive). I am also at peace that my children either will make their own decision to go, or that they will be just fine. I am at peace that all is as it should be, yet I continue to share when I feel I should.

    I also plan on leaving a letter, but have not yet felt it was time to write it. I just find that interesting. I am also watching events around me, like reality is shifting to take care of the impending change, I am seeing support networks form for loved ones. I am comfortable just having faith and trusting that all will work out. There's a constant balancing between doing what I am led to do and allowing all to just be.

    The other place I have seen talk about end of October, is on youtube — see petitelion1207's videos, the one from Sept 5 is I think the first one to mention timing. Also, google Mayan Ninth Wave — the period from 10/28 − 11/11 is supposed to be important, however I don't know what they think is going to "happen". Another place that I enjoyed recently was a channel from AA Michael at

    I have no problem preparing, being open, trusting, and being OK with the possibility nothing happens. No judgment about it. Like someone said, if nothing happens, what is lost? If we focus on No Mind, caring for everything, that there really only is LOVE.

    The other thing for me is, I am at the place where there is no fear, only joy and love. All is well. Others may think I'm crazy, but that's ok. I'll take this place of peace, love and joy without hesitation.

    Hugs to all of you!

  13. As mentioned by one of our member, Dr. Georgi Stankov's Predictions are very much akin to Saint Germain messages Through Aruna.The messages through 2 awakened awareness are highly correlating

    Gratitude everybody for your inputs

    grateful to be a part of this Love and Light

  14. Hi Awake Ascend, thank you for your words :-)

    Regarding Dr. Georgi Stankov, I did a quick research at his website and was surprised to see that the predictions he received are pratically identical to what St. Germain has been saying.
    First Wave in October or early November, Mass Ascension by end of 2012.
    It seems to be a serious work, but I remain cautelous since I have seen many serious sources ending in nothing.
    It would be nice if St. Germain could comment on his work.


  15. This is the modern world world we live in Saint Germain easily understood in this interview with Chris Hedges on "Occupy Wall Street" which is happening now in New York...

    We are a conquered people... the economy has become global plutocracy... governments ruled by the rich..who sit on their wealth and control the most powerful governments in the world.
    A criminal class of powerful oligarchs have ceased power in the powerful nation states of the world and have no vision for truth and justice for humanity and the falling earth,
    who are above the rule of law...the issue is now cosmic in scope... a world revolution has begun and the common good people of humanity and the sacred earth are exhausted...there is not a working person or family l know of that is not stressed to the max in this mad economic system we live in.

    Our calls to the IAM and the Hierarchy to help restore justice and divine balance against the overwhelming material, economic and psychological powers against the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity and the sacred earth are not responded too at a level we feel is required for what we are up against...we have done everything we can many of us for decades of work in spiritual, environmental, economic and social justice...and now we must concede and retreat to the next dimensions and leave our exhausted family our brothers and sisters and the precious children of our time abandoned in an uncertain chaos is a sad state of cosmic affairs on both sides of the veils l am sorry to say. l do not understand the cosmic laws any more. This is how l feel today..tomorrow l hope, l will feel different.

  16. @ ~WhiteFire~

    Yes, it is very difficult to look at our world and what is happening on her, without a reaction, which is most often a negative one. We have such a beautiful planet being ruined before our very eyes, many are out for what they can take, and taking someone else down is called winning, very sad indeed. Our constant prayers may be heard, but little seems to be done in the scheme of things, as you say. Why this is all happening, is often beyond my thinking.

    What an amazing and different world we would have if the population genuinely loved and cared for each other. The dream will soon be over and then I will wake up.

  17. NOW we are in the thick of what you have termed 'ascension'. However, it has not 'turned out' as you had anticipated, has it wonderful masters? In the Grand Scheme of the Cosmos, it has actually spiraled and expanded into an even more magnificent manifestation which, due to YOUR efforts, has already 'happened' upon all 'levels' of BEing -- except this one timeline you have jumped to in order to include ALL of humanity in its benefits. Its manifestation in 'this', the lowest vibrational 'reality' of Gaia still in active existence, is now in process -- as all shall soon see, but more importantly FEEL, for them Selves :-) . . . . . Please KNOW that YOU are the Ones you were always waiting and hoping for to create this Grand Shift. And that you have succeeded, and magnificently so! Relax, finish up your 'baggage dumping', and prepare for the New Earth you have always dreamed of. Just click your dancing heels twice and repeat after me: I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM......