Sunday, September 4, 2011

Comet Elenin and our World

The children of God are all being called upon to find the love that has been activated within them, not only ascension candidates. All of humanity has been powerfully contacted in their etheric awareness about how their mental decisions are needing to be more caring. This can mean less damage will occur when comet Elenin moves between the sun and the earth. Both pieces of the orbiting comet are now coming towards an antigravity cavity, and when they enter the vicinity of this cavity their presence will begin to lower the density of man's continents as the comet pieces continue to make their way around the galaxy.

Careful change now can delete the cranial disturbances that the effects of this event may cause. It is not possible to eliminate the comet's contact, as mandates of this kind do not change the course of a comet, they can only lessen the effects by influencing the proximity of the path in some degree.

What do humans need to change? Words and attitudes that are not caring, and actions against any of God's creations. Why? To adjust the frequency of mass consciousness to match what will occur when Elenin goes into the influence of the antigravity cavity. When this occurs the elimination of dense contact will change in the way all of God's children are connected in kind. As this comet continues its orbit, any contained dense charge within the atmosphere of cohesion of mass consciousness will be deleted by the increased comet dross. What you can anticipate is death and destruction. But please realize the odds against a man being able to transform his negative contribution to mass consciousness on a moment's notice. What can be done NOW cannot be done after the comet enters the antigravity area.

Caring about the effects of the comet is not the reason for this mention of it. My comet revelations will add incentive to creating a higher consciousness for those who choose to act upon this message. The gift of the comet is to bring the entire planet to more awareness. Why? Changing mass consciousness can delete many disasters. Comets are dangerous and can destroy many. Can you do the one thing that can cancel these effects? Meditate, get quiet. Be aware, not afraid. Close any concepts about dismissing the comet with your mental ability. Pretending there are no effects can cause more unwanted challenges than canceling your negative thinking. Please don't give my words any disturbed attitudes, realize only more choices that come from the heart. Continuation of the current negative attitudes calls to man's world  major alterations to the planet's configuration, with other effects to follow.

Change is on the way. Never before has a comet connection been so tenuous. An astroid comes behind it. Are you able to defer to its way around your universe? You can. First deal with the Elenin disturbances in a conscious manner. Welcome all of these disturbances and let go of any mental upset you have about any topic. Feel awkward, dismayed or confused, but not afraid. Fear is not going to favor the candidate's delivery to ascension. Being positive and caring are my messages for today.

Are you able to differentiate between caring and admitting fear, and allowing fear to dominate the face of your body?

Tell us your fears, and give them an avenue to be released. Act like they are okay, but not needed. Face the fear and give it to our mastery.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thanks to Aruna and St Germain for this warning in regards to Elenin's visit. I am at peace with the likely consequences of the visit by this "comet". It sounds then that dense energies (speak negativity) will be deleted. This would likely affect people with very low vibrations I suppose apart from earth changes?!

    My question however is about the pieces and parts of this comet. Can MSG tell us if this comet is manned. Are beings steering this comet? "On board" or remotely perhaps? When can we expect this event more or less?

  2. I'm happy for helping humanity
    what fear are you talking about my friend?
    i give you my happiness so you can think correctly
    in happiness there is no fear and it is in 3d

    i don't know what will happen with ascension to 5d

    i think that creator's will is to live in happiness in 3d but without any opression or any negative souls
    and with more advanced technology for the good of humanity
    humanity needs to stop any kind of negativity and opression

    With the help of the Yellow Flame

    I am World Government the Yellow Flame

  3. Whats the problem of humanity that they dont understand we dont need physical death
    yes it is greate the physical experiences but the spiritual are better for me
    well everybody have freedoom of being material souls or spiritual

    Life is eternal

  4. But i would like to ascend so i can have healing powers

    and to free my DNA mind

    and by this helping humanity

    and no density
    and continiousness

  5. l agree with you SG that Elenin is creating an energetic effect on consciouness on the planet..
    but so much for this doomsday event and praise to Beloved Helios and Vesta our wonderful loving Solar Logos...

    Because of a significant recent solar corona event Comet Elenin has begun the irreversible process of breaking up.

    Now it is absolutely clear that the comet’s drop in brightness after this recent cornal ejection. On August 19, a massive solar flare and coronal mass ejection hit the comet, which may have been the beginning of the end
    for the much ballyhooed lump of Ice, Rock and Dirt...ever to hit our solar good piece of news is l think millions of people
    are now more interested in the mysteries of the stars because of this lump of rock and ice than ever before in human history.

    you can see the breakup here:

    Here is Elenin in 2007 with a long tail which is no more:

    Comets are fragile objects, easily disrupted by solar heat. As a result, the possible breakup of Comet Elenin, while unexpected, comes as no surprise to astro-bloggers. It is possible that in October when the comet moves into the morning sky, we will no longer be able to see what once was Comet Elenin.

    Comet Holmes was the real Blue Star Kachina whose Corona was larger then the sun in November 2007

  6. I don't think SG's comments were all that favorable, it sounds to me that this comet is going to be death a destruction to dense thinking to purify the mass consciousness. That's the message I got.

  7. I AM THAT I AM.

    Dear St G, you have asked us to present our fears to you. Right now, I cannot find one when I look inside. That is not saying I am fear free, I am sure there will be something to deal with. Perhaps I can ask you to reveal something I am not aware of?

    I am actually more into let's get on with ascension now, why stall the inevitable? Yes, I know, my patience is rather low and I like to motivate quickly when I want to do something, waiting is not my most favourable character trait, and I have little concern for those showing no care and going out of their way to attack others. I am annoyed this is actually allowed to happen, with innocent souls suffering. I want it to be all over and done with now. So perhaps these are some things I need to work on?

    Elenin will do it's thing soon and all of us will be witness. It may just pass us by or it may decide to pay a personal visit. Either way, I feel the general population needs a wake-up call, regardless of the catalyst.

  8. Hi Ethericplane,

    Some reader may think this is not exactly how we in society would look upon it as compassion and favourable, but on the other hand, who are we to judge and determine the energy which we call God.

    I think we need to shake things up big time and bring about the much needed awareness to turn humanity around in the shortest time possible. If it is not too big an impact, people would dismiss after a while, what is needed right now to wake humanity up is an impact which is relevant and big enough that it would totally shake the very core of our being and etched into our memories for sometime to come.

    Can St. Germain also comment would this event be sufficient enough to take down the Illuminati cabal and its entire system of darkness?

  9. MSG's message of today (9/16/11) is very helpful to me regarding 'discernment'. There are soooo many completely contradictory coming senarios scattered throughout spiritual web sites, that if we're following them all, we find ourselves back in our minds and not in our hearts. In this case, we are no doubt very confused at this point. BUT, being 'very confused', seems to STOP the confusion(!) because at that point we find ourselves letting go and returning to an attitude of "whatever"(!), returning to an attitude which allows God's plan to unfold as it will, and bringing us back to basics...meditate and reconnect with the Heart.