Friday, September 23, 2011

Nibiru Contact is a Myth

My messages have all been about the next days and ascension. My dear ones, your curiosity about future events does nothing to advance these two awarenesses that are most needed today.

Nibiru is neither a galactic death constellation nor a contributor to the axis change. It does not exist in your universe. Have the conspiracy theorists been able to concoct a new planet to frighten you? Apparently they have, at least it appears so.

Can you turn your attention away from current events or controller fear dynamics, including the threat of death to the planet from this or any other contact mechanism? None of these creative dramas are accurate. My comet communication was to tell you there will be many changes, not total destruction. No comet or other method of destroying Earth is needed—man has already provided an activation of destruction that needs no assistance.

Are you ready to drop your fear so you can ascend? Fear cancels the ability to accept the amount of light needed to dematerialize a body. Cancel your dream that includes death and destruction. Believe in one thing only: I AM THAT I AM. Nothing else is accurate.

The Masters and angels are all clamoring for ascension. No other detail that can deter ascension needs attention. Are you able to accept ascension as a reality? Are you afraid of this? Make a commitment to ascend before there are no days left to do this. Practice meditation or another form of being quiet. Allow the God within to make all your choices, and let gratitude be your approach to life, not complaints.

Make no mistake, when the call comes you will be notified as a candidate to ascend IF you have done what my messages have asked. My words about this have been clear. Your choices are the difference between ascension or not.

Being calm, clear, awake and aware are the candidates most important details. Fake gossip about anything and everything calls for your attention. Be clear that only inner direction is to get your attention.

My fellow contributors to these messages and the Masters and Mankind blog do not want to control or disturb anyone, only prepare you to make the most informed choices. Now is the time to be very careful about accepting any man's conclusions about the future. Nothing is carved in concrete to be made an absolute. All can be altered at God's call.

Many of you are able to ascend. Count the days now, as only days are left. Weeks? Maybe.  Months? No more to be counted. During October on your calendar there will be an amazing door to ascension. Are you able to go through this door?

Be with the angels as you go. Be one of the angels and lead others. Be as you are, an angel in human clothing. Remember this concept and let others know: "All of humanity is matter that will go back to dust."
All the best.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna



  1. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Apart from the month of October, which you mentioned an Ascension call is coming, is this the "one and only one door" for those who choose to ascend and dematerialize in God's wonderful way?

    From your viewpoint right now, all subsequent Ascension waves would be through the natural death cycles? Any changes on this matter by God? E.g. 2nd round of dematerialization next year?

    I think this is a question that is also on some people's mind as well. Thank you very much.

  2. I have previously said that there would be a second wave of ascension about one year after the first.

  3. My apologies St. Germain,

    You did mentioned that there would be another wave of Ascension (Making Things More Clear, 3rd May 2011), but it would something of an experiment, which you have mentioned, "Group two will be the test group of those who can gift the world with grace without being demanding of the land or its contents. Happiness as a community will be the lesson. All who remain after the first mass ascension are to live in this consciousness as they prepare themselves to ascend with the next group." How can this 2nd group gift the world with grace? Sounds like it's a more demanding task and require some special skills to do so.

    In this same article, you also mentioned that 5th Dimension candidates have ascended energetically, not disappear and "... they will act out the entire characterization of their current personality as though all continues to be a change of dimension in human development on Mother Earth. She will continue to deteriorate, as described on many occasions, and they will continue to act out the drama in this new dimension of consciousness."
    What does it mean to ascend energetically? No 3D carbon body?

    Does that mean these 5th Dimension ascended candidates are still going to be affected by Earth changes and deterioration in another way? Doesn't sound like a nice place to be, when things starts to break down and deteriorate all around you...

    Finally, could St. Germain also inform us of any new information about the asteroid (behind comet Elenin) and comet Elenin available? What other "next days" issues and items which we should be aware about? Besides getting ready with camping gear and basic necessities (e.g. water, food, etc.). As there is no timetable, your "next days" can be weeks or months to come.

    Thank you very much.

  4. I would like to have more vibrational communications with saint-germain until i ascend for completelly
    I think he knows when the time is right to send me his violet flame

    The violet flame and the Yellow flame are sisters.

  5. The little brother who don't knows nothing

  6. About storing food and Water etc: What about the masses of people who are struggling to feed themselves every day, that are not in a position to store anything because they're poor? Does it mean that only the rich can prepare and the poor can just go on and starve to death?

