Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making a Difference in the Human Drama

My dear ones. We are One. There is no difference between us except for mental concepts. My essence is love, and so is yours. This love is expressed as my messages and my desire to lead you to the highest light that a human can be - an ascended master.

For many decades I have given messages. My name is well documented from content given by me through channeled discourses. We will not contradict any of these. But my name has been taken by deceivers having no love to offer, and their delivery of non-aware messages has damaged my credibility here. Considerable time has been given to these messages. Why? Not because the channel is completely duped to accept them. When I chose her to do them she had not been channeling for more than ten years. Why begin again? Care and devotion to the One. We are all able to give way to greed, but her motive was free of this. No compensation has ever been discussed by her. I, on the other hand, asked her to create my materials into teaching content to get cash for her needs. It was not her idea. Care and distress over money causes the giving to be affected by duress. My dear ones, channels cannot deny their needs, and they are not able to magically maintain a home, or transport, or meals without income. Why am I mentioning this again? Because my desire is to have her collaboration with me clearly accepted. I'm not asking for anything but appreciation.

Too many dreamers are being deluded. We do these messages to open the light to more and more who are able to demand the facts instead of more fiction. No fiction is contained in these messages. Call them contributions to choice. Choose the dance you are drawn to, but don't condemn the dancers who are doing another style. When I AM THAT I AM creates a teaching about anything there are always choices to be made. No choice is manipulation. Choice is not about right or wrong, good or bad, or light and dark. Choice is the way to develop more awareness.

Fiction is for dreamers who want to deny the other choice. Fine, let them. We make a contribution for those who are not interested in accepting lies. When all is denied, not even the most clearly obvious concepts are convincing. My messages are clearly obvious to those who can deduce, from many areas of input, the details we discuss.

Positive energy is not generated from denying concepts that are valid. This is dense energy making an appearance as light. Being clear of denial works quite differently. Acting one way when denying another creates stress in the body. This controls the natural flow of energy and dis-ease can develop. Putting on a happy face while managing negative denials breeds dis-ease.

I want my messages read by millions. Now their content is known by far less. Please give them more distribution. Making a difference to others may not be a just a mouse click or a call to a friend. It may include conversations about the content. Teachers are not the only ones who can deliver messages. Be a courier of grace to awaken all who are asleep.

Now my chelas are asking for the length of time they need to collect food for. My guess is a few months. Not a much greater time, as there will be dramatic changes occurring during those months. We cannot accurately predict what will take place because man makes those choices, not us.

When the days of darkness arrive, having food will be most appreciated. Shelter will also be needed, as many will have lost theirs. Can you imagine having a community in the one that remains? No? Look at this concept: When there is a great need, many will have to gather together for the good of all. I've been giving the advice to learn about community living for a long time. Please do this now.

When there is One divine consciousness to consider, oneness means mutual caring. "Me" and "mine" are not the demonstration of Oneness. Can you give the needs of others the priority over what you now consider your material desires? Choices are always there to be made. What choice will you make when many need your aid?

Not all will be delivering room and board. Others will be creating gardens and factories to deliver food and goods, as though life was beginning anew. When this occurs, can you be a warrior who does whatever comes to you to do? Will your heart be open? Will your mind be able to make the caring choice?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna 


  1. I can only speak for myself, but quite literally Saint Germain and the course in channeling from you Aruna, have changed my life. I know i was led to these messages and I cannot thank Saint Germain and you enough. The gift of expanded consciousness to me is worth as much as the universe itself. I sense a closeness to him that i don't quite understand yet.

  2. Dear Saint Germain,

    i have a question for you regarding communication through numbers.

    In the last few weeks i am receiving dramatically high amount of number: 33

    I am also receiving high amount of 11:11 and 333.

    Could you please clarifty those numbers and what they mean to us?

    Thank you from my heart

  3. Thank you Saint Germaine for the messages and thanks to our heroine, Aruna, for the energy and platform.
    Will definately do my part and get the messages out and plant the seeds in human conscious awareness. The time is now, we can do it!


  4. I wonder if the dire situations which were described by Ascended Master St. Germain is primarily going to affect the populations living in the US, Europe and Middle East, while the other parts of the world (e.g. Asia) would be slightly better off and not adversely affected by events happening in these places.

    Would St. Germain be able to comment on this?

    Thank you very much.