Thursday, September 2, 2010

Answers About Ascension

Group ascension is: many ascending at or near the same moment. Group ascension can make a major impact on those not ascending. Curiosity about the mass exodus can activate more interest in ascension, leading to another group ascension.

Masters and Angels, and all who chose ascension, will be able to continue their call on the other dimensions, as aspects of their own divinity. Those who ascend to fifth dimension, can continue their most conscious activities, to deliver assistance to those left on Earth. Others, who are close members of their family, are able to be guided by them. Members of other groups, not ascending, can also be guided by them.

Change in all conditions on Earth will, over a month or more in time, be happening, to destroy man's habitat. Not exactly like the movies characterize, but more like earthquakes, floods, volcanoes erupting, etc. Only these will occur as money disappears, so no aid is going to be disbursed to those who need it. Many will die. Many will want to die. Can ascension give another choice? Yes, but only to those who are ready to ascend. All the others are going to need to do their best to remain alive.

None of my messages are "doomsday" messages, as there is no one day of disaster to be concerned about. Many disasters, over a month or so, is not a "doomsday" call, only a warning about a complete and dire set of circumstances that many will experience. Are you able to give to others that need it? Can you be in a less comfortable mode to give and share with others? Are you medically and materially prepared to do without shopping? Are you able to combine assets with neighbors? How would you feel, if you had nothing and your neighbor was giving nothing? Many will be given an opportunity to feed neighbors and animals who have nothing. Can you do this? No? Then combine your energy with others, and develop a plan for such an instance.

When? Can you accept that this could occur at any moment, and maybe not for many years? Our ability to predict dates and times causes an unknown factor to be included in the planning. But, knowing this can give you enough time for even the most minimal preparation, maybe to buy toilet paper for six months. As far as those ascending are concerned, having continuity support available to aid others will not be a waste of your investment.

Children of those ascending are ready to ascend. Most of the children born since 2000 are already able to ascend. Any that are older, are to be cared for by others, or need the lessons of being abandoned. Some born before 2000 will also ascend. Are many to be left by ascending parents? No, those ascending chose parents who would also be ascending. The continuity of mankind has been considered in all of the contracts being dramatized now. No man, woman, or child came into this incarnation without the knowledge of this coming development included in their "family planning".

Choosing companions to be in community with has also been designated. Find your family! A lot of different kinds of abilities are to be assembled together, allowing those with expertise an opportunity to aid others. Being good at one thing, and not another, means others can do what you are less capable of. Communities will be essential for human activities when the money system breaks. Clear out your money as soon as banks begin to die. Buy commodities for distribution to those needing assistance. Hoarding money will be of no benefit. Even gold and silver will have little value when man needs to eat. Buying dry food and canned food can give you more for your money than depending on mints to buy back metals.

Are you convinced yet, that man must ascend or will get the opportunity to be a lot less comfortable? Neither may be attractive, but to act as though neither can occur, if you mandate a different reality, is foolish. God asks those who are able to ascend to do so. And, God wants many to ascend, not a few.

True, our former ascension calls were not heeded, but our next call will have the greatest need for all who chose ascension, to heed. Settle for less than ascension, and be a Bodhisattva, a giver of altruism when the need arises. So Be It.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I wonder if a more Classical approach to these subjects wouldn´t be more effective.
    For example, regarding Ascension.


    Saturday, August 28, 2010

    Make Ascension Your Choice

    "What you need to do to ascend is: clear the emotional body and open the heart."

    This is the basic teaching of every religion.
    If I would be a Master I would just say " Follow the core teachings of your chosen religion(s) and you will be ready for the Ascension or death when it will come, whatever comes first. "

    Hatha Yoga (Asana and Pranayama) are excelent for the stabilization and purification of the Emotional Body, but I have never seen any Ascended Master recommending it, quite the contrary.

    With regard Food Storage, the Mormons have the best approach to that in my opinion. They make this an habit, therefore there is no anxiety for them about this subject. They are always prepared.

    Food Storage

    Bishop Vaughn J. Featherstone
    Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric

    (copy and paste the link below, very good article on Food Storage)