Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Collapse of the Controller's Agenda

What has happened to the dross that was let go during the ascension? It disolved into nothing, just as any dis-ease does when no life force keeps it materialized. Ascension did to negative energy what it is now doing to all the dross in the collective consciousness.

What has been dormant for many centuries is the aliveness in the hearts of the conduits that has been needed to lift all of humanity. This has been changed in one day of your time. Affirmative content in the attitudes of life's "can do" deliverers means more aliveness for all who are being touched by these attitudes. When we look at mass consciousness now, the dark is outweighed by love. So much so that we may soon find a big alteration in those human activities that are now looking dark. Awakening those who are making dark clashes in the atmosphere may not occur in an instant, but it can occur during the life of many who are now negative.

Answers to questions can now resume. One of the questions is about the next manifestation in the ascension delivery—what will it look like? No matter what is said about this, man will do nothing to control the next days. All who are awaiting a complete disappearance may die before it occurs. It doesn't matter now because an ascension of great magnitude has already occurred. After this there is no need for a major collapse of the world economy to bring more love to all facets of life. We may now see a new way to clear the dream of man's greed. Are you able to see this controller game going out of existence? It will, and there will be a most candid disclosure when it does. When this occurs we will laugh at the dream's complete loss of direction by its majority at the manipulation generated by the few. Await this new dream, it is about to come in a new emergence of material that offers more than just transparency.

Are any of the answers now available? No, only a minute amount of detail has been revealed. None of the major corporations involved are lacking money. They are the link to overturning economies that are collapsing, not governments. Corporations that have dominated governments are the answer to full change. Get them to lead the way to more caring and this will disturb those making the decisions that have caused all of the mess now driving the conspiracy. Not theories, actual conspiracy.

False information, new dreamers, and answers that have come out of life's games are at their most active moment in world history right now. Only a major cancellation of these active manipulations can make things different. When this occurs we will begin the ascension of all the humans who are able to disappear.

Cancellation of the conspiracy will be the next act of courage. Those causing the drama of money are about to let go of their control. When this occurs we will have a most interesting drama to watch. "Fun for the free" is all we can call it.

Generally, no dream is complete without a happy ending, and yours is not going to be any different. When we are able to greet one another in another contact mode the game of the controllers who are currently in charge will be over. Now it is about to collapse. Be aware, as new ways to live are about to begin.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    Looking at this latest update, I can't help but feel confused and surprised at the big changes which were mentioned by St. Germain, it is totally different by what was mentioned in previous articles...

    Where does this information lead humanity to now? How has this changed the Ascension proess for everything and everyone on Earth? Is the Illuminati cabal about to collapse totally? Would the Orion and Reptilian races be giving up control on this planet soon? Would the current global economy and momentary system be dismantled leading to another system that is more harmonious and loving? Would there be mass arrest of the dark forces and ET Disclosure on the horizon? There are rumors that some of these dark cabal are trying to start another war in the Middle East, how true is that? Ascended Master Vywamus says free energy is coming soon, is that an indication that hidden technologies are about to be revealed to the masses? So many questions, how about some answers? I guess many of us are interested to know...

    Thank you very much... :)

  2. Wonder if this channel will go by the way of Blossom Goodchild? Seems to me after reading these msgs for a long time that it would be easier for them to just keep submitting the same text and just change the date. It's always -Soon to take place-
    It's been like this for about 18 yrs. Since this channeling start. IMO the beings on this planet are tired of what seem to be fairy tales.

    Good Luck all

  3. "Corporations that have dominated governments are the answer to full change."
    I fully understand what you mean Saint Germain. I see it possible to happen as you describe it. Thank you.

  4. "Corporations that have dominated governments are the answer to full change."
    My understanding is that real change is from the inside of our beings to the outside world, not from inside of corporations to the outside etc!!

  5. When we look at mass consciousness now, the dark is outweighed by love...

    ...True enough...common humanity is now One
    now but totally exhausted.

    So much so that we may soon find a big alteration in those human activities that are now looking dark....

    ...We need a complete redesign of the global economic system a Jubilee of
    Debt forgiveness both in countries and individually and a world green economy... Controllers are still in charge.
    They the controllers do not want it...they want slaves and massive population reduction.

    Man will do nothing to control the next days.

    ...True indeed... we are in Gods hands... the global civilization is now collapasing so many people l know are just tired of living in the treadmill of an oil and gas military war selfish economy, corrupt indifferent governments, corporations and economics, we are not living we are lost on a falling world...
    on a dying planet so many children in the world...with nothing...l would rather Ascend l am too damm tired...trying to be an idealist fighting for truth and justice in a world that does not a world of little values and ideals...or virtues or truth...can Excalibur
    rise...l do not know anymore..

    Are you able to see this controller game going out of existence....?

    ....Maybe..We need a world movement for a new Era....but how...? who will sponsor this...

    Now it is about to collapse. Be aware, as new ways to live are about to begin...

    ....Brother in the deepest respect you appear to be setting a high expectation as
    before that may not happen...

    If this is True... May God Speed...
    we have run out of time...

    ...It is true we are now in the 5th Dimension on the ground here...

    The Mighty Tiger knows when he Bows to the Goddess Child...that something new is now here.

  6. To whom does this matter? Enjoying, smiling, spontaneously laughing, peace and love. Who Am I. Thank you Dear Saint Germain for your great and enduring Love. Thank you Aruna for yours as well. May we pass all our tests. :)) Anonymous 2

  7. those corporations that have the power to do good or do evil, those decision makers will now be able to choose good in good conscience and i think there is hope. it used to be those same corporations making threats on our governors, or paying them off, and now they are changing their attitudes. and i have changed mine. i used to look at my boss like a tyrant. now i see her vulerabliity and i am able to care and make caring choices as her employee