Monday, November 28, 2011

Masters Have Answered Our Call

My dear ones. Those changes made to the ascension scenario are not really changes at all. Consider the death of ego to be the disappearance of "you." All who ascended are now delivering the One consciousness. What happens to the body now makes no difference, as "you" are not the body. Please accept that what happened IS what was predicted. The number of masters we now have on Earth have dramatically increased and they do not carry the density they once had. A new day has dawned and another conclusion can come from these alterations. Cosmic consciousness is now anchoring in numerous areas of your planet. Call this more "light," but it is more than that. Catalysts for more ascension candidates are now contributing to the major consciousness changes that need to be made. Welcome all who are now the change agents as new cast members to your movie. None of them carry the angst they once had. All of them carry a high love quotient that will be delivered wherever they are. Truth is now available as the answer to those challenges in your daily awareness.

Maintaining this new auric frequency is now up to each of the newly ascended masters. Can they eradicate their anchoring ability? Yes, they can—by re-identifying with their previous beliefs.

Chosen ones are those who have chosen to give God their allegiance. What these masters have done is turn their human contributions to the movie over to divine grace. When they do leave their bodies there will be no lingering concepts that can cause another incarnation. Their work completed on 11-11-2011. Falling from grace was their only challenge during their very first embodiment. Maintaining grace is now their only challenge for the next year.

Super conscious beings can deliver great wisdom as well as provide contact with a master. Continue to dream what must be dreamed to turn around current conditions. Change the attitude of those who doubt by demonstrating your courage to deliver your new awareness to those who can accept it. Face negativity and doubt with caring.

Who are you? Continue to ask this question to anyone who has the ability to consider themselves divine, not just human. Worship no conduits for divine messages, or any other national or historical persona. None of these are the masters that can lead you to grace. You are the master now. Be a devotee of the God aspect in your own quantum field. When the dear ones who are now masters walk on the land they make a concentration of light for all of their companions in the movie.

Are these words as clear to you as they are to me? Are you being a catalyst to open others up to ascension—not with words, but only with grace?

Television cannot give anyone grace directly, only content that can deliver one to facing their greatest fears. This is actually a good thing. Meditate daily to keep the more challenging conditions around you at arms length. Cause and effect do not matter to ascended masters, but causing lots of caring is your assignment. Free as many as you can from heartache. Be the drum that can beat an answer to any challenge. Make this day a light filled one. May peace beam on all who can inspire more peace.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Wonderful indeed....
    shucks :( Violet Brother...
    like an Angel l wanted to disappear. : )

  2. But why nothing is happening this is a non ending waiting

  3. What can i do i ascension do not occur automatically?
    Humans have tentated me to stay here again

    and i feel very pressured and oppreseed
    When the opportunity comes