Friday, November 4, 2011

Waking Up to Oneness

Change to the human experience is now being demanded, and every drama that is being acted now cancels out the goals of the controllers. When the next big drama begins, it will demonstrate their lack of effectiveness in eliminating all of man's greatness. More negative energy will be dealt with— freeing up answers to all of their most dangerous attitudes. Eliminating their control of the money machine is the most important thing now. Sending the doctors more answers to good health (other than medicine) is another, and giving more attention to answers for Mother Earth must come next. All of these material world directions are needed for more a more complete ascension on the last wave.

Will these contributions make a difference in the eventual lifting of all from the planet? No, what needs to be dramatized in this dimension does not alter man's chosen destiny. However, making these adjustments now will give a movement in consciousness demonstration to those who are not yet able to ascend, and this can make it possible for them. All is in perfect order. God's way may not be clear to man's deluded mind, but it makes good sense to those who can clearly hold the whole drama in their awareness.

Practice the art of being unattached to outcomes and get the most benefit from each change that occurs. Once the ascension has defined our overthrow of the controller's agendas, the light will desintegrate the dross that remains in all of those dear ones who have assisted in the controller mandate.

Prepare to ascend, and channel the light through your body as it occurs. Are these messages in alignment with others now? I think you will be surprised at the advance notice that is now available to all who are aware.

One of the questions asked of me lately was about the destiny of the lost ones who are not on the ascension path. My answer is: all are on the ascension path. None are out of our consciousness. All are ONE and all can ascend. Are all going to ascend before the next "dance of leela" begins in another dimension? No, but they can. No one needs to be out of the last wave. Chances are they are completely unaware of our aid in their advancing awareness, but that doesn't matter. All, as ONE, will be demonstrating their new awareness next month—then we will gather the momentum towards the next ascension. You are being developed as One, not only as individuals. And yes, the controllers are also being developed so they can ascend at their course's delivery of a new consciousness.

Facts are being accumulated that can turn them around during the next months. Healing needs to happen, not only on your dimension. Many disturbed ones are in the astral who also need to ascend. Collectively they need more alignment with their own hearts. An answer to this is the ascension of those first to go. When this occurs they can also be energized and advanced in awareness. Starseeds and other children of the universe will all be allowed to ascend. No one will be discarded. They can only disqualify themselves—they will get on the train or not.

When the new drama unfolds we will all be anointed as ONE big God consciousness. ONE heart in many human bodies and the angelic light bodies. Fear is next to go. Fear will not be an obstacle to the next days' condition of caring. Pure, advanced love will abound—none of this conditional love will remain. Pure, unconditional acceptance and caring are next. All of us on this level of awareness are about to go to the next level also. This is one of the benefits of love.

Be ONE with all of our dream controllers NOW and get on with ascension and the gifts it will bring to all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled b Aruna


  1. Dear Master St Germain, this is SO exciting! I can only continue to thank you, your colleagues and Aruna for your work. I also want to thank you for your mention of the green and gold flames in the last entry, as I believe this helps validate a message I received last month from Master Kuthumi about the green and gold light. I am very new to channeling so this feedback is very much appreciated. So too are the techniques provided within your course on channeling, which I most highly recommend to others. Thank you again, Namaste.

  2. Yes
    before the end we will all live together and with love and happiness

  3. WOW!
    Thank You!
    Much Love to You!
    Ascended Master Saint Germain & Aruna

  4. So yesterday - while traveling from Denver to Colorado Springs (70 miles), my car stopped 3 miles short of Colorado Springs and needed to be towed. I maintained good spirits being aware of a bigger purpose and felt that the energy of Colorado Springs was one of much control energy... So I shared love with the people and town and raised its vibration...

    I received great guidance from the 11/1 message of
    "This is why we ask our conduits to go to different places. Moving around does more to advance the consciousness in every area they appear. We want them to activate the awareness of anyone who can accept it."

    And the car issue ended up being that it was out of gas - which was "impossible" without the workings of spirit.

    Much Love!


  5. maestro ST.G e Aruna.saluti e amore from italy.
    be all day that I see the flames Green gold. eventually I saw crystals that are in line with Central Sun of arturo. 2 poles are compassion gene in the dna of human Galactic all be online-peace.

  6. Aruna, St. Germain your support is very precious rightnow.

    I am so grateful for your great work.

    St. Germain, I would like to know if you have already some idea or cue about your next human channel.
    I know you have said it would be better starting to channel from ourself. But you said also that you are looking for someone, a pure channel.

    Will we know who is the next one before Aruna leaves?

    I guess I will not ascend on the first wave, so I was thinking if there are any requirements to start channelling you.


  7. I would like to be a channel too.
    I am activating my armony between subconscious and psichyc powers, what means that i am being perfect for channeling cause i am connected to the electricity of humanity.
    The subconscious mind power represents the kingdom of the soul and it's vibration and personality and the spirit.
    The psychic power represents the kingdom of the body and genetical vibration and it's personality.
    In 4 dimension and 7/8 we can raise the armony b
    between them much more.
    But the armony between them is 3/4 dimension even 4 for some moments.
    The best dimension for the armony between them, the brain power its 4d, but in 5 we can raise them even much more.

    In fact we are all channelers of everything .
    Every one channels a part .
    But here by channeling they mean to be in full sinchrony with humanity and let the truth be represented through you and your brain translates it into words that represent it

  8. Thank You for the great message.


  9. A question for St. Germain ~

    St. Germain, in a November,5 message to Mary Clark, Marianna, Florida, Jesus says:

    "I am about to make My appearance."

    Could you please comment about the connection between the announced appearance of Jesus and the Ascension of the group expected to ascend by November-December ?