  7. Hello from advice to all those who feel near ST germain maestro;
    read the message with the brain, one or more times.then close your eyes and try to see the violet flame, and repeat the message.plan ...plan are reading with soul his message.then try to understand the brain and soul.the message to be 3

  8. (Saint-Germain)

    Hi it is me again it is your problem if you don't understand messages

    this universe is made of shit
    on spiritual universes everybody are spiritual beings and there are many or a lot of saint-germain

    why do we live shit here
    because there is only one saint-germain

  9. Why do we suffer cause there is only one Saint Germain

  10. Nobody remembers who am i.

  11. But what is this shit will we live one day?
    or we will only do missions

    Ashtar says he puts some souls inside a machine
    this means that he admits that he created humans to justify his eternity

    And then he speaks about primary creator

  12. And I want to learn more about non freedom of choice

  13. I am forgeting what love is here
    thanks to god i have kept memories of songs on my brain so it could help me to remember at this Moments

  14. SG, it seems the best things for me to do would be concentrate on my awareness, awaken from the dream, focus on ascension within myself, love the day as it all happens and not have any expectations of anything. If ascension happens for me I will be most grateful, if not, I have to accept I have more work to do on myself, or it simply wasn't within my life contract.

    I pray I will ascend with the children I helped bring into this world.


  15. I had a dream in wich i see a building with a pool.
    And the building has a lot of windows
    every window was one mind one of the masters.
    the pool was the spirit of the nature and i felt i see myself from above
    i felt like i was watching myself in the eyes of another one and i felt my own building
    Then i felt im using a computer
    and then i sleeped

    And in the night i only remember i dreamed i wanted to ascend but i couldn't
    And it has a dramatic bad sensation alchemy
    I like to sleep and dream because my dreams always contain a lot of alchemy

    I pray I will ascend with the children I helped bring into this world.

  16. I'm so happy that i helped to bring more Indigo Children to the spirit of Gaia
    So Indigo is a tone of violet
    So Saint-Germain is the famous Indigo Master
    I Love him so much
    and i have seen many
    pictures of him i don't know wich one is the highest truth
    I feel the ascended masters are responding to my call and now it is my responsability to send them positive information for helping them
    And i hope Saint-Germain is working now on another masters and helping them to ascend to 4/5 dimension Lutzbel
    I think one day i will become a violet master but for now here everything becomes much more harder
    life could have a lot of alchemy but humanity do not knows how to connect to it
    alchemy of the earth of the plants the elementary particles
    sometimes when the time is good for me i connect to higher alchemies
    And Egypt has a special alchemy
    I hope in the future on the "New Earth" i will be able to be more calm and to connect to the free alchemy that is everywhere as only i know how to
    i'm not speaking about the violet flame, i'm speaking about a special alchemy that mostly comes while dreaming sleeping but it is possible to remain connected while being AWAKENED


  17. "Count the days now, as only days are left. Weeks? Maybe. Months? No more to be counted. During October on your calendar there will be an amazing door to ascension."

    Wow, this is a serious claim. It doesn´t come as a total surprise, since at the end of 2010 St. Germain said in one message that there would be a door for Ascension opening by end 2011.
    That makes the present claim more important still, since it is not some prediction coming out of blue, it was expected since last year at least.
    Regardless if it will come to pass or not, the consequences of this prediction will be big.
    If yes, it will mean that End Times has begun in a dramatic fashion. First and Second Waves disappearing in one month, shocking and confusing the world, one year of chaos due big Earth changes, Third Wave at end of 2012 and then the final days for those not participating the Ascension Waves.
    The basic script for End Times predicted in many sources, including Bible.
    However, if nothing happens and things continue "business as usual", then this would have been a false prediction, and one more blow in the credibility of these St. Germain´s messages, perhaps the final one for many readers.

    Regarding Nibiru, it became irrelevant face this predicted scenario. If it exists or not doesn´t matter for the Ascension candidates, since the Three Waves of Ascension will take place before it arrives, if it exists indeed.


  18. Thanks Saint Germain to help wake up people to the psyop of Nibiru.

    if you want too see a real comet fireball live today on Occupy Wall Street

  19. I'm sorry but the truth is that i do not see myself ascending
    but i hope i will ascend anyway because last time i did that it was a surprise
    but now i am more ready than then for ascending and not stopping the vibrations until it ends by itself
    And i want to say thanks to Saint-Germain because he is helping me to ascend to 4/5 dimensiuon and by this to live at this time a lot of better
    Thank you!

    Anyway, Jesus Christ will save me no matter what