Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Calling It Like It Is

Channeled material is not to be dismantled here. My choice to discuss the ETs was to give you a cause to check the message, and the messenger, before believing the words given. Most ETs are not as caring as many believe, and absolute acceptance of them, on any condition, cannot be the answer to the days to come. Most ETs are not concerned about Gaia, they are concerned about their own galaxy because of Gaia's technology.

Choosing a channel and accepting the material delivered can be a very tricky choice to make. Many channels do not realize they are not channeling loving energies. Others are not able to act the way the channeling needs from them to keep clear contact. Age and diet are not what I am speaking of. Is the channel an example of the teachings? If not, controllers are meddling with human development. Channels who do not act as their messages ask, do not have the attitude necessary for Christ consciousness to merge with them. Pure and simple, all of our channels must advance in consciousness, to convey a model of the teachings, or we don't channel through them. Are they accepting of all that is? Are they giving and caring? Are they humble? Can they donate their time for all of humanity? Are they delightful to be around? Are they afraid of Masters that are forceful? Making a difference for mankind has two requirements: an open heart and loving, caring mental attitudes. Are these apparent?

Now, the material asked about is very good to question, and my choice is to discuss this instead of those named as deliverers of this material. Preparing for the days to come has not been adequately emphasized by any channels. Mainly because the dross of man's controllers, who are directing the game on Gaia, are not quite able to deliver all of their control today.  Many of their activities are being exposed, and changes are now being considered. Never before has mankind been as controlled. All the new regulations that are now in place, allow anyone to be a target of deletion. All of the major governments can dramatize this on a moment's notice. Closing doors to man's available assets for living can be done momentarily, stopping delivery of anything necessary. All the governments are giving this another name than what it actually is.

President Obama, and all the major leaders on Gaia, are not the deciders. Most of them are not notified of their lack of control until after they are elected. Children are great allies of controllers, the cause of choices being in their advisory capacity. All the children of world leaders are threatened. Being able to control requires the ability to detach, but detaching from children cannot be easily done. Man is not made that way. Can a leader convince himself, or herself, to do the things their heart calls for? Once the dross can be defied, the fear disappears. Now is the time for this to occur. If it does, history can be different. If it does not, having food stored is advisable. Playing with your food supply is one way to completely take over control of the world. Products that can be stored are not going to be plentiful, so get going now to advance your ability to be adequately prepared.

Contrary to many channeled messages, no contact with man's deliverers to other galaxies can occur. Not because of God's dream for this being canceled, but due to the major differences between atmospheres and conditions on different matrix' of materialization. None are the same, or even nearly the same, as Gaia. Changing Gaia's citizens to be able to adapt has been considered, and discarded, because of consciousness differences. All of the other modes of being are not compatible with man's disrespectful way of moving around nature, and giving no mind to how others are affected by man's disrespect.

Are more disasters coming? Yes. Are causes of death coming? Yes. Are the humans on Gaia going to be having a new destiny on Gaia? Yes. Can they transition into a Golden Age directly? No. Many of those living on Gaia now will come out of this disaster with memory, and desire to create the Golden Age. They are the ones who will experience this during another incarnation. Others can ascend and continue another creative drama on Gaia during this period.

My dear ones. Gaia needs time to heal. All the damage of man's neglect of nature has taken its toll. All the elements need to be changed now. Can this be done without destruction? Only with a different mass consciousness. Awakening now, can deliver this consciousness. My dream is for this to occur. Hence, my new approach to leading chelas to an awakening. Caring about this means more to man's future than any other change currently being made. Awakening brings Christ consciousness to Gaia. Awakening the Christ consciousness in many humans could obliterate the controllers agenda, change all the attitudes of destruction, and give new life to nature. This could deliver a Golden Age without a mass destruction occurring. Can you care enough about this happening, to let go of your disturbed mental condition about death and dying, to allow the ego to dissolve? No death need occur to Gaia for many more centuries. The controllers are designing a new way to live without consciousness on Gaia, and that is why destruction has been conceived, to counter this design. Mankind still can turn this around.

Are the channeled claims about a Golden Age, changing human bodies for ascension, moving into the photon belt, and an Ice Age accurate? No. All can do the lessor quantities of change that my dear ones can alter. Nothing like this can happen with your awakening, as awakened awareness anchors new consciousness on Gaia. This new consciousness can alter all continents as a group of conduits for divine grace, or mass ascension can occur, to give Gaia the needed time to heal. Both are possible. None of the difficult scenarios need to occur. Food storage? Yes, maybe this won't be needed, but better to be ready, should it be.

Any questions about my comments today cannot be answered as absolutes, because these are all  options, not anything being designed. All depends on man. No Ice Age is coming. No solar storms are coming. A polar shift has already come and another can occur. Current control deletes all advanced conditions. A Golden Age comes MUCH LATER. Even with no disasters, many years of development are needed before a Golden Age can commence.

Now, I've given answers to a few questions and can answer more in other channelings. Many details are already available in my Master Messages. Can we give more attention to Awakening? All of these things are distractions. An awakening can continue an advanced civilization on Gaia and a Golden Age can occur. Otherwise, none of you will be delivered to this Golden Age in current awareness. A Golden Age includes Awakened awareness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
The Master Messages are available here.

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  1. Trusting in goodness and kindness without questioning their existence in my world, yes. Exercising God's will to be done, yes. But in life of lives I (human) have never been a fool. Why beings of "higher" dimensions would want to consider me as a such? Why they would want to benefit for their personal gain, while I (human) am struggling to find the way back to light? Why we call them "higher" when it seems to me they don't get God any better than I (human) do? Who is God? If He was veiled and left out of my human perceptions only, which made me the human to look as a fool, why He apperas to be almost the same, for other more conscious minds then mine? Is life an eternal battle between good and bad? If so, it seems to be an exhausting eternity. If so, I don't want to be in the future part of any gathering: dimension, society, nation, etc.
    Myself want to be the breath of God, His beat of heart and His pulse, forever in His presence alone.
    Thank you Saint Germain for trying your best to explain as simple and clear as possible.

  2. Hi Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    I am very much wonderfully surprised and delighted to read Ascended Master St. Germain latest article, as it has indeed given me a very refreshing and totally new view on the many sources of New Age information that are currently making the rounds on the Internet.

    There is a question that I would like to ask, how can we, the mass public, is there any way for us to help world leaders like President Obama and their children break free from the clutches of the dark cabal (besides sending them our prayers, thoughts of light and love)? Is it possible for us to ask for divine intervention for them or is it a personal divine test which these world leaders have to face and deal with on their own or seek divine counseling or even ask for divine intervention from Ascended Masters?

    Your comments and advice would be most appreciated on this.

    Many Thanks & Regards,

  3. And thank you for your patience :)
    There is quite a few messages about the portal 10-10-10. I'm wondering if this can be true (again :), for it is just a date, isn't it? To me it is just an agreement about numbering days to make some order for us as humans (I doubt if animals are concern about dates and portals). Or maybe there really is something more about it? If so, where this portal is going to take me/us?
    Are those portals- if they really exist- another way for leaving the body?
    I would like to know more about physical death, it's important to me, but at the moment I don't have a clarity about an exact question, so I'll do it later. Something is bothering me about it, I don't know what exactly it is yet. Thank you.