Thursday, November 24, 2011

Can the Ascension Make a Difference?

After the ascension in consciousness many of you are wondering why the predictions of a full disappearance have not occurred. When this was predicted we had no idea of the number of souls who would accept a disappearance. Accepting it was a key to ascending in consciousness. Being attached to a material world matrix could destroy the man's co-operation for any kind of ascension. A "yes" to disappearing was needed to ascend 3D consciousness.

Pure consciousness in a man does not mean there are no opinions or anxiety about current events. It does mean there is no fear about anything. We needed to determine the availability of those who were not attached to human experience. Masters do not need to leave the human realm to be at an awareness level of pure light. We have determined that 1,500,000 are now at this awareness level. We are very happy with this. It means a massive alteration in mass consciousness has occurred. What's next? A full disappearance of bodies will come as the mental disappearance of personal identity continues. A major change can occur in an instant, but not all of the 1,500,000 can levitate from full transcendent frequencies yet. Next is the lessening of dense matter by conduit status. Being a full conduit, without any distortions, deletes material density. Serving as an anchor of white light begins with channeling, but  more physical changes occur when no "channel" is needed. By this I mean that the claim of being a channel disappears as a man ceases to identify with body, mind and spirit as being one's "self." This completes the detachment necessary for a full ascension.

We've completed one of the most difficult achievements: graduating one and one-half million ascended masters. Next we help to make them a dominant light influx on their own matrix. Another quantifying consciousness appearance is their character. When there is no attachment to the material world, giving becomes  a natural way of Being. No holding on to anything completes the annihilation of dense consciousness. Matter appears when mental attitudes densify the light. Allowing the light to flow without any contractions is the next step. Your contractions must disappear because this is what will provide more alignment to God's will than the mass consciousness has previously allowed.

When dross thoughts disappear, including thoughts that claim identification as a human, an awakening has fully annihilated the context of the "me and other" attitude. More light instantly becomes available. An awakened master will impact many by merely being present. Change in the awakened man's body depends on the delivery of light he is able to allow. One who can maintain an aura of light in all circumstances has become a divine chalice.

Acting normal as "God that is a man" is the last material contribution. When this is neither an interest or a concern, an active ascension has occurred. It was amazing to observe this from our way of witnessing.  Celebratory actions on our side were minute compared to the light frequency all of these masters generated in their homes and countries of physical residence.

Charm is not a criteria of ascension. Naming names is not wanted. Giving this awareness to all can cancel many dreaded consequences of destruction that have been catalyzed by negative attitudes against "others." Changing human demonstrations into light cannot be done in an instant, but can come about as a consequence of the love energy making its contribution to the mass consciousness. Are you one of those contributing love to all of these "against" demonstrations? If you are, be content with things as they are and allow the pure consciousness that brings change on a moment to moment basis to be fully available through you. This kind of help is about being empty rather than mentally calling for mind's concepts of how mind would like things to be. To live as an ascended master is to give God full reign. Being has more impact than doing - even mental doing.

Bless with the highest light by being present and mentally empty. Bless the entire universe with no doing.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you from my heart Aruna and St.Germain.
    Either way, existing here or in a light - form, does not really matter. When we understand I AM THAT I AM transcends naming a form of being, we also then understand we ARE the light either way. Any way we are needed most. Any way we can be of the most service. I want to shine the strongest light in what ever way it helps humanity. We came here to heal, grow, learn, shine and love beyond concept and even form of existence. I trust and when and how it all changes, is up to God. Trust in the journey is everything. All my love and light in gratitude for all the experiences.

  2. Thank you for this message.



  3. I just have some questions about this message.
    When St.Germain talks of a channel here, does he mean channeling light or channeling other beings from higher dimensions?

    So we are 1,5 Million that are responsible to carry the light of this planet at the moment, this is less than 0,02 %. What happened to all the star seeds?

    So, the question of full ascension is still left open, also depending on our continued evolution. So the fact that we have ascended in consciousness does not automatically qualify you for a full ascension?

  4. master ST.G.Aruna.grazie for your help, to all operators of light between 2 worlds we are activating the code of compassion.the dna. our consciousness be the bridge . transcend the dualities. our reward be free man and help drama unfolds when consciences are surrender.the joy and the vision.the ascension being a bridge between 2 worlds like a rainbow.

  5. Hey i Will say thanks to Saint Germain
    For it is a so beautiful act while he helps to Lucifer to Ascend from 3d into 4/5 d
    this is an act of caring this is an act of giving and helping

  6. And i wanted to Ask if i will be possible to recover all that has been lost on these times including psychic powers

  7. I am happy again anyway

  8. Recently l communicated my experiences in the Christ Consciousness, the Siddhis, Clairvoyance and Telepathic communication with Ascended beings and nature beings, the Luminous Light body after decades of practice in Raja and Karma Yoga and l my thoughts on personal and global ascension etc in a so called spirit center...and l was just judged almost at an assault level of criticism and judgement...

    It was quite interesting... how consensus reality and the status quo and consensus worldview the current or existing state of affairs of consciousness defines the reality
    of even good people who are spirituality interested...most people even the most evolved have not developed an interest in realizing there is a super consciousness being and evolution inside of them...the caterpillar does not know it can be a butterfly.

    (See Matthew 24:40-41; Luke 17:34-36.)

    ~Two men will be in the field;
    one will be taken and the other left.
    Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left
    I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed; one will be taken and
    the other left.~

    Those not desirous of going hence into super consciousness, into the ascending universe, because l think this is happening in the whole universe will remain upon the third-density Earth-plane, as we go into the fourth, fifth and even seventh light body dimensions.

    Gods universal compassion and love is going to balance things out here from the dark polarity but how many hundreds and thousands of physical incarnations do you want till we get it.


  9. Dear Saint Germain,
    In this post you say that "Pure consciousness in a man does not mean there are no opinions or anxiety about current events", and previously you have spoken of the importance of having "no mind". I am not sure if I understand how it is ok to have opinions but be of no mind. Could you please clarify this?
    Kindest regards,
    IATIA 8)