Saturday, October 1, 2011

For Those Not on the First Wave

Many of the questions that are being asked now have already been answered in these messages. I am not going to repeat the details that have already been given. My dear ones, answers to those questions will come to those asking them in other ways. Make your questions to me relevant to all readers and ask about what is being discussed in these messages, not esoteric questions that have no relationship to my topics. My ability to answer all of your questions is very limited, due to the amount of time required to do so. This blog is not my channel's entire life work. Please do not expect more than she voluntarily gives.

Believing in the content of my words does nothing to determine your level of mastery. Masters do not need my advice. I deliver these messages for those not yet able to get their guidance directly—to provide more awareness for future outcomes. My request is that you believe nothing about the messages that come to you in ANY form, and dig into that knowledge base inside yourself. When you decide that this source is your only guide, able to give you ALL the answers you need, you will be the Master that you have incarnated to become.

Ascension is for Masters. It is not an automatic result of a decision made by those desiring it. Mastery is completing all your negative attitudes and living as an angel in material form. Work on all areas of dis-harmony is required! Giving love to all, without hesitation, is the angelic way.

Can you ascend? Only those ready will be asked to ascend in this next wave. All the rest CAN next time around, IF they become Masters before the call. Channeling a Master does not make you a Master. Walking the Master's walk is a requirement to ascend. Don't think that being anything less than an angel qualifies you for ascension.

Now, my next answer to a question is about the concept I recently introduced regarding ascension being able to deliver more light than the entire spiritual hierarchy combined can do now. When the advanced ascend, the light of their auras will infuse the entire planet energetically, unlike any other time in human history. Those candidates ascending at the moment it happens will give a major "dream come true" feeling to all around them. It will bring their energy up to the level they once dreamed of—activating their own inner light. More shakti will be delivered by those ascending than anyone has previously experienced. This will be felt by all near them, who will be activated. It will be a "chain of events" condition, where one light activates another. You won't ascend as a direct consequence, but you will become more aware and more caring. And, the demand for caring will also be increased. Searching for missing loved ones can demand caring and clear advice from these new leaders of light. After this ascension wave, new dreamers will come to the care of those who can assist them in their next steps.  Will this be my chela's new work? See for yourself the need and your ability to fill it.

Pretending that an ascension will make all of Earth into a New world is not an accurate assessment. No, chaos will come anyway, and so will all the other things my Master Messages have described. Be ready to live these teachings during the next year, and get ready to be on the next wave. There will not be another ascension wave following that one. Believing or hoping you are able to ascend is not the way to do it. Being very clear about the level of love in your heart is how you will know the answer. Please do what is necessary to qualify NOW.

People, don't give up your current life because you believe you are ascending. Keep doing your very best to live the best life you can. Many of you are not able to ascend now and cannot demand more than you are ready to receive. When the day of ascension arrives, those ascending will be taken into the light, but all those who have not qualified will not. Sending them off with great excitement is more important than being disappointed in your own demonstration of readiness. Cheer them on and rise to the occasion. Chelas will be qualifying (or not) by their actions in all circumstances. Be a guide to those you will be able to assist. Be the light that you came to be. This is not a choice of the mind, but a demonstration led by the heart.

Solving your own dilemmas is not the issue. Being light no matter what the circumstances are is the challenge you must qualify from. Life is not only for growth, it is also for giving others the attitudes reflected in that growth.

Believe in ascension. Believe in the Great White Brotherhood. And most of all, give these beliefs to God when you are called to ascend. All beliefs are dreams.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. We are shaping the own vessel, for the consciousness which arrive.the consciousness and a pure love, without deception or claims we are vessels that create its consciousness

  2. i don't now what will happen at the end
    always happen the same with ascension and i don't see any reason for something to change
    anyway i will continue living this life with as much light as possible
    because if i couldnt do this to this day then how will i do this on the future
    once i have ascended and then stopped it at the
    but it was a reaction to Metatron as i have understood and now what
    and i want to meet spiritual beings on this planet
    i am in jail here
    i am in hell
    surrounded by negative people
    except my family

  3. I trully neeed to be rescued from this place that i am in Buenos Aires Argentina because this is hell

    i will never ascend here because it is full of antennas and radiation here and this place is made for being controlled and so the reaction is to control the others
    this is the problem why i always think about new earth or another names and i can't live this life here
    because i am controled
    Maybe Zadquiel Saint-Germain and even the other masters don't know what is like to be controlled

    Yes but nothing will happen with this message
    it is only a commentary that do not take anybody anywhere

  4. Dear St Germain,

    How are we to deal with contractions that are arising now and drawing attention into the belief that we are seperate entities? What was once water off a ducks back has felt like quicksand during recent days. It seems the more I shift awareness into experiencing the present moment as no thing the stronger the pull a little while later of identification with what is being experienced ie. as the experiencer in a subject/object dynamic.

    This feels like a tug of war and I realise I may not be qualified for the next wave as the belief in the "I" and the "other" is obviously still being energised within this body and contracting the heart (leading to mind's distractions being believed as truth).

    What guidance can you give (and I realise the desire for outside guidance is another sign that mastery has not yet been claimed)?

    With gratitude.

  5. Channel's response to comment: old, suppressed emotions are arising so they can be released. If you feel your feelings completely (without thinking about any personal story that accompany's them), they will move through the body for the final time. Letting the energy move freely without identifying with the thoughts that arise about it will lead to freedom from this tug of war. Blessings.

  6. Dear Aruna & St. Germain,

    I think what is most needed right now would be to ask St. Germain if there are any other additional techniques, methods, modalities which St. Germain could impart to us so that we could use these methods/techniques to transform our living space, the environment, food, emotions, etc. in the coming months ahead leading up to the 2nd wave of Ascension.

    I would like to know if we can use the Violet Flame to neutralize toxicity or chemical agents in the food and water which we eat/drink and air which we breathe. Are there any other basic protocols & methods which are relevant and easy for us to utilize.

    Thank you very much...

  7. I feel this message will dishearten many who are looking towards any possibility of ascension, who have some hope in their hearts that they will qualify, who can finally have a chance to rid themselves of the misery of duality once and for all.

    'Ascension is for Masters'. 'It is not an automatic result of a decision made by those desiring it.'

    This sounds rather contradictory to past messages. Now we have additional attributes stated by SG, additional to the previous ones of simplicity, 'hearing the call' and 'moving to an open physical position' and 'stating our intentions' and 'I AM THAT I AM'. Would a Master even need to state their intentions? I doubt it. They are already of qualifying vibration aren't they? Their invitation is a done deal, they are Masters, but what of the rest of us?

    Are there truly 5-20 million Masters on this planet? This is the number stated by SG previously as needing to ascend. As there are plus 6 billion on the planet, eg - 6 million is just 1/10th of 1% of the population. Such a small number of souls who may qualify. What of the rest? Surely we are not all of the dark are we? Or is it that most can't qualify, even though they desire it?

    'Only those ready will be asked to ascend in this next wave.' Can we be ready one day, and not the next? How will we be asked? Being asked is an 'invite only' exclusive is it?

    This almost sounds like this whole ascension deal is for the privileged few among us, leaving out those who are incapable of qualifying for whatever reasons and life situation they find themselves in. Can't meditate, sorry you don't make it mate. Can't channel, bad luck pal, next time IF you are a Master by then, etc etc. You get the idea.

    What about the condition of one's heart? Surely that should be the main qualification? No one I know is perfect, least of all me. I consider I have a kind and loving heart, which I will also assume, so do a lot of other souls on this planet. Sorry but you don't tick all the boxes, can't ascend this time, better luck next round. If there is one.

    What sort of loving and empathetic, compassionate God would put such conditions on ascension? It is only for Masters. I am obviously missing something big time here.

    Does anyone else feel quite deflated and doubting they will ever qualify for ascension after reading this message? I sure do.

    How can we have no doubt when new messages stating new 'conditions' are needed by the candidates for ascension? So much for a kind and loving heart.

  8. Dear Friends,

    Forget about ascension.
    Don't be identified with ANY concept whatsoever.
    Your only friend is and always has been the Present Moment. In the Present Moment is available the Divine Truth. Forget about the past and future and you will SEE.
    Everything that is happening, is happening for the best.
    Do not judge yourself and others.

  9. I just want to say that I had a moment almost a year ago, where I felt that "dream come true" feeling. I would describe it as feeling God's unconditional love all at once, completely. It made me almost speechless, confused but in a good way, made me question (and let go of) every assumption or thing I "knew" before, in that one instant. Suddenly, I was able to love everyone unconditionally and without judgment (and I would have considered myself a rather kind, accepting person already).....not that there weren't times later that I caught myself judging, but I could recognize that I was doing it and let it go. We have no idea how often we say "should" and "but" !

    If this is what any who are ascending will be able to give others, it will be the most wonderful gift ever. Lives will be changed instantly. Not that there won't be work to do, it is a process, and I am sure would be different for each person....but once you have felt that love and oneness, I don't know how you can go back. It is so beautiful, beyond compare, cannot be expressed in words, and convinced me that pure love does exist.

    It helps me to remember that the truly important and beautiful things (love, beauty, music, compassion, etc) cannot be adequately described in words.....they are things that you just have to let yourself feel, know and trust